Come Fry With Me

I am having a good week. And this in spite of eating a deep-fried Mars Bar yesterday. No, actually it’s because I ate a deep-fried Mars Bar yesterday. Oh baby! Just one bite of that sweet and crispy goo and the world seems even more of grand place to be.

It was actually only a quarter of a deep-fried Mars Bar, as I was sharing it amongst friends. I’ve been eating pretty well and exercising like a mofo for eight solid weeks now without drama and fanfare, so I didn’t hesitate to tuck in.

I mentioned awhile back I was taking the emphasis away from scales, deadlines and goal weights, and it still seems to be working. All the anxiety and pressure is gone. I’m exercising because I enjoy it and my body craves it. I’m eating what I want and what I want just happens to be healthy stuff. And my jeans are getting baggy. By removing the deadlines and expectation, instinct seems to be taking over. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still taken just as much planning and hard stinky work in the gym, but my mindset is changing. I’m now trying to cement the attitude "this is just how I live my life" rather than "this is what I have to do to lose blubber".

Some examples! For our wedding anniversary two weeks ago, Gareth and I stayed over in Edinburgh. So often when I’m let out of the house I see this as license to let loose with the eating. First we had lunch at Wannaburger, home of the lovely big burgers, fat fries and obscenely huge chocolate shakes. At Christmas with the lads from work, I’d ordered all three. This time I knew all three wouldn’t really help my goals, so I thought with the brain instead of the stomach. I went for the burger I really fancied, no chips and a plain orange juice.

Round Two was dinner at Chop Chop, one of our favourite restaurants. It ain’t romantic but it’s gooood. This time I thought long and hard about what I really wanted to eat and then we ordered small size dishes to share. It was our fifth visit to this place and the first that I didn’t need to dicreetly unzip my jeans under the table because I was so stuffed. We even had room to share a dessert! Bloody amazing.

I know this is all such basic, simple stuff but it’s something I’ve always struggled with. I knew I should make considered choices when dining out, but so many times I’ve thought, "But I may never dine out again! I must have everything I want! Plus bread and butter!".

So I am working hard to undo this all-or-nothing mentality. I tried it again yesterday when I met up with Greg and Jillian, the fab friends we stayed with in San Francisco before our wedding. I was drooling over the lunch menu and almost pounced on the burger and fries. But I reasoned that it would never be as good as Wannaburger so wasn’t really worth it. So I chose something lighter instead then later took the opportunity to try the quarter-of-a-deep-fried Mars Bar. Which really was worth it.

Excuse my language here Mothership, but it feels fucking amazing to feel it all coming together. To trust myself. To feel balanced and calm. To realise after all this time that the power and knowledge really is in my hands. Wow that sentence makes me sound like a Ninja Turtle or something. But seriously. I know how to to do this, I’ve always known; but now I finally have complete faith in myself that I can do it. And that it hasn’t all been a big fluke.

. . .

Today is Red Nose Day, in which people across Britain do wacky things to raise money for Comic Relief. If you’ve seen the original UK version of The Office, do you recall David Brent dancing like a twat and dressing up like a bird? That was all in the name of Comic Relief.

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So come on luvvies, why not buy a copy! That link will take you to, where they ship all over the world and you can even pay via PayPal. You know reading burns calories. Or at the very least will tone your eyeballs. Nobody wants to see a flabby eyeball.


25 thoughts on “Come Fry With Me

  1. Oh girlie that is pretty cool! I’ll have to find out if I can buy the book. πŸ™‚ Are the deep fried bars really actually good? I can’t even think about it without shuddering a little bit. It just sounds.. wrong! I went to dinner last night and did about the same thing you did, made better choices, and I did it voluntarily. I scraped all the cheese and assorted crap off of my side salad and gave my brother all of my fries and saved 1/2 the meal to bring home and use for my evening snack. I love that my attitude is changing! Of course it’s totally in part to your inspiration, I’m so glad I found your blog. πŸ™‚

  2. good on ya vamp, you’re doing well πŸ™‚

    and it really WAS yummy, i was so surprised! it’s really just a touristy cliche but i’ve been here nearly 4 years and it’s just something one has to do! the batter was so light and crispy and the innards of the mars bar were melted just ever so tenderly… it was a lovely combination of textures. AND SWEET! OH i felt the sugar love. ehhehe.

  3. Oh Shauna it sounds as though you are really feeling happy and relaxed about your beautiful self – at last! You’ve earned this, mate – enjoy πŸ™‚

  4. I can see you as a Ninja Turtle, Shauna…only slightly less green. And with really cool clothes instead of a daggy old shell and ratty headband…

    I still fall victim to the eating out = pigging out mindset, but I’m getting better. It’s a slow process and seems to go on forever, this mindset stuff. At least when it comes to food anyway.

    I’m still not trying a deep fried Mars bar though. A quarter? How very restrained of you!

  5. aww cheers alison! πŸ™‚

    kek – we just bought one bar between the four of us coz we thought it would taste boggin’… but it was bloody delicious, i coulda eaten a whole one. hehehehe.

  6. Oy, Shauna, just in time. In another hour or so, I’m joining the husband part of my wedded bliss at a seafood restaurant. Do I need bread and butter? No! But I would love a halibut steak, some green veg and maybe a wee bit of potato. Nothing is leaving the planet! It’s not my last chance for food! Yay!

