Dietgirl Contest: The Winners

Can I just say I am having a dirty cow of a week. I would like to know what are you supposed to do when you feel ultra-stressed that doesn’t involve diving face-first into a vat of Smarties or buying stuff. I went out at lunch today and the brain was racing: CHOCOLATE no don’t need any more chocolate STUFF no don’t need any more stuff OK THEN WHAT ABOUT A MAGAZINE coz that’s not edible.

So I stood in the queue at Marks and Spencer and by the time it was my turn I realised the magazine was a bit shit. January issues of magazines are always so skimpy. Anyway, I skulked back to the office and wondered if my head would explode.

This never really gets any easier, does it? Stress is always going to come along and my reaction is always going to be: how can we instantly soothe this uncomfortable sensation? You can’t Take A Bubble Bath or Phone An Understanding Friend when you’re in the office at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

In the end I went to the gym after work. Franz Ferdinand’s first album is like purpose-built interval training. So many handy changes of tempo! After 40 minutes of that I felt alright. Better-ish. It’s just annoying sometimes, how you never get to stop dealing with this stuff. It’s always there. Stress. The siren song of the vending machine.

. . .

DG: I can’t make up my miiiind!
Dr G: Well, you’re f*cked then.
DG: They’re all too goooood!
Dr G: That’s you being Australian with your egalitarian outlook.

I’ve been angsting for three hours and wanted to pick three Grand Prize winners for the Scavenger Hunt, but UN Ambassdor Gareth said that changing the rules would be unfair and devalue the competition. Then there’s that whole issue of not actually having three Grand Prizes.

It also would have been easier had I made the contest totally random, instead of 9/10ths random, and just said, "leave a comment if you want to win a book". That way maybe bazillions of people would have entered and I wouldn’t be feeling so angsty about the winner:non-winner ratio we have now.

But I wanted to have a contest with a bit more fun and interaction, and it’s been great to gawking at such imagination, humour and resourcefulness. THANK YOU for all your time and effort! If I had 35 copies I’d send you one each, honest guv.

But ten is all I quite literally have. It went down to the wire, but the Grand Prize goes to Anji of Operation 100. I loved her canine Elvis and her Greek Citizen yogurt. She showed great inventiveness and style and really got into the spirit things.

Next up, merciful RANDOMNESS! I wrote all remaining entry numbers on little squares of paper (as determined by order of receipt, see bedazzling official list) and chucked em in a Cadbury Roses tin then thoroughly shoogled it about. Gareth reached in and drew out nine numbers, while simultaneously watching a documentary about Pink Floyd. This is your guarantee that the numbers were not peeked at! Here’s what came out:

30. Piabella
4. Lucinda
12. Sillymonkey
14. Marla
33. Tanya
11. Heather
23. Mel
19. Sara
28. Stephanie

I’ll be contacting the winners soon to get your postal details sorted.

Be sure to check out the entry list to see just how good these entries were and how torturous my decision was πŸ™‚ THANKS AGAIN everyone for playing along and hope you had a hoot!


23 thoughts on “Dietgirl Contest: The Winners

  1. No wonder you had such a hard time – all those awesome entries πŸ™‚ At least you got to have some randomness though, which makes the job easier.

    Yay to me for getting a random draw, and yay to the other random draws, and the biggest yay to Anji for winning the Grand Prize!

    But most of all, a humungous yay to Shauna (and Dr G for doing the drawing) for holding such an awesome competition!!!

    I am the one in ten.

    I’m gonna give it to my mum (after I’ve read it..of course), so can you sign it with ‘to Sara’s mum, even free food has calories’.. no, too oblique… ‘to Sara’s mum, stop whining and do something about it’.. ok, no, too blatant… working on it. what about ‘go baby go!’?

  3. Congratulations to all the winners! They were all great, I don’t envy Shauna for having to choose one! It was fun. Way to go, everyone!

  4. Yay!! Thanks so much Diet Girl, and congrats to everyone who won (and everyone who got to express their fabulous creativity). This was totally fun – great game Shauna!

  5. What a fun competition! Although I didn’t enter (other project keeping me busy), It was fun to think about what I ‘would’ have done. I have also come to the realisation that the man working at the mechanic across the road is the reincarnation of Elvis – and I will never look at him the same way.

