Dietgirl Extract in the Mail on Sunday

You can read an extract of Dietgirl in today's issue of You magazine, the Mail on Sunday's glossy supplement. It features the memorable headline, "The sight of my monster pants made me realise I had to lose weight".

Gareth and I went up the high street this morning for milk and bread and I tried to "forget" to buy the Mail on Sunday but Gareth wasn't having any of that. There is nothing more terrifying than the Moment of Newspaper Purchase when you know your gurning gob is going to be inside. What's the picture going to look like? Was I having a good hair day? Was I having a good flab day?

The photos were taken way back in November so the suspense had been building for some time. They're nae bad; but I do look a wee bit scared and stunned. The backdrop for the photo is my friend Vicki's living room wall, recently painted in Magnolia. My flat just ain't photogenic so Vicki kindly allowed me to borrow her "studio" around the corner!

» Click here to read the extract in You magazine.


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