Minty Fresh

Hello groovers. Did you enjoy your festivities? Are you throwing rocks at your telly at all those Slim Fast commercials?

You know those dreams where you go to school in your pyjamas? That happened to me tonight fer real except it was at kickboxing. That’s what you get for packing your gym bag in the dark. Luckily it was only PJ bottoms, navy blue. But they were too tight and the navy blue t-shirt I’d packed was too short so I looked like a navy blue Tellytubby.

It was a mixed ability class tonight, due to a revised Christmas schedule. And whaddya know, I was the sole representative from the Beginners group. All the rest were Advanced, in their matching official Team Scary satin trousers that they wear when they officially clobber people for trophies.

I nearly ran out the door but I’d paid my 3 quid and didn’t want them to think I was a wimp. Because I’m sure they wouldn’t have figured that out from the way I wobbled with fear and cocked up every move. The indignity of it all. I don’t mind looking stupid in the beginners class, in fact I quite enjoy it. But in front of those feisty scrapping machines was something else altogether. Confidence is entirely contextual, you see; it’s no fun when you can’t share around the ineptitude!

. . .

It’s good to be back in the saddle after Christmas. It was a low key couple of days, and I frolicked in the strange and delicious sensation of not being stressed about whether I was eating too much and if my world would collapse if I ate a dozen After Eight mints. World still seems to be intact and breath is minty fresh!

Gareth the Wholesome went cycling on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve, too. Rhiannon and I sat on the couch a lot, chatting and making plans and setting goals for fancy new exercise regimes and schedules but the closest we got to actual exercise was walking to the shops to buy pedometers then giving up when we saw the queues, so we went back home and resumed our perch.

. . .

Have any of you Scavenger Hunt winners received the goods yet? I sent the Mothership a copy of DG on Friday (December 21), and would you believe she got it yesterday? Five days to Australia, with Christmas and everything!

Mary, my Mothership-in-law, phoned tonight to say she’s about 100 pages in. My guts are churning thinking of all the upcoming swear words and the boom-chicka-wow-wow bits involving her son. Why did this not occur to me before? That people might read it and not just shove it on the shelf between a crumbly pair of Agatha Christies?

Also, many of my kindly work colleagues have copies. So instead of being That Chick That Swears At Her Computer, I will soon be… That Chick Of Whom We Know Far Too Much Information.

But it’s exciting, comrades! I had the first official sighting on December 23, nine days early at our local WH Smith. Then yesterday I saw a dude unpacking copies at Waterstones in Edinburgh, and Rhiannon and I jumped up and down discreetly.

Here it is at WH Smith, snuggled up next to Gordon Ramsay. Woohoo!

True Stories

49 thoughts on “Minty Fresh

  1. Haha that reminds me of when Fred Anderson’s book came out and his family and everyone was reading it… and he talks about how the weight loss increased the size of his youknowwhat. TMI for the MIL haha

    I can’t wait to read it!!

  2. how exciting is that seeing your very own book in a bookshop for the very first time!
    next you;ll be sitting on the bus across from someone reading it..
    that’s fantastic, you must be tickled pink!

  3. Yay, much excitement!

    Apparently Amazon despatched my copy last week. Which of course means that I’ve been casually hanging out at the letterbox a lot. The postie gets this kind of terrified look on his face when he sees me waiting…..

  4. The best pedometer is the Omron walking style II available through Amazon. It’s pricey at around Β£20 but far superior to cheaper ones. Good luck with 2008. I might hit the shops today and will look out for The Book!

  5. Hi Shauna, Scavenger Hunt winner here but book hasn’t arrived just yet. I think your mum’s copy must have been turbo charged πŸ™‚ I’m sure they won’t be far off. Congratulations on spotting your book out and about, must be totally exciting πŸ™‚

  6. I am really looking forward to getting my own copy of DG when it hits the stands in Australia.

    I can imagine that it must be slightly horrifying to have some friends, family and colleagues reading your book. It is my worst nightmare to have anyone I know discover my blog! I have been reading your blog since the start though and I can assure you that you have nothing to be embarrassed of! πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year!

  7. PQ – It was, amazingly, like that already! But had it not been, I would have been tempted to turn it out. I’d never really pondered before just how many bloody books are in a shop… HOW do you get someone to pick up yours from the crowd? Without begging or bribery?

    I went back yesterday to check and there was one less copy. Maybe someone bought one, but maybe a baby projectile vomited on it or something. Mwahhaaha.

    Nelly – thanks for that, I will have to hunt it down!

    Alynda – hope you are having a rockin time in London πŸ™‚

    Cheers everyone!

  8. It is available for pre-order (avail. Jan 1) in Canada on I’ll be checking my local bookstore in the new Year to see if paper copies are on the shelves!

    Way to go Shauna!

  9. It’s so exciting to see your book in the shelves there! I have to go to Waterstones here in Amsterdam and see if it’s in πŸ™‚

  10. OOh, how exciting. I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to get my copy, which you know I pre-ordered a million years ago πŸ™‚

  11. oh Wow – mine is en route from Waterstones – but today at lunch time I wandered into WH Smith just to hold it in my hands, I also had a sneaky peak at the photographs – amazing – I know I’ve saw most of them on here! I had an desire to hold the book up in the air and shout “Everyone buy this book NOW”… but there was ONLY ONE! I placed it down neatly and left… I should have my book by Monday latest (or the post man gets it! – a thumping that is!) x

  12. Never mind sharing a shelf with Gordon – you’re there with Jordan and Suzi Quattro too!!! Obviously, you have written a celeb biography – and here we all thought it was a wee memoir which might be found in the diet section of Waterstones – Nope – you are obviously a celeb – revel in it…

  13. When oh when will they release your book in the U.S.? I so really want to read it. I hope it’s a smashing success and there are plans to send it to us Yanks soon.

  14. How bloody exciting Shauna! I cant even imagine how you must be feeling inside! I cant wait to get my hands on a copy… I will actually know someone famous then! hehehehehehehehehe πŸ™‚ I can just imagine how many peoples lives you will change after they read your book! Go DG!

  15. I’m too disorganised to order one from Amazon but was planning to send the hired help to buy one from a shop. But they’re already in Waterston’s? I’ll send him tomorrow.

    By the way, that lady climbing the stairs looks just like me. Spooky…

  16. I got mine today! It arrived in a little shoe box that I eagerly torn. My brother made a smart-ass remark that it was even BETTER than Christmas (which it was!)……

    I loved the little Dietgirl figurine in the corner which morphs… TOO cool, who thought up that?

    Will start reading it tonight πŸ™‚

    So, how many days from Scotland to here? (It probably arrived yesterday but I just got my lazy ass to the postoffice today…)

  17. Anji, I sent it on Dec 14, so two weeks to Canada! And I love the cartoon in the corner too, it’s a nice touch πŸ™‚

    Annee – COOL! I keep going back to WH Smith at lunchtime, making sure it’s still there and I haven’t dreamed this whole thing!

    Hello Americans! You can order from Amazon UK, they ship to the States…

  18. Mine is on order but