Chop Chop

On Saturday night I was sitting next to Gareth, poking and prodding my belly and arms with my thumbs.

"I hate being bigger than you," I grumbled.

"Bigger than me?"

"Yeah. I seem bigger today. Taller. Wider. Blobbier all of sudden. Like I am lording over you."

"Like Kermit and Robin?"

"YEAH that’s it. Precisely!"


Then on Sunday I was making excuses.

"Haven’t got time to do weights today" I said to myself, "Gotta watch the New York Marathon."

Yes, too busy to exercise because I’m too busy sitting on my arse watching other people exercise on the telly. Similar to the entire month of June, when I snapped and foamed at anyone suggesting I go out for a walk. "I’m too busy writing a book about how much I love exercise to do actual exercise!"

But that bloody Paula Radcliffe put me to shame. She popped out a baby just six months ago and there she was leading the race. So I scraped myself off the couch around mile ten and went off to do my weights. I arrived back, muscles buzzing, just in time to see her dazzling victory.

Afterwards I was preening in the mirror, flexing biceps and purring, etc etc. How the bloody hell does that work? They were the same arms as the night before, but now they seemed rather svelte and cool.

So personally, skinniness seems to be just a state of mind. Not much to do with actual state of the body, and greatly influenced by endorphins πŸ™‚

. . .

Last night I went back to KICKBOXING! Woohoo! I’d done just one class back in January as part of my New Year’s Resolutions but completely knackered my dodgy knee again. But this time I wore a knee support, modified moves that I knew would hurt instead of charging ahead and pretending otherwise. I had a bloody brilliant time. Oooh the pain! The violence! The good feeling! Rawk.

This time I was much less wimpy while holding the pads, too. I actually held them up steadily instead of throwing my hands over my head and cowering in fear. I was a bit slow due to the usual Left and Right Confusion – I took too long to make the "L" sign behind the pad so I got kicked in the wrist. Hehehe.

Today my back and arms and abs are sooo sore but the knee feels okay! Touch wood. I will need to be careful but hope to carry on. As much as I try to get excited about gym cardio, the kicking and punching REALLY does it for me. It’s something to look forward to and relish, as opposed to merely tolerate.

I also spied some new spinning bikes at the gym, looks like they’ve started spinning classes. WOOHOO! The Great Indoors suddenly looks quite appealing this winter.

16 thoughts on “Chop Chop

  1. Paula Radcliffe is such a legend. She and Jana Rawlinson – although I can’t decide whether I admire them for being such incredible athletes of hate them for having single-digit body fat less than a year after giving birth (pokes self in midriff, sighs)
    I wish my flabby arms went all svelte and cool after weights! But you’re right – after a workout I suddenly turn from a beanbag into a goddess πŸ™‚

  2. Ahahahahahha @ Amanda’s comment. πŸ˜€

    And yum, Kickboxing. (Funny how I used to use ‘yum’ to describe only food substances before) I did some with my trainer last week and BOY was it le-awesome!

  3. you need colours on your kickboxing pads, so instead of calling out left and right then can go red and blue or something, and save all us left/right confused people a lot of pain πŸ™‚

  4. OOOOOO spin bikes!!! I just love doing RPM, but not up to it at the moment…. will get back there though! Give it a go, it’s neat.

  5. Man, this makes me miss my exercise bike at home. Not that I used my exercise bike that much when I was there, but I had the option you know? The is yet another post from another blogger telling me what I already know: I should exercise, it is good for me. I want the endorphine rush.

  6. Some mornings I wake up and look in the mirror and I think “yip I am looking good” and the first outfit I put on looks great and my hair does what I want it to do and I leave for work on time. Then there are the other mornings where I look in the mirror and go ugh!! and everything goes down hill from there. Also just wanted to say thank you for talking about Green and Blacks choc – we have finally got it in NZ and because you always talk about it I just had to try it and mmmmmmm its delish – maybe the copious amounts of G&B I have been eating has something to do with my reflection!

  7. I too love the analogy of Kermit and Robin. Gareth needs to give my husband a short talking to about tact I’d say!

    I am envious-your kickboxing class sounds awesome. The boxing class at my gym is rather lame. There is something satisfying about kicking and punching things though!

    I must suggest that spinning is a must try activity! I love it and get cranky if I miss my weekly class. That said, not any class, not all instructors are created equal. I found a woman who kicks ass, and I have been going like clockwork ever since. Another warning-my butt was super sore the first time I tried it, but that went away quickly. (Plus you actually ride outside, so that probably won’t be an issue!) Good on ya for continuing to consider new ways to sweat!

  8. I agree with Amanda, at least he said Robin (who even remembers Robin?) and not Miss Piggy, then again he probably values his life more than that!!

    Good on you for getting up and motivating yourself while watching the marathon. Nothing better than a high achiever to make us mere mortals get spurred into action.

  9. Kickboxing or boxing circuit or anything like that just seems to give your muscles such a buzz. You can feel the electrical impulses going wild. ‘I will not have fadoobadah arms!’ Bring on tank tops! Thin straps! Yeah!

  10. I nearly pissed myself when I read the bit about kermit and robin, then saw the photo hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Cant wait for your book!

  11. I, too, have noticed the “I’ve exercised and now my body looks wonderful” phenomena. I’m not entirely sure how it works, either, but it’s a pretty good incentive to exercise!

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