The People That You Meet

Ooh ooh ooh I can’t believe I neglected to mention my latest bout of Blognobbing. You know, like hobnobbing, except since it’s famous bloggers it’s blognobbing!

A couple of weeks ago I met Australia’s favourite globetrotting poledancing triathlete Skinny Latte Phil in sunny Edinburgh. She was up here checking out the Fringe Festival and has just posted a lovely entry about her adventures.

It was great meeting her in person. Sometimes you read a blog and wonder if the blogger will be like the blog in real life. Then POW! You meet them, and it’s just like the blog has grown a voice and arms and rather sexy legs. It’s all real, baby!

Phil seemed to like Edinburgh, which really warmed the cockles of my psuedo-Scottish heart, because I demand that everyone loves the city as much as I do. She’d taken in a lot of theatre and shopping and then we took in a helluva lot of vodka. So much so when I ran into some good pals afterwards at Guy Pratt’s hilarious show, I couldn’t remember one of their names. Eek!

I think because so many Antipodeans make the trek to the UK that people don’t always realise just how difficult it is to find your feet. And find shelter, employment and sanity. But Phil has hit her stride in London now. She’s full of plans and dreams and enthusiasm. Go you good thing!

Dr G took a pic of us which I uncermoniously nicked off her blog. Pink cheeks ahoy!


Tomorrow I am meeting K and Rosemary. 2007 has been a year of top quality blognobbing, what with all the lovely Americans, the Greek Goddess Argy, etc etc. But I still pine to meet all the Aussies. PINE, I tell you! Someday, someday. Sniffle.

In other news, I did a wee interview with Weight Loss Tips today. Check it out!

9 thoughts on “The People That You Meet

  1. Man, are you trying to set some sort of record? I think you’ve personally met more weight-loss bloggers than any other blogger on the planet. I’m rather jealous!

  2. Just had to say thank you for commenting on my blog – so exciting to get a comment! – and thanks for all the links to cool bloggers (many of them fellow Edinburghers) in this post. That’s my reading sorted for the next few hours/days!

  3. It was fabulous meeting you, you gorgeous thing. I am already plotting my next trip up there….hopefully there will be less rain this time, but with autumn now well and truly here I doubt it!!

    Talk soon! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I can personally attest that Phil’s legs are by far the longest and sexiest I have seen live and in person in a very long time. Great gams!

    I love that picture of you both. It’s kind of surreal, like seeing two Greek goddesses together and making all sorts of magic.

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