Hail To The Queen

Very quickly and shoddily written first impressions from Chicago!

Chicago – rockin’

Jetlag – turns me into a babbling moron πŸ™‚

Deep Dish Pizza, slice of, eaten at midnight – will take approximately seven weeks to digest

Meg – hilarious, wonderful, even-better-in-person got me smashed on a margarita!

Jen – warm, funny, oozes intelligence and a great gal for a good chinwag πŸ™‚

PastaQueen – tall, slinky, gorgeous complexion, witty… she’s not The Queen for nufin, people!

Pamela – We meet at last! She is a lovely, lovely woman and I can’t wait to chat to her more. I also met her wee son and her Scottish husband and I almost burst into tears o’ joy at hearing his accent. Mmm, Scottish accent.

Kate – Another chick who just radiates so much intelligence that it makes you swoon. I was glad to chat to her for a few wee minutes πŸ™‚

Weetabix and Sarah – I managed not to squeal like a fangirl and even tho I only got to talk to them briefly they were incredibly charming. I hope to stalk them further today!

Wendy – Oh man. Mah hero! She did a great job on the Bodies panel yesterday. I hope I get to chat to her again, and I hope I don’t make a dick of myself. I stood up in the panel yesterday and sprouted some incoherent babble and did you know what I thought? "Aww man. I can’t believe I sound so stupid in front of WENDY."


Sorry this entry is devoid of all style, wit, substance, editing, etc etc but it’s breakfast time and I don’t see the point of being at a blogging conference and spending your whole time behind a computer. That’s what you do back home in your jammies! Now is the time for pressing the flesh. And eating the free bagels.

A quick word about the Bodies panel yesterday – I felt quite gutted by some things I heard; the thoughts we have about ourselves. I just wanted to crash tackle some people to the floor with a bear hug. Because I used to feel like that and I remember it all too well. And though I will never be a You Go Girlfriend Love Your Body type of person, I have to say how amazing it feels just to enjoying occupying my skin, every lump and bump. I just want to eat up the world with a spoon, the same way I used to do with the Nutella. I wanted to tell people that it is possible to get a different place, even though it’s a very loooong and wacky road to get there.

10 thoughts on “Hail To The Queen

  1. Eeeeek! I didn’t know you were in Chicago, my favorite city in the world! Make sure the pizza was Giordano’s deep dish spinach. Yes, it will take forever to digest, but it’s well worth it. I’d give you some ideas of healthy food there, but I’m drawing a blank. Have fun!

  2. It was beyond great to finally meet you! The Hub is waving hello from across the room; you made a great and lovely impression upon him. (He’s been asking all weekend how you are, and has been baffled that at a blogging conference nobody updates their blogs. Hahaha.) And yes, the deep-dish will take AGES to digest. I hope it wasn’t Lou Malnati’s, which I think is made of sausage-flavored lead!

    Hope you have a great last day here! ::smooches::

  3. I loved meeting so many of my favorite bloggers this weekend. I love what you said about the panel, too. It was wrenching to hear people tear themselves apart the way they did.

  4. Heh, it’s funny you mention my complexion because I’m always concerned about the fact that my face gets all red and splotchy when I get nervous or have to talk publicly. Good to know I can fake it when my blood pressure is down. And I’ve got to second what Beth said, I had the Giordano’s deep dish spinach and had a food orgasm in my tongue.

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