  7. All I can say is I’m smiling after reading your entry. Taking the pressure off and learning to live without the all or nothing approach is something I haven’t learnt yet. It must have been a nice light bulb moment for you. NJ

  8. Congrats Shauna on the anniversary and being able to eat out without eating too much. My anniversary is next month and I am hoping not to have that eaten too much feeling.:)

  9. Wow, deep fried Mars Bar! Mmmm… You sound like you’re making great food choices, even when eating out. Personally, my dining out downfall is those huge portions they give you. When it’s all in a big plate, and it all tastes so good, I have a tendency to just eat it all!

  10. Shauna you’re my diet hero! I long for the day that the “all or nothing” attitude finally evaporates. I want to come home from work feeling hungry and be able to say “I’m starving…” and then casually take a small apple out of the fridge, munch on it delicately, then exclaim “ah that hit the spot” before wandering off to the gym. At the moment I have to steer clear of snacks because one thing just leads to another… (although I’ve lost 10.9 kgs so far hehe). You are such an inspiration to me… cheers m’dear.

  11. So… I’ve just eaten several chocolate mini eggs in case there were never any more… and in fact this may not be the case? Hmm. Good point. Wish I’d read this post before the mini egg episode. Sigh.

  12. Hey – just found your blog last week and have been making my way through the archives. You’ve done so well.

    I can totally relate to your dining out rationalization of I’ll never dine out again so must eat, eat, eat. This is the approach I held every night before I started a diet… This may be the last opportunity I have to eat my favorite foods so I better eat them all until they make me sick! Cookies, ice cream, pizza, chocolate, etc.

  13. I like your attitude. It’s so great to hear someone admit to eating something like a deep-fried Mars Bar without beating themselves up over it or feeling like their weight loss is over. You go, girl.

  14. wow, i used to live just down the road from chop chop… in all my time living in edinburgh i never ate there (i always felt like too much of a poor backpacker even when i wasn’t a poor backpacker!) ahhh those days of asda living…

  15. I had a deep fried mars bar once but I think they cooked it in the regular fish n’ chip oil cos it tasted all fishy. That was enough to turn me off for life!

    Well done on the attitude adjustments πŸ™‚

  16. Ninja turtle? Maybe without the turtle bit…and ninjas are waaaay cooler than pirates too. im very intrigued by this deep fried chocolate thing, is it a Scottish speciality?

  17. Debra – “Nothing’s leaving the planet”!!!! I love it! That will be my new mantra when the 10:30am cream biscuit comes a-callin’.
    xoxo Miss T

  18. WOW! You have it together!

    I want to be like YOU when I grow up… I’m trying. I started “Intuitive Eating” (posh name for eating like a normal person….) and I’m re-evaluating my gym head so that it doesn’t get bored and freaky like it did a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m so chilled I’m like a Ninja Turtle on ICE! (oh BTW there’s a new Ninja Turtle film out…. YAY! LOL)

  19. Thanks, Miss T. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the phrase, “Nothing is leaving the planet,” an inducement to a crazy diet offered by the purveyors of the original “Beverly Hills Diet.” Silly diet; great phrase. I guess even in the midst of mass cultural stupidity a little brilliance may rise.

  20. I should have commented sooner! I read your blog entry and promptly emailed a link to a dozen friends and family members..saying “this! this is exactly what I had in my head and she articulated it for me!!!”

    Yes, yes, yes!! I like your idea of intuitive eating… and realizing that food is not the enemy.

    It hurts me to see friends and family struggling with the whole “fat free- sugar free” foods mentality when little bits of whole, real foods taste so much better!

    I need to keep my mouth shut about it and actually do it, so that I can be a living example of what I speak of – at the moment I’m spouting off and am not the model for intuitive eating – yet.

    You are a great example to me..I’m quite inspired.

  21. I just read part of this post over at AFG – the part about not being a slave to the scale or the diet and just getting on with ‘this is my life’.
    I’ve been struggling with both of those things and not getting very far (40lbs. lost in over a year) and decided TODAY to just ditch it and go for broke. I was thinking I was crazy to be thinking that way but this post made me feel like maybe it wasn’t so crazy after all.
    Thanks πŸ™‚ You are my superheroine πŸ™‚

  22. cheers everyone!

    rowan – go for it, tiger! thanks for the kind words! πŸ™‚

    anabell – yeah i know, a wee bit pricey! the organisers decided to only go for a real live book, sadly!

  23. Socializing and eating out are one of the biggest hurdles for me in my “getting healthy” struggle. I feel like they are part of a normal, healthy life, so I need to learn how to do them. I need to learn how to splurge in a healthy way, rather than binge. How to share food and food experiences with other people. How to eat the yummy things that my friends have cooked, but just in a way that fits in with the rest of what I’ve eaten that day. It’s a battle, but it’s working.

    I have to say that the deep fried cadbury egg is SO GOOD. But 1/4 to 1/2 is really all that I can eat. They’re so rich and so sweet.

  24. Ok, you’ve given me two things to try once I get to the UK – deep fried Mars Bar and Wannaburger!!!

    Good thing I’m going in a fun run!! heh heh

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