Petty anger is the worst form of anger. I’ve talked a bit this year about dealing with stress, as in mega angst and catastrophe, and learning to feel those feelings instead of stuffing your face. But sometimes I think the minor, everyday annoyances are the hardest to cope with.

I bought some sandals on the weekend, and was overjoyed to have solved my endless Summer Shoe Dilemma. I took them home and put them on while watching the qualifying for the Italian MotoGP. Just as it finished I looked down to see one of the sandal straps wasn’t stitched properly and was all loose.

Nae bother, I thought, I’ll just take them back on Monday. So I rocked up to the shop early yesterday morning and to find they were opening late due to an obscure local holiday. The sign said they were closing at 5PM, so I made a point of downing tools early and rushing up there. I arrived at 4.47PM and  they had already locked the doors. The sales chicks were still swanning around and I kinda waved at them but they just shrugged and pointed at the tills, as if to say, "Sorry, we’re done baby."

I just kind of lost the plot right there, coz I say 13 minutes to the hour means you should still be bloody open for business! When I worked at KFC in high school, some drunken moron would always come in at 10.55PM demanding a Fillet burger and I would make his stinking fillet burger, even though I’d much rather finish cleaning chicken grease off some impossible surface so I could go home. BUT NO, I would make the burger because I was dedicated to the Colonel’s cause. I would pick the most withered, dried-up piece of bird and give him less than the regulation 14 grams of lettuce, while sighing heavily and rolling my teenage eyes, BUT I STILL DID IT!

Kids these days. No work ethic.

Anyway I was full of pathetic rage for wasting about an hour of my day stomping back and forth to this shoe shop and as the venom surged through my veins can you imagine what my first thought was?

Chocolate. STAT!

But luckily Gareth was nearby, so instead I ranted and raved about this retail outrage then punched him on the arm about twenty-seven times. They were very gentle blows, and his arms are strong, so I think he was okay with being my punching bag (we shall see).

By the time I was done the town clock was bonging the hour, so I bellowed, "OH HARK! What could that be? Why it’s… five oh f*cking clock!"

It felt good to let it all out. And this morning I did some weights and my arms and legs are still trembling as I write this, so I am back on track and all is good with the world again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

12 thoughts on “Crabbit

  1. O dear poor Dr G!

    The minor annoyances are the worst, especially when its something you can’t control. I hate wasting my time because of someone else.

    Thumbs up for not scoffing any chocolate tho, I hope you get your shoes changed, I feel your pain on that one ( having size 10 uk feet) nice


  2. I used to have that reaction in shops as well. I hated, hated, it when they started vacuuming at a quarter to, and closed the changing room with 20mins to go.

    But then I realised that the shop staff don’t get paid a penny after their hours, and their hours are the opening hours. So if they leave the clearing up till after the doors are locked then they’re working unpaid. Which when you’re on minimum wage, or pretty near it, seems unfair. (Good on you for having such dedication in what I assume was a similar situation).

    Guess one day I should get around to writing to their bosses and suggesting they pay their staff more appropriately.

  3. oh aye, they have my sympathies entirely! three years of KFC gave me MAXIMUM RESPECT to all workers of the world, it was a baptism of fire!

    i really don’t mind if they’re cleaning up before closing time but to lock the doors was annoying. i just wanted to return my shoes… i meant no harm… wahhh πŸ˜›

  4. Well, I’ve not worked in enough shops to say what they ALL do (em, one, actually, and that was a bookshop) but we used to get paid for a while after closing time…

    On the other hand, I’d hate to work in a shoe shop. Customers with smelly feet. Customers who take shoes down and drop them just anywhere. Customers who make you get out tons of shoes in their size then leave without buying any. Books are far more civilised.

    Well done for fighting off the chocolate, though. Hope Dr G isn’t too bruised!

  5. Ok. This could be seen as me missing the point – but it’s relevant, trust me. So this is what I – Queen of crankiness – think you should do in regard to the shoes.

    Go back and return them. Ring beforehand and ask if the store manager will be in, because it is VERY IMPORTANT you speak to her when you go in. Confirm what time they will close. When they reply “5pm”, say “If that’s the case, I will be there at 4.50pm, and I will expect the doors to open for me. Thank you!”

    Go into the store, and with a smile, ask to see the store mananger. Still smiling, explain your experience, and how ANGRY you were, because you have your own job to do, which you had to leave early from. You understand that they wanted to get away on time, but the way you were treated was unfair.

