2008: Rhymes With Great

At a party on New Years Eve 2006, I was watching the clock through a red wine haze and eating posh crisps with a poncy name. Caramelised Shallot And Taw Valley Cheddar, as I recall… in other words, cheese and onion!

It was 11.45 PM and I was thinking, As soon as the clock strikes midnight that is it. I hereby resolve to cut all the crap in 2007!

Then at 11.59 PM somebody cracked open a tub of Marks & Spencer Extremely Chocolatey Mini Bites.

I revised my strategy. Righto. Make that 1AM. After that I’m going STRAIGHT, darnit.

A few days later I emerged from my sugar ‘n’ lard coma and realised that making grand, lofty plans that lacked focus and relied on brain/willpower for success was not the best approach to New Years Resolutions.

So I made a new list. It was more goals than resolutions, specific and realistic ones. Cheesy SMART goals like they make you do on tedious corporate training days! Breaking down the huge and impossible into  digestible chunks.

It turned out a pretty good year. It still amazes me when that Baby Step stuff actually works. I had a blast trying out all those new activities – canoeing, kayaking, kickboxing, plus revisiting hill walking and yoga. My Flaming Knee Of Pain finally calmed down and I was more consistent with exercise. I didn’t hit 75 kilos – all those sporty moments and various epiphanies led to me letting go of that scale fixation once and for all. And though that was never on any list, it turned out to be the most satisfying moment of this whole lard-busting caper.

All that said, the last few months of 2007 have been chaotic with the new job etc etc. I’ve been bumbling along, up and down. I’m like a crappy old computer — you know when you have too many programs open and it’s running so slow and sluggishly that you can practically see smoke rising? And then you push it harder and try to open PhotoShop. So it’s clearly time for a reboot.

The merits of New Years Resolutions are oft-debated, but January 1 feels so crisp and clean, perfect for refocusing and thinking about what’s next. Plus I like making lists. There’s no greater nerdly pleasure than ticking stuff off from lists!

Two posts have really got me fired up for a fresh start: Sarah at Pink of Perfection and Erin at Angry Fat Girlz.

I still haven’t quite figured out my own goals for 2008. I just know I want them to be about fun and fitness and feeling good about the ol’ bod. Not numbers and angst. Nor midnight Mini Bite moratoriums!

18 thoughts on “2008: Rhymes With Great

  1. You’re sure to have a fantastic year in 2008 – I predict that your book will be HUGE and you’ll be rich and famous and far too swanky to hang around with the likes of us.


    I’m still working on my goals for the coming year too, but I know it’s going to be a good ‘un.

    Happy New Year, Shauna!


  2. Hi there DG – Hope you had a fabulous Christmas. I have been thinking about goals for the new year as well – I had given up on new years resolutions (and goals – aside from the generic “lose weight”) over the last few years but something about being home for the holidays has geared me up on all the changes I want to make when I return home to Mexico in a few weeks. Then today I was thinking about all these goals and started worrying that trying to make too many lofty changes all at once would lead to major failure by Jan. 2 – and alas I read your post about breaking goals down into baby steps. Now why do I never remember that in my personal life, when at work it was second nature??

  3. thanks for the links. I have had those superficial resolutions too – but i think you’re dead right – if I make some more doable size chunks then some of the things I want will become the result and not the resolution. Noice!

  4. I’m sure 2008 will be the best year ever for you as your book will become a huge worldwide success and you and Dr G will fly everywhere in a private jet and have minibites on tap! Happy New Year!!

  5. Hee, I think that SMART goal model might actually be useful. Could the corporate geezers actually be right about something? Gah.

    Maybe instead of SMART goals, I will just set Moderately Intelligent goals.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2008, DG!

  6. Happy New Year to you, Shauna and the Wholesome Dr. G. I think you’re right about the small steps and working your way through the big things. There’s something about a new start, new beginnings that inspire people to hope and to make changes. Let’s hope 2008 is a fantastic year for everyone.

    PS I thought of you yesterday when reading about the Orkney Christmas/New Year’s traditions of Baa. I knew you had been there this year. (Right?)

  7. Hi Shauna,

    I bought your book today and have been sitting glued to it since I got it home. It’s very touching as well as funny – just what I expected and yet more so. How on earth can you have thought yourself worthless? – and yet, so does my brilliant, funny son-in-law quite often. (He doesn’t think you’re worthless, you understand. He thinks he is. And of course he’s not, any more than you ever were.)

    Anyway, before you get too famous, can I meet you??? I no longer have your email address but would love to see you in person and (of course) get my book signed. And K would love to see you again. Please email me if you think you might have a free Sat afternoon or something. Apart from anything else, Fifi needs to have a proxy visit with/from/to you and I’m her proxy.

    K and I had coffee with Loth of “The Gym’s Not Working Today” and we were all vying with each other to sing your praises. Her copy of DG arrived this morning. K, true to form, has disorganisedly not got round to ordering hers yet. But she’ll buy it from a shop.

    You’re great – you really are a star. Happy 2008 to you and yours.

  8. Just what I needed to read today. I’m so anti-NY resolutions it’s not even funny. I set them, and I’m doomed to fail. GOALS, however, are completely doable and non-threatening. What a mind game.

    Thanks to PQ and your interview with her, I am now awaiting your book from Amazon.ca. I have no idea how much the US dollar is worth in Canada, but whatever the final cost, it will totally be worth it. I can’t wait to start reading.

    Happy New Year, DG!

  9. Happy New Year to both of you!! I hope 2008 is the best one ever. I pre-ordered your book from my local bookstore today – am counting down til Feb 1 and I can go and get it for a good weekend read.

  10. Happy New Year, Shauna and congrats on publication of the book! So excited for you – yay! Am off to order it immediately from Amazon as I have just started the Wedding Dress Action Diet and need all the inspiration I can get!

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