Comeback Kid

Dudes! I'm afraid of being hit over the head with a bag of frozen peas if I admit this to you, but there's been some positive developments in the dreaded Hurty Knee Saga.

It's been two years since the initial injury and a year since I reluctantly gave up all forms of cardio except very low impact, in-a-straight-line stuff in the hope of calming the knee down and strengthening the surrounding muscles. So finally on Monday I felt ready to try an RPM class again (the Les Mills answer to Spinning).

It was bloody brilliant. The music was rockin', the pace was relentless and the sweat was drippin'. And finally I could do the Standing Up In The Saddle bits without my knee screaming. I'd forgot how uncomfortable that seat is though, even with padded shorts on. It felt like I'd been hit in the groin with a mallet.

Anyway, that was Monday morning. Monday night we went for a two hour walk along the sea and today was a two hour walk up a hill, and (so far… fingers crossed… chucking salt over my shoulder…) my knee still feels good!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Woohooooooooo! Let us all rejoice, for now you shall be spared from my incessant bitching!

Now I must find a way to persuade Gareth that it would be a real tops idea for us to invest in a spin bike, just like the lovely Mistress Kek has just done. Out of bed and straight onto the bike in her PJs, how's that for an exercise commute?

. . .

In other news, I bought some new undies today. Nothing saucy, mind; just practical everyday boring ones in a multi-pack. They're a size 12. Holy crap!

. . .

Now let's talk about the weather. The sultry Scottish summer drags on! Today we were dog-sitting these two wee stumpy barrels, Tibby and Toby and took them for the aforementioned long walk in the hills. We'd only been out for ten minutes when it completely chucked it down. It was that special kind of rain, so heavy that your trousers are instantly glued to your thighs and you can't see a thing because your eyeballs are being gouged by the horizontal raindrops.

But by the time we got to the top we had dried out. You can see the dogs were still so cranky about it they refused to look at the camera.

the top of dumyat.

Five minutes into the descent it kicked up again, even heavier than before. Everything turned slippery and sludgy and just bloody marvelous. The dogs waded around with mud covering their stubby little knees, turning around every now and then to give me the stink eye.

In the spirit of that recent entry about capturing the moment, here's photographic evidence of us poor creatures (click to see bigger version). It's the precise moment I stopped feeling cheery about the new undies and instead kind of disgusted because they were glued to my skin. Is there anything more revolting than the feeling of cold, heavy, sopping clothes clinging to your body?

But at least the rain stopped and the rainbows came out. AHH SCOTLAND. You gotta love it.

wet wet wet. not just a shithouse band.

40 thoughts on “Comeback Kid

  1. AHHHHHHHH RPM! I loves it! And I miss it so much now that I’m at work and can’t make it back to the gym in time for the classes *sob* And I am currently wearing size 12 pants and a size 14 top. It feels wrong in as many ways as it feels right. I love the photos! I wish I could walk in the rain, but them things called glasses make me even more vision impaired when the droplets descend from the heavens *pout*

  2. size 12? I’ve gone off you now you skinny thing (JOKING!)
    Superb news about your knee, YAY!
    I *heart* my exercise bike – I use it all the time in winter (although it IS meant to be summer there isn’t it?) – I got mine on ebay for small $$. Maybe G could be talked into a wind-trainer, where you put your real bike on the trainer for indoor rides? But then he thinks your weather IS summer…
    hmm will lay off razzing you now.
    take care

  3. From someone battling her own knee problems, I’m glad to hear yours is feeling better!! It must have been super frustrating and I hope it continues to stay pain-free.

    Purty pictures too. πŸ™‚

  4. Well done on the size 12 knickers! I am so glad you are experiencing Scottish weather, everytime I try to describe the year long rainy season to a foreigner they can’t get their head round it. Still, it’s drier on the east coast – maybe you should do a stint in Glasgow amd get a real soaking.

  5. Perhaps all your hillhiking have strengthen the muscles around your knee!

  6. We’re having the exact same weather here. Only we call it W.I.N.T.E.R. *snigger*

    You’re looking good, lassie – congrats on the tiny undies! Oh, and the knee progress.

  7. Fantastic news on the knee! – and fantastic news on the undies! That reminds me I really must shop for them too – like Mum always said: What if I got hit by a bus? (Then again, my reply always was: I am sure if I was hit by a bus then my underpants would be the least of my troubles…). Heh.