  6. OMG! I feel like I’ve just won Miss USA or somethin’!!(I’d say Miss Canada but didn’t they cancel that?)

    Thank you so much, this totally made my day! I knew there was a reason I had to have insomnia tonight and check out DG at 1:37 in the morning.

    I also want to thank EVERYONE else for participating! Not only was it fun to see everyone’s version of the 7 items but – I was also glad Shauna didn’t have to spew everywhere at the mere thought no one would particpate! I’m sure Dr. G also appreciated not having to ‘clean up in aisle 9’, I’m sure he has better things to do!

    You all did a wonderful job! I loved checking them out!

    My little miss Uma (the Elvis) will be thrilled to know she did not dress up as Elvis in vain and that therapy may no longer be necessary!! Do you want to know the scary part? We took that picture this past summer…. maybe my whole family needs therapy πŸ™

    Thanks DG for involving everyone this way! Very inventive!

    I’d like to thank my mom, my dad, my 1st grade teacher…. er, is that the music cue to cut me off playing right now? I’m not finished! Ahhhh, I guess I am….

    Good night to everyone!

  7. Thanks for the fun of that Shauna – I’ll keep an eye out for the book when it finally gets to NZ. Good luck with the book too, you deserve it.

  8. Wow, thanks so much Shauna, that’s a fantastic end to a shitty day I’ve had at my new job πŸ™‚ So many fantastic entries, I agree. Thanks for inspiring us all!

  9. Congratulations to all the winners. I am so glad a dog featured in the winning entry!!! LOVED Anji’s dog (Uma)!

    DG – thanks for running this great competition. I think we all agree the fun was in the taking part, however rushed that may have been!!

    Happy blogging and snapping, everyone.

    Mrs Lxxxx

  10. YAY! I’m a winner too! Congrats to all of the winners. DG – thanks so much for the contest, I can’t wait to curl up in a nice chair with your book! I loved your comments on my photos too – and the Ghiradelli Sundae thing was a little spooky. πŸ™‚

  11. Congrats to Anji! I loved your photos. All so adoreable and funny! But I have to admit I am so sad! (but not surprised) that I didn’t get an entry in before the deadline! Ugh! will I ever be anything other than a chronic procrastinator??? Er, um… anyway, Congratulations Everyone!

  12. Ooh! Sara won a book! I’m almost as excited as if I’d won it. Almost.

    Nice work, Shauna – you did have a tough job to do! Now I’ll just have to wait for old Amazon to ship my copy. *checks the calendar*

  13. Hey DG,

    Awesome contest. Wish I had had my camera this week to enter (DH took it to work on the road).

    Sorry to hear about your rough week. I hope it is getting better as the weekend approaches. I share your desire to know what the hell to do when stressed and food is the path of least resistance. Props to you for buying the magazine instead. I have literally stood in line at the grocery store feeling like I have an angel on one shoulder telling me I don’t need the chocolate, while the devil on the other shoulder says “buy it, you can just have a little” (knowing full well I would consume the family size bag in milliseconds). Its a good thing these conversations are only going on inside my head, or else I might be committed! (Which would be bad for my career as a psychologist I think!)

    Anyway, that was long and blathering… Have a great weekend!!!

  14. Also sorry to hear about your tough time this week. Sending waves of sympathy over the water.

    I tend to buy Topshop socks when I’m stressed, but I can see that only works if you work near Topshop. And there are only so many socks a person needs…

  15. what fantastic entries you got, i only read about it an hour after it closed! shame, but having a good chuckle over the ones people put in…
    full of inspiration you are in more than one way!
    have a fantastic christmas (it’s going to be a white one!)

  16. Congrats to everyone who won. I was one entry shy of winning. πŸ™ It was fun to look at everyones!

    Oh how I love how the gym can make one feel better. It can be such a ego boost too.

  17. Shucks! I didn’t win. It was fun nonetheless. Anji’s entry WAS pretty hilarious. Congratulations!

    I know what you mean about stress and the knee-jerk to grab something chocolate-ly. I am also looking for some way to deal with it. Eating really is convenient, although buying a magazine (however shimmy) was a good move. Good for you!

  18. So I’m really late to the party, and don’t have anything sensible to say about the contest.

    But what an awesome blog! Can’t wait to read your book. And yeah, exercising to ass-kicking music is the best anti-stress anti-depressant remedy there is. Just wish it sounded more appealing! I always have to force myself but I never regret it.

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