    This may seem over the top, but by standing up for your RIGHTS the rage will leave you. It’s fantastic that you didn’t turn to chocolate, but this is way of 100% dealing with the unfair ways of the world (lol!). I am not kidding when I say that if that had been me, I would have kept knocking, and bellowing “IT’S NOT 5PM! and insisted on being served. I can’t BEAR being f***ed over. I know these people don’t get paid over 5pm usually, but it wasn’t 5pm.

    I would have had to resort to kicking a small child if I’d got there at 4.47pm and they lights were off and no-one was home, but when there are people IN THERE, oh man, they would have served me.

    Rant over.

  6. Thankyou for that little insight – I am so glad it is not just me that wants to SCREAM when stuff like that happens. It feels so unfair and unjust – esp. when you have played by the rules and arrived more than 10 minutes before they closed. Not to mention the fact that they sold you a faulty product in the first place! It grates even more when you remember all the times that you sweetly smiled and gave decent service, even when someone wasn’t playing by the rules. Same thing happened to me with Boots on Princes St. They wouldn’t let me in at 4:45 to pick up photos – even though they closed at 5:00. Think the security guard learnt a few new words that day.

    Here’s a proposed solution to your problem: if you have a spare bucketload of cash.
    Shop at John Lewis – I worked there for a year and we weren’t allowed to chuck people out until closing time. Even then most wouldn’t leave – the worst was a woman who, a FULL 30 minutes AFTER we closed flat refused to leave despite repeated polite requests. When we pointed out that the tills were closed, she said she was ‘just browsing’. All 18 staff in my dept. weren’t allowed to leave until she did – the requests for her to leave got less and less polite as time wore on. I think the 18 sets of eyes staring at her finally freaked her out and she left 40 minutes after we closed.

  7. I just found your site after reading a comment you left on Kathryn’s blog.

    I’m so impressed with your weight loss achievement. You look fit and healthy, congratulations!

    I’ve recently made quite a few lifestyle changes myself, leading to 6 kilos of weight loss. I have another 10 kilos to go and blogs like yours give me that little boost I need sometimes to keep me working at it. Thank you!

  8. BIG pet peeve to me too. I wouldn’t DARE close the store ealry for fear of my boss kicking my ass!

    Cranky’s suggestion was great. But I am a BIG mouth and would have made alot of gestures e.g. pointing at my watch and yelling “Its 4.47!!!!!!”

    I feel your pain.

  9. Hah! Funny story. I’d never thought of myself as an emotional eater, but I did eventually realize that feeling angry – unresolved, unexpressed anger – caused me to eat. I remember being super angry at the DH and heading right to the fridge to grab something. Caught myself doing it and it was a lightbulb moment. So now if I’m mad at him I just let loose and smack him around! (just kidding of course…)

    Gareth’s a good guy to take all that punching!

  10. I went to an employment centre where I KNOW they make easily 50K a year, to help ME find a job…

    well… 4:05 they are prodding me out of there, despite the fact they close at 4:30…

    man, was i pissed off! These people get paid well, and are trying to shod me off so that they can go home early?

    Give me a break. I worked ALL of my hours when I had a job, I fully expect them to as well. You know… leaving just 15 minutes early a day, for a week is 1 hr, 15 minutes… after a month, that is 5 hours of work….. after a year? That’s 60 hours…. that is a full work week and a half of time that they are not working and helping people like ME get a bloody job!


  11. Have been offline for only a few days while in the south of italy visiting family and i missed THIS…. I think you we’re totally right loosing it in front of that shop, i would have gone totally bananas if that saleswoman would have done the same thing to me!!!! I work in a restaurant and whenever a customer turns up 30 mins before closing time i still gotta serve him a bloody pizza even if i’d much rather start closing the restaurant, it’s annoying and you know what, the same thing happened to me at the bank a few days ago, i arrived there 15 mins to 5 and they were already closed!?!? Argh it drives me mad πŸ™‚ Plus i can totally understand the emotional eating bit, i tend to grab fatty foods when i feel insecure, angry or frustrated…. it’s just bad but really difficult to get a grip on! xxxx

  12. I think I would have knocked on the door until they let me in and then ranted at THEM. Or rung the manager the next day to complain. Your reaction was completely normal although poor Scottish lad may not have thought so. But he’d be used to you by know, surely. πŸ™‚

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