Dietgirl’s Amazing Scavenger Hunt

Greetings, good people of fatblogland! Do you like free stuff? Here is a chance to win a spankin' new copy of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl!

I've been busting to hold a contest just for Dietgirl readers and the good folks at Transworld have kindly provided me with ten copies to give away. Nine winners will be randomly drawn, but one special winner shall receive a book plus a bonus GRAND (reasonably) (allegedly) (depending on your level of expectation) PRIZE!

The contest consists of a photo Scavenger Hunt. To enter, all you need to do is find seven items related to the book, from a list provided. Unlike traditional scavenger hunts, you don't need to get your hands dirty – simply take a photo of each item.


This contest is open to all Dietgirl readers from all lands! I will personally post the prizes anywhere. To enter, you will need some sort of photo-taking device, a blog and some imagination!


  1. Hunt down and take a photograph of each item on the list below
  2. Post your photographs into a new entry on your blog. Here's the link for this here contest page. If you don't have a blog, you could always post your photos to a free photo service like Flickr.
  3. Pimp your entry! Post a comment below with a link to your contest entry, so I can find it and everyone else can have a good stickybeak.


  1. A bicycle
  2. A bald man
  3. Elvis
  4. Greek yogurt
  5. A wedding dress
  6. The letter D
  7. The letter G

Now you don't have to be LITERAL here. Obviously some things are harder to find than others. If you can't find something on the list, go crazy and snap a pic of something that vaguely represents it. Just have fun with it, it's not meant to be serious. Creativity and silliness are encouraged!


There are ten (10) copies of the book to give away. I can sign them if the winners so desire, but if you want to flog it on eBay later, bear in mind you might get more if it's unblemished! Ha ha ha.

Nine (9) winners will be drawn at random from a list of all eligible entries, so don't panic if you think you're rubbish at taking photos.

One (1) special entry – the one that the panel (that's me) deems to be the most creative and entertaining – shall scoop the GRAND PRIZE!

The "Grand" Prize consists of:

  • a copy of the book
  • a very special "Sympathy for the Dietgirl" Kit.

The Kit, donated by yours truly, contains seven things that I've been obsessed with over the duration of this Lard Busting Adventure. The idea is that consuming these items with wild abandon while reading the book may enhance your understanding of the character. Really get inside her head, in case the words aren't enough! It's like Method Reading. Or Being John Malkovich, without the critical acclaim.

Note: Doubling your body weight is optional for the Dietgirl experience.

  1. A Moleskine 2008 diary – for obsessive planning and list-making
  2. A bag of Percy Pigs – for scoffing in an anxious trance
  3. A resistance band – for resistance training in a pinch
  4. A tasty selection of Green and Blacks chocolates – for obsessive stuffing into one's face
  5. A box of posh herbal tea – for your latest half-hearted attempt to cut back on caffeine
  6. A rockin' mix CD of workout tunes – for your latest half-hearted attempt at AM exercise
  7. A British Freddo Frog – somewhat inferior to their Australian cousins, but nevertheless were the Chocolate Ration of Choice during the writing of the book


The contest closes at 6PM GMT on Wednesday 12th December (That's 1PM in New York, and 5AM Thursday 12th in Sydney). Winners will be announced the next day and I will post out the prizes as soon as I receive the winners addresses.


The success of the Amazing Scavenger Hunt depends, of course, on there actually BEING ten entries so there can be ten winners. If there's only two entries then the winners will receive five copies each – more eBay fodder for you, or something to pap off to that crusty Aunty for her Christmas gift. If nobody enters at all, I will crawl under a rock and wallow in humiliation forever. On a cosy bed of Dietgirl books, of course.

69 thoughts on “Dietgirl’s Amazing Scavenger Hunt

  1. Is Greek yogurt like the sauce you dip gyros in? I could be convinced to go get a gyros in order to take a picture. I mean I would have to, right? haha… but seriously, what is Greek yogurt?

  2. RG you are a creative genius!

    Well done Tigerlilly!

    Dawn – greek yogurt is a nice thick yogurt that comes from greece, available in most supermarkets. but you could always stick a pot of normal yogurt next to a map of Greece and i can do the math… hehehe

  3. WOOHOO! these entries are sooo rockin. well done, guys! i just edited your links to make ’em bold and clickable…

  4. omg, this day is just getting better, I am not going to be as quick as some, but I will definitely get in before the deadline! I’m so excited!

  5. i don’t have a camera. humph.

    oh well – good luck everyone else – i’m dying to see your pics!

  6. Hey cedar – don’t worry if you don’t have a camera, just copy some pics of the internet that are appropriate! I’m sure DG will understand.

  7. Cedar, you didn’t leave an email so I could get in touch, but feel free to be creative if you don’t have a camera, as Lynda suggested 🙂

  8. here’s a link to my pictures. I would love to win a copy of your book since I have no idea when it will finally be available in the USA. I love your site! I just found it a few months ago and I have been reading archives (while working!) ever since. I’m finally to 2007!! You’re amazing!

  9. I already have the Moleskin 2008 diary!

    I’ve already pre-ordered the book on Amazon so I’ll give the scavenger hunt a miss – but good luck!

  10. My hubby elvis said he wants a cut of the prize if I win — the food portion of it! hahaha…. Canine elvis would have no problems scoffing down any goodies either. She’s got a sweet tooth, just like her mama AND the real elvis! Let’s hope she passes on his drug addiction though and takes the bright path!

  11. by the way, I worked hard on that photowork… and I’ve never had a freddo frog, nor a moleskin journal… Sigh. Ha ha.

  12. I’m not usually one to play games, or enter contests, or comment on blogs, but this scavenger hunt was too tempting to be resisted.

    In 1 week + 1 day I’m moving from my funky penthouse apartment of 10 years to a funky little cottage in the country. While I’m really excited to be moving to the country, there are a bunch of city things I’m going to miss. So, I decided to take scavenger hunt photos just in and around my neighbourhood, to remind me of all the wonderful things I used to do (like walking to the corner store – that won’t be happening in our little country cottage).

    Here’s the set:

  13. I figured out how to attach the link . . . I promise this is my last time sending it through, LOL. Please don’t disqualify me for this, Diet Girl!!! I’m soooooooo sorry. Enjoy . . .
    My Entry

  14. Oh, alas… so many talented people and I rushed in with my entry. Story of my life… sob, sob…

    Seriously though, how amazing are some of these entries? Talk about thinking outside of the square 🙂

  15. Sorry, that was such a short comment but I had to rush out AND meet the deadline. Thanks for running a fabulous competition that got us thinking and looking.


  16. ack! One or two of the links didn’t work… are you going to be able to put together a page with everyone’s URLs? That’d be groovy.

  17. Sorry about any broken links folks, have been bolding everyone’s links at night but may have screwed up a few, try copying the text itself and pasting but will try and fix up at home. sorry for sloppiness, am so busy at mo i think my head is going to explode xx

  18. I missed it, I know, because I didn’t remember the 6pm thing and just thought, just now, going to bed, “oh GOOD, I still have time”, and scampered round the house in my nightie taking photos.

    I’ve posted it anyway, and don’t worry, I know I’m disqualified, but it was too fun not to!

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