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This weekend I went shopping with my sister. This was once a very traumatic exercise – Rhi would rummage through the rails and I’d go sit outside with the abandoned husbands, all teary and hating the world because I couldn’t even fit a toe into anything. The more kind and sweet my sister would be, the more I’d want to throw myself onto the escalators. At least now when I am sitting outside the shop it’s just because I’ve just bloody had enough of stinking shopping; not because I’m too large for the frocks.

So I tried on lots of clothes in lots of different shops, just like so many of you suggested. I’ve spent so much time getting philosophical about what it’s meant to shift all this blubber, but now I’m determined to enjoy the fun and frivolous rewards. So I wriggled into skirts and dresses and coats and tops and dacks in all manner of styles and colours. Many of which were in a size 12 (US 10), thank you very much! Woo! And there were belts and shoes and stupid sunglasses too. But I’m a bit broke at the moment so I just bought a smaller bra, because the old cups are starting to runneth under. Sigh.

It was good fun trying things on, even those new season frocks with the lurid Pucci-esque prints. But I must admit my favourite part of the shopping expedition is still the bit where you stop for lunch.

. .

The one and only Mary has started up a forum thingy called Health Nuts, where health nuts far and wide can gather in one place and have a good natter about health. And nuts. Mary says it’s not meant to be replace our individual blogs but rather add to the community. So if you fancy getting chatty with like-minded souls why not sign up? This is completely free and non-commercial so I am not being a hypocrite, by the way πŸ™‚

You can start up a topic on anything you like. So far people are talking about brekkie ideas and what to do with chickpeas. I am thinking of starting up a topic to ask the burning question, Does anyone else SMILE at their computers when they write a smiley face in a blog comment? I feel dorky enough as it is typing smiley faces, but yesterday caught my reflection and realised I smile at the screen as I do it. More like a grimace actually. Like I am trying to force that good feeling down to the phone line to you. I am being sincere and encouraging. FEEL IT!

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  1. Oh, Shauna, how I sympathize with your shopping experience. I’ve always hated it, slim or large (or extra-extra large, as it were). But, the ladies lunch made it all worth while. And, in regards to the :), the reason I add it to some of my words is because I’m already smiling and I want to let people know. Spread cheer round the world and all that sort of thing. πŸ™‚

  2. I always smile or laugh if that’s what I’m putting on me blog or a comment… and I know how it felt too to know clothes shopping was a waste of time cos nothing would fit me… I actually cried on many ocassions when my Mum wanted to take me shopping.. and would sit outside and feel suicidal. I’m so glad those days are gone forever.

  3. Mmm, shopping. My favourite discovery was the new DFO (direct factory outlets) near my work. You can shop ALL DAY there, since they have couches at intervals to rest your weary bod, food courts, Gloria Jean’s (mmm, coffee!) and bargains, bargains, bargains! My only complaint is not enough loos – you have to keep doubling back. >:(

    I could almost live there… at least until the credit card hits it limit or my husband finds me, whichever happens first.

    Sympathy on the gaping bra cups…. but just think how cute your arse must look. πŸ™‚

  4. Omg, shopping is good for the lunch, I’m the same! Once I went shopping with my Mum and suddenly she’s like, “I think we’re done, lets go home.” There ain’t no shopping without the lunch; it just isn’t… shopping, its just ‘buying stuff’.

    Oh, and I NEVER smile when I do a smiley face. BUT, I do poke my tongue out when I do the pokey-tongue-out face. πŸ˜› (Like I did just then!)

  5. Good to see you enjoying the fruits of your labour. Size 12 is excellent and must feel pretty damn good. NJ

  6. I hope you don’t mind me stopping by. I don’t remember how I found you, but I’m very inspired by your blog.
    Like most here, I have the same types of challenges with weight, food, and exercise. I really enjoy your humour. Thanks for the laughs and afore mentioned inspiration. If you were wondering (or not) I live near Vancouver, Canada. :o)

  7. Yes, i smile at the computer when i type a smilie face. This is what gives me away when i read blogs or use messenger at work. Me dumbly smiling at the computer!

  8. So, um, what’s “dacks”? Another Britword I need to learn πŸ™‚ (and I checked, yep, I smiled. It’s like the Japanese, who bow even when they are on the phone)

  9. I do that too! (Smile when I post a smiley face.) I also laugh out loud when I “lol,” which I assume must be quite interesting to those around me.

  10. heh, yes I smile at my pc when typing a :), unfortunately the colleague I work directly across from thinks I’ve got a funny/rude email and pesters me for ages to forward it to her, and I always feel bad saying no. I think she thinks im really mean πŸ™ heh

  11. Some sources say a UK 12 is a US 8. I just got back from there and am highly confused. What source do you use?

  12. Whoot, thanks for the plug Shauna! I can’t believe how fast the site is growing and I hope everyone enjoys it. I definitely don’t want it to replace personal blogs because I love them. Yours is one of them!

    Yep, I smile too πŸ™‚

  13. I have to admit, I hate shopping, but I’m glad you had a fun time. I never do the expressions when I’m commenting. Maybe I’ll start.

  14. lisa – thanks very much! hope all is well down vancouver way!

    elty – dacks are pants! or trousers, if you’re in the uk πŸ™‚

    bunjar – yes i’ve heard that too. it seems to be like that H&M, but all the clothes I bought in the states were just the one size “smaller”. i think it depends on where you go.

  15. Ooooh I hate shopping too, especially when I HAVE to buy something for an occasion, which I invariably leave until the last minute arrgghh. Funny though, it’s been 2 years since I lost weight and I still look at groovy shops like Dangerfield etc and assume things in there won’t fit lardy ol’ me – but went in there today and they did! (I didn’t buy anything though)

  16. I sooooooo know where you are coming from. Timeless shopping excursions with my sister shopping for the tiniest dresses in shops that didn’t carry a thing in my size. Rather than than state this fact which I thought should be just common knowledge, I’d pretend to be uninterested in the clothes….drag!

    I’ll get into those stores one day – hopefully in a year’s time – but dollars to donuts I won’t like the clothes anymore as I’m a lot more mature now….not old…lol!

  17. I love shopping, unless I really need to buy something to go out somewhere special and then I can’t seem to find anything.
    I think I smile when I add a smiling face too πŸ™‚

  18. nicole – oh yes, maybe in a wee while. i’m still on this ‘don’t let the scales get you down’ experiment to see if i can shrink without freakin’ out about scales and weekly weighins… here’s hopin’ anyway πŸ™‚

  19. Wow-I related to this so much! I used to hate shopping in high school because all my friends fit into “normal” sizes so I spend the entire day looking at stuff that had no hope of fitting me, and then felt too awkward to make them go into the fat girl stores, because I knew they would all be in there just for me! If there was a store that went up high enough in sizes that I could squeeze into the biggest size, I would attempt to try it on. Then if it didn’t fit or didn’t look good, the sales girls would ask if I need another size. The worst was when they wouldn’t believe me that I was already in the biggest size. They would be convinced that I was a smaller size than I was (which should be flattering or something) which just made it more humiliating when it didn’t fit. I felt like going out of the changeroom with my zipper undone on the pants just to prove to them that hey, I actually am as fat as I said I was!! Ridiculous!
    In grad school I had some other friends around my size, so it not as crappy to shop with them, because we could hit all the fat girl shops together, however, in the little place we lived, that took about an hour, as there were three stores all told that carried our size.
    By far my worst shopping experience was when I had a coniption fit in a store when I had to buy a bridesmaid dress and none of the tops would fit me (it was a two piece dress-the biggest size skirt fit, but the tops would not accomodate my rather ample bosom). I threw the tops over the door at my husband (he got the brunt of it, poor thing). I left the store red faced and crying. It was not my brightest shining-est moment, if you know what I mean! Now that I fit into regular sizes, its so much easier to shop, but clearly I still have some residual shopping “trauma”.
    In the end, its the lunch that is always the highlight! Some things never change!!

  20. Defintely smile when I do that:)…

    So we bloggers are interacting with each other at a subconscious level….


  21. Dietgirl,

    I just recently finished reading your entire archives section — what an amazing read! I’m definitely looking forward to the book version πŸ™‚ Thanks for being so honest about all of the emotions you’ve had (and are having) while going through this journey. I’ve got about 148 pounds (67 kg) to lose and it has been so incredible to read through your archives and see your mental and physical transformation. Thanks for having the courage to let us all in to your life in such a personal way!!


  22. I’m pretty sure that UK 12 = US 8 = (CDN 10). Both Gap and H&M sizes go with those sizings… And for sure it depends on where you go, but if you bought an 8 in a small sized US store, it would still be a 12 in the same small size UK store (though if you fit a large 12 in a large fitting UK store, the small store 12 (8) most likely wouldn’t fit you!!). If that makes any sense. It’s all very confusing, but being a Canadian who lives in the UK and is moving to Australia, I’ve become an expert at converting sizes… Go with the fact that you are in single digits in some US stores now!!! Woohoo!

  23. A US size ten? Very cool, but now you are just making me look bad! I have to catch up to you soon…And what you said about the smiley face made me crack up…so here you go πŸ™‚ I couldn’t help myself.

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