    Great photies too! Love it! XXX

  8. Shauna!

    You look terrific! Seriously, you captured the moment alright but all I looked at is the pure joy on your face. That’s what stands out in pictures to me.

    What a glorious experience.

  9. I think you’d better ask for a revocation of your recently-acquired legal status. Scotland is not all it’s cracked up to be, is it? πŸ˜‰

    Love the photo, rainbows and puppies!

  10. Hi Shauna
    I’m amused to see that slightly mre people are congratulating you on your knckers as on your freedom from knee pain. Just shows where pour priorities lie! Mine too by the way – well done on size 12 pants, oh and great news and the knee!!

    I can relate about the grumpy dogs, my little princess doesn’t like the rain and glares balefully at me as if it’s my fault if we’re ever caught out in it. Those guys were 12 though – that’s ancient – try taking the average granny up a mountain in the rain and see what she says!!

    Great pics.

    Lesley x

  11. Hi!
    Shauna, I have to tell you that the other night, I spent almost 6 hours reading your ENTIRE story! You are an absolute champ and when I looked at your pics today, I just thought WOW!!!!! You are doing SOOOOOO well!
    Gosh, I hate the whole ‘getting wet’ thing! Urghhhh, bring on spring! I want some sun back please!

  12. Once again, gorgeous hiking photos – somehow you manage to look beautiful even after a good soaking.
    I thought my summers (in the Pacific NW of the US) were wet! Yikes! I will no longer complain!
    And once more: wahoooooooo on the strong knee!! I can’t imagine how exciting it must feel to have conquered such a pesky injury (knocks on wood.)

  13. I feel like their should be a unicorn frolicing in the background of that second pic. It’s cool that you live near such a scenic place.

  14. I love that picture, it really captures the moment and the rainbow there is so perfect. I’m so glad your knee is better! Yahoo!

  15. You are so lucky you have someone to go do that kind of stuff with! All my friends are lazy city-dwellers… if it doesn’t involve a short drive with a barstool at the end, they don’t want to go!

  16. Love the pics!
    I know you are not like me and would get some benefit out of the spin bike. I would never push myself enough even if I used it. I need someone at the front barking at us all to keep going!

    I’m tempted to restart RPM myself. I’ve been avoiding it due to the low calories I’m consuming at the mo but my energy levels ahve been fine so I migth try it.

  17. Just curious about your size conversions on the side bar. Are the non-US sizes Australian or UK?

  18. I love the way you write. It is so novel to me, a Yank in Southern Indiana, to read about the life of an Aussie living in Scotland. I’d give my left nut (if I had one) to trade places with you for a week.

    The pictures are beautiful and so are you! You look so happy and fit. YeeHaa on the healed knee!

  19. Being a wonky knee recoverer I have so much admiration for you for tackling these big hills. And I agree, it’s the coming down that sucks.

  20. You do indeed look teeny and lovely. And happy. Well done indeed. (Do you think perhaps it was the Scottish rain that helped you shrink?)

  21. I can’t believe your pics – you are SOOOO slim Yay for that – def a reason to come out of lurking to comment!

  22. So obviously we’re all waiting for you to take a few photos in the size 12 panties out in that ridiculously beautiful countryside with the adorable dogs. I think the Internet’s ready for saucy Fatblog pics, don’t you? πŸ™‚

    Congrats on de-wonkifying the knee…that’s wonderful!

  23. Scotland looks amazing and so green! Even with all that rain and we get plenty hear in Washington but not now thank goodness.
    I wanted to ask you if you have time about what exercises they told you to do to build up muscles around your knee? I am having some problems with my knee now that I uppped my exercise intensity. Not too much pain from jogging but from biking! Weird, I know. Thanks and always enjoy reading your blog though I don’t comment much.

  24. WOW Shauna,
    I am just loving your blog. It is ‘very Shauna’. Well done on everything you have achieved, even The Law. I just laughed so much. I am noe obsessed with your writings, and jump on the computer every chance I get to try and find out what you have been up to all these years.
    Lotsa hugs from Mel and me

  25. Just looked at my comments and realise you don’t know who ‘ the blast is’. This is your old drama teacher, Jenny.

  26. Hi Shauna,

    I hope you don’t mind me ‘shanghai’ing’ your post but a fellow fatfighting blogger is in a very dark place at the moment and needs the support of as many like minded bloggers as we can muster.

    If you or anyone reading this comment would pop over to Oinks place and offer some support to her, I would really appreciate it!

    Her blog is

    Thanks for your help.

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