I Shall Call Him Bitey

I’d really been looking forward to meeting friends and heroes at BlogHer this week, feeling excited rather than nervous or insecure or enormous. But then I went camping on Friday night and got attacked by small biting insects called midges, and now my ankles are insanely itchy, swollen and covered in giant red freakish sores THAT I AM TRYING SO HARD NOT TO SCRATCH darnit. So I’m feeling a wee bit Freaky McFreakerson now.

Many people have said they were bedazzled by the pristine beauty of the landscape featured in my hillwalking entries, and I agree that we are fortunate to live in such a bonny part of the globe. But as much as I like to do my bit for tourism I feel it’s important to paint a full picture of the great Scottish outdoors for any would-be visitors. For every one beautiful sunny day there’s at least ten rainy ones, or a few where your body is ravaged by evil bitey things. You have been warned 😉

18 thoughts on “I Shall Call Him Bitey

  1. Ahh. The glories of Scotland!

    The rain does serve to make you appreciate the odd perfect day you get once a decade! The last time we were in the Highlands (Loch Torridon) we encoutered weather of quite biblical proportions!!LOL!

    Hope the bites go down before you get to strut your stuff in Chicago! Best of luck.

  2. You poor thing! I get the same reaction to bitey insects – I’ve had welts the size of a 50 cent piece. 🙁 Makes being outdoors a bloody misery.

  3. Oh yes the midges were out when Helen and I were Gilly scrambling in Barbendale. Little feckers! I’ve got bitten ankles and scalp! Meh!

  4. Prince Charming has always had a soft spot for Scotland. It is one of his favorite places in the world. In fact, he even got married in a kilt. I don’t think rain or insects would deter him one little bit.

  5. When you’re in Chicago, you have to eat pizza. I love pizza, and this is coming form someone who doesn’t particularly care for cheese. It’s my favorite food, and I don’t even like one of the main ingredients! Chicago has the best pizza, so try it. I recommend Giordano’s stuffed pizza, or Geno’s East deep dish. Yum.

  6. Wow! Maybe I’ll have a chance to meet you after all, and without going to Scotland. Me and my SC and our bairn will be in Chicago. When can we get together? (At least you and me.) E-mail me, please! 🙂 How exciting.

  7. I can definitely do without the midges but I’d love, love, love to live somewhere that green. I desperately miss the rain. We’ve had a drought here in southern California for what feels like forever. In the past year we’ve had next to no rain. In fact there hasn’t been a single raindrop since January and even then it was hardly a 5 minute drizzle. Thank god the ocean isn’t far away or I’d forget what water looked like. 🙂

  8. Aah! And I’m going to Scotland this weekend too! (probably) Although we haven’t been having great weather here in Oxford, so I guess it’s a wash. Literally. Har.

  9. OMG – you poor wee thing – your ankles look so sore and I can feel the itch from here. I’d kind of forgotten how fierce midgies were.

  10. Midges! The one time I visited the UK, I was attacked by SOMETHING that bit me so badly my knee swelled up and I couldn’t walk. I know I have a photo around somewhere, I’m going to look it up. It was unbelievable. Must have been a midge.

  11. Nasty little buggers. I guess the pros are that if you are stuck talking to someone you want to get away from, you could start scratching yourself uncontrollably until they think you’re mad. 🙂

  12. Yes rain, yes midges, but admit it: there have been these past days when England has been flooded and we’ve had nice sunshine.

    Oh you do write so well and so wisely. And you were so cute when you were little!

  13. They look so painful, you poor thing. Hope you’re having heaps of fun in Chicago, I would love to go there.

  14. ahhhh midges! When I visited Inverness it was a hot night so we (stupidly) left the windows open. A oouple of hours later I felt some stinging on my face and turned on the light to find the bed COVERED with little black specks – eww eww eww….

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