7 in 1

With two more days left in the Amazing Scavenger Hunt, I've had some emails requesting an extension. Just like high school! But I'll stick with Wednesday 6PM because:

  1. All this self-promotion is making me nauseous
  2. I need to post those Grand Prize Chocolates before I scoff them myself, and
  3. There's a hefty backlog of thrilling things to tell you about, including:
    1. Office Night Out
    2. New Adventures in Almond Butter
    3. An Very Exciting Day In New York
    4. How I Accidentally Spilled Balsamic Vinegar All Over My Tuna On Toast And It Was Surprisingly Delicious

Actually that last one doesn't really need further explanation, so will just cross that off right away.

Anyway! The contest entries so far are bloody fabulous. When it closes I'll post them all in a big list so you can check out some blogs you may not have checked out before. Spread the love, baby!

Here's my own entry. Not official though, because I've read that book before. Ho ho ho.


13 thoughts on “7 in 1

  1. It doesn’t take long guys to do it πŸ™‚ And, I’m sure shuana doesn’t mind if you google some images and do something creative. Not everyone has a camera! I had mine done within 20 minutes… you can do it!

  2. Indeedily Anji! Quite a few people have gone down that route and their pics are rockin. Marla even did a painting! πŸ™‚

  3. Ugh, the suspense is killing me. I SO want the book. It’s, like, the ONLY thing I want…. ever. Ok, maybe not ‘ever’ but it FEELS like it right now. I’m just so not good at waiting, especially now that I can’t eat a lot of chocolate to ease the waiting time AND I’m a day ahead (it’s Tuesday night here already). *pouts*

  4. Shauna dear, I’ve been reading your blog faithfully since I heard a reading from it on the radio show Open Source (in the US) when they did their blogsday show. I thought about posting many time but never did until now. I WANT THE BOOK! (It’s not available in US. Plus, it would more than double the price to order from Amazon UK & get them to send it across the water.) So, I checked my photos in my iPhoto & found 4 of the needed photos. 3 screenshots and I got the rest. I opened a blogspot blog early this am. Had to go to work before I could upload the photos & text. Now my dial-up connection is too slow or something for me to even open blogspot. It’s almost 8pm EST (equivalent to New York time). I’ll try to do this early tomorrow am before work. Either that or I’ll use flicker. You’ll enjoy my pics. Your combo picture is great!

  5. You’ve still go a wee while folks, dinnae panic! 6PM GMT on Wednesday 12th is 1PM in New York, and 5AM Thursday 12th in Sydney. xx

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