Spring Forward

I meant to mention earlier… it’s now officially SPRING! The clocks are FORWARD, baby! I cannae believe I survived my 4th round of Evil Winter Darkness. It’s almost 6.30pm and it’s still light! And it’s only going to get lighter!

(Please don’t throw things at me, Southern Hemispherians! Just think of the casseroles and nights down by the fire. Every season has it charms πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. I love this time of year, even more than summer. Things always seem more hopeful when the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, though I’m not really sure why.

  2. I do not envy you one bit. I prefer eating dinner when it is DARK, thank you very much. It just seems like a late lunch if you eat it when its still light outside. And waking up in the dark? No thank you!

  3. I do envy you! We are heading into wet, cold autumn then friggin winter… they are much the same down here actually! Marshmallow, you are weird! I love Auckland’s summer!

  4. Don’t feel so bad – it’s still light here at 6:30 for a little while yet.

    But when it’s not, I will be jealous of you until September. It’s only fair!

  5. love it 8pm now and it’s still light out…

    so exciting…

    have you noticed how good the weathers been behaving..

    and i have to say that for the first time since being in scotland, i walked outside without a jumper, and didn’t completely freeze!!!


  6. Hi Shauna, I’ve seen you lurking on Keks blog and have been ‘trying’ to post a comment for several days but keep getting interrupted by work.. (so, my PC DOES have another use apart from supporting my blogaholism).
    It’s sad to see the end of daylight saving here in NZ, especially when summer was particularly crap this year. From what I remember of Scotland though, even a regular summer is a bit misty and moody, with an unexpected, national panic-causing heatwave now and then just to liven things up. πŸ˜‰

  7. too right, ali! the will to live has finally returned πŸ˜‰

    hellllooo sara! i’ve been lurking at your blog too! πŸ˜›

    and yes, i LOVE the annual “heatwave” panic. in 2005 all the trains were cancelled for a day because of “overheated tracks”… it was 28 degrees!!!

  8. I’m really dreading winter arriving. I absolutely hate being cold (hubby hates my feet being cold!!).

    Autumn has finally arrived, so we’re about to start getting some cooler mornings followed by some lovely sunny days.

    It wasn’t too much of a shock turning the clocks back as it’s not getting dark till about 7pm.

    Roll on September πŸ™‚

  9. I am just so impressed by your accomplishments! I am actually an American transplanted in Scotland myself and have never been so greatful for spring as I have been the last 5 years I’ve been here.

  10. Don’t rub it in, missy πŸ™ I think I’ve got rapid-onset Seasonal Affective Disorder.
    But at least it’s easier to get Noddie to bed at a reasonable hour!

  11. Don’t rub it in, missy πŸ™ I think I’ve got rapid-onset Seasonal Affective Disorder.
    But at least it’s easier to get Noddie to bed at a reasonable hour!

  12. Oh, I’m so glad that this is the year of two summers for me…. it’s only been a week and I’m going mad with it being dark at 6pm!

  13. Thanks to the inescapable wisdom of our wise and wacky president, we changed our clocks weeks ago. Only some, of course, did not change. Especially ones that were programmed to change at the previous time, before our wise and wacky pres gave us his two cents worth.

    So now we cross time zones merely by moving from room to room. And, heaven help us, but a lovely loaf of bread can be ruined, positively ruined I tell you, merely by looking at the wrong clock.

    Thank heaven for apples! Unless, of course, they are in a pie. Erm, any ideas how to put out a kitchen fire?

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