Old Dog New Tricks

Diets are dead, they’ve been telling us for years; it’s all about lifestyle changes. I’m down with that rather annoying phrase. But what irks me is just when you manage to make changes, the style of your bloody life changes so those changes no longer fit in… to your lifestyle. Does that make any sense at all?

This week I’m trying to figure out arrangements for the latest changes. How long can I feasibly snooze before gulping down brekkie and getting out the door? Which is the fastest route to the office? Does the office have a microwave? How long must I eat Quiet Fruit like bananas before I feel comfortable enough to chomp an apple? Where does exercise fit into this new schedule? Before, lunchtime, after? I’ve got timetables and graphs and diaries and still haven’t figured it out the logistics.

Sometimes people ask "What’s the secret?" in regards to the flab busting. There’s no secret, I say squirmingly, just exercise and eating healthy and spilling your guts on the internet, over and over for six years! But seriously, if I was forced to pick something I’d have to say an ability to adapt. Finding new ways of doing things when things change, over and over again.

But that kind of thinking will have to wait for the weekend, methinks. MY BRAIN IS FULL! Information overload. I keep fantasising that the Career Fairies will sprinkle me with brainy dust, so I will be blessed with all the workplace knowledge right now and able to bypass the whole uncomfortable Stupid Questions and Silly Mistakes phase. It’s like when I started my Lifestyle Change back in the day – I longed for miracles and instant results, without having to endure all the panic and salad.


24 thoughts on “Old Dog New Tricks

  1. Sister, you hit it smack on the head!
    The ability to adapt!
    That’s what we all need, because if you can’t adapt you can’t cope with things out of your control.
    The brainy dust will be there soon.

  2. OMG I cracked up so loudly when I saw the graphic, everyone in the office thought I’d gone mad (well… more mad than normal). Those sort of thoughts were EXACTLY what I used to think!

    And I’m so with you on the adapting thing, since you live your lifestyle and when that changes, you need to make your healthy-ness work into it, rather than putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket.

    I’m going to keep on thinking about that graphic all day and chuckle when I do. Now I just need to control myself in the company staff meeting. O_O

  3. Change is a bugger – I’m still trying to adapt my workout routine around our new location. And we only moved 5kms up the road. Aargh!

  4. LOL at quiet fruit!
    The thing is you find rearranging things to fit in good food and exercise a chore NOT an excuse to give it all a miss.
    BTW did you know you’re on the ‘Illustrated BMI’? notborntorun.blospot dot com has the link (I was so excited I know a famous person!)

  5. Change is good. The first couple of weeks at a new job are the worst. No matter how efficient and smart you are you always end up feeling like the slow kid because you don’t know their systems. Hang in there. You’ll feel comfortable there soon and can chomp on apples everday. πŸ™‚

  6. I say take advantage of being the “new girl” for as long as you can – it’s perfect for goofing off and abdicating any responsibility whatsoever.

    I’m sure there is some deep analogy about that and my weight loss attitude if I wanted to unbury it πŸ˜€

  7. Ha ha, love the picture, might pinch it yet! AS for lifestyle changes, it’s all a part of life eh? Everything changes, not just how we adapt to our eating/exercise etc… makes for an interesting life I reckon. Imagine if NOTHING changed…. bugger that! Change is good!

  8. cheers dudes πŸ™‚

    LBTEPA – Oh aye, I deliberately submitted my photo to the project. Great idea I reckon πŸ™‚

  9. very cute graphic… we probably all hoped for that at one point or another πŸ™‚ I was putting off work cause what if they didnt have a fridge? how could i take a lunch? my lunchbox with cooling insert is on the way! gotta be able to adapt we do. plus, butt crunches at an office desk are so underrated πŸ˜€

  10. You poor scared little thing! It is so awkward dealing with everything NEW. But maybe it will turn out that everything is better than expected – a secret employee gym under the building or a special line in the cafeteria for real food.

    “Quiet Fruit” LOL!

  11. Yes, absolutely!

    And also those periods where you don’t know exactly HOW your lifestyle is going to change, so it’s hard to know what to commit to.

    There must be “quiet fruit” other than bananas. Peaches? Plums? Kiwi?

  12. tee hee-I feel your pain, because as you know, I started a new gig a few weeks ago too… I felt the “quiet fruit” comment wholeheartedly, and it made me ponder the question of when I can start bringing “stinky” food, like tuna or egg-salad sandwiches…

    You really did hit the nail on the head with the adaptability thing though. I have been struggling to make new routines too, and so far its easier said than done. If I ever doubted that I was a stress eater, this experience has proved it! Oh well, we’ll just have to keep on adapting in perpetuity. Thanks for the giggle to break up my “stupid questions and silly mistakes” phase!

  13. Down with Quiet Fruit, I say. Let the chomping and crunching of apples drown out the pesky rustling of candy wrappers and crumbling of cookies. (Sorry, I’m getting carried away here.)
    Switch to green peppers; after you crunch those for awhile, apples seem positively silent… πŸ™‚

  14. Have I missed something? Have you started a new job as well?

    My first week went OK. Feel like Billy no mates but the work is wy more interesting…

  15. I have to agree with you 100 percent. I mentioned to my husband last week that losing weight, for me, is more about planning and adjusting than self-discipline or turning down ding-dongs. Weight loss is a higher order thinking skill. Seriously.

  16. You said it. My circumstances are always changing and they’re about to again with the change in daylight hours. We all have to be flexible enough to be able to adapt on a daily basis. Hope the new job is going well! x

  17. hear you on the “quiet fruit” dilemma. Mostly because we have a guy in our office who can manage to eat apples louder than any human being I have ever met. It isn’t even just the crunching, it’s the slurping that follows. Gah!

    I tend to cut apples before I eat them. Maybe I’m neurotic, but it makes life so much easier. It’s quieter, the juice doesn’t run down your arm, and I don’t throw away good apple pulp just because it’s uncomfortably close to the core. Plus, no slurping.

  18. ‘I longed for miracles and instant results, without having to endure all the panic and salad.’

    Good gravy, this sentence has such explanatory power. I shall be referring to ‘panic and salad’ often now.

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