Dear Me

Kickboxing kicked butt last night. I could roundhouse til the cows come home! I looked in the mirrors as someone was clobbering me and realised with alarm that my right thigh (saddlebag, more like) is wider than the left. Gareth verified this later on, and he’s a cool and calculating engineer-type so it’s not body dysmophia on my part. I guess that’s the legacy of 2.5 years of knee injury. Ha!

But the knee is doing pretty well. I still have to modify moves – jump kicks are impossible and knee push-ups still hurt, so I do step kicks and one-knee push ups! It also behaved at Spinning on Saturday. For the first time in so very long, the jumping-out-of-the-saddle bits didn’t hurt. The instructor was bloody brilliant – there were only three of us in the class so there was nowhere to hide and she reduced me to a beetrooty pulp. I think it might have been RPM actually, I recognised some of the songs from my old gym. Whatever it was, it was bloody hard work and a smug start to Saturday!

. . .


The Postcard from New York arrived the other day and I’m bewildered by my nauseating cheerfulness. What was in the air over there? I must have been high on bagels.

Click here to have a gander! Nyc

But still, during this crazy busy wacky week its a very soothing thing to read. I think I will send myself reminder postcards more often. Buy toothpaste. Don’t forget to go to work. Be more brave. Get to bed earlier.

What would you write to you, today?

35 thoughts on “Dear Me

  1. “Get your arse back to RPM, sicko girl”

    Rock on luvie. Big W at Bathurst. There’s something worse than Kmart in Hobart:)


  2. Hahahaha- love the postcard.

    I did something similar recently. Bought myself an MP3 player and sent a giftcard to myself- Dear Lisa, Keep up the hardwork! Love Lisa

    Hubbie found it hilarious!

  3. There’s only 2 more weeks left after this one… you’re almost done! (my teaching placement)
    It’ll seem all better soon!

  4. I’ve never sent myself a postcard but I do buy myself Christmas pressies (and write sappy gift tag messages like To Kathryn, thanks for being such a wonderful friend, Love Kathryn).

  5. Great idea. I think I’ll send myself a postcard from each place I visit this year. It would make a simple and easy keepsake, too.


    Yes, even all in capitals 😀 I’d also be really rude to myself and not put a greeting or a sign off…

    On that note, does anyone else ever leave themselves a voicemail and start with “Hi, it’s me”? *heh*

  7. Hey Shauna,
    love the post card .. its adorable!!

    mine would say :
    Dear me,
    You are great – remember that!! stop stressing – it’s not worth it!
    Love Me xxx

    on another note, I was flicking thru the new Australian womens health mag today & what did I see ?? a little article tipping “The Amazing adventures of Dietgirl” as one one of the best “diet books of 2008 !!! Go DG!! I’ll scan it & email it to ya 🙂

  8. Dear K,

    Stop reading Shauna and get back to work! Hand-in tonight! You can read blogs tomorrow 🙂


  9. tee hee-I loved the postcard! What a peachy keen idea. I write myself e-mails sometimes to remind me to do certain things. Glad I’m not the only one who talks/writes to herself. Today my postcard to me would say “Stop procrastinating and get back to work!”

  10. If the card were to arrive today…

    Dear Loretta,

    In less than 1 month you will be happily unemployed and getting ready to finally finish school! All the crap/boring work you have to do now is almost over! Have fun and go out to lunch with friends! And take care of yourself and don’t over analyze things…people don’t think about you as much as you think about you…you crazy girl!

    Much Love,

  11. I need to do some kickboxing.

    Love the postcard.

    Mine would say “The weather is beautiful, wish you were here. You should have taken another week off. Don’t work too hard. Start planning your next vacation. Just do it already!

  12. I think my postcard would read;
    “You’ve been zapped by a mojo laden postcard. You are now 200% mojofied and ready to kick butt. Have a nice day.”
    Or something equally insane. 🙂

  13. Hey!

    Just wanted to let you know (although you proddly already do) that your book was featured in this months (Aussie) Womens Health as like a predicted hit diet book for 2008 :o)

  14. I love the postcard idea.
    mine would say,
    “Go out for long walks while the weather is good. Smile and be happy.”

  15. Love your postcard idea! ‘Be more brave’? Honestly, you’ve done some pretty brave things – came out of the blogging closet, published a book, tackled hills on the bike, mingled with blogging strangers… I’m tellin’ ya, you’re a brave chica already! 😉

  16. Mine would probably say, stop worrying and leave the children to organise their own lives.

    I’m such a fun person…

    And you are a brave one, whatever you say.

  17. COOL! cheers everyone 🙂

    and thanks for those whole mentioned the Women’s Health mag thingy, especially Amber who sent a scan. How bloody cool!!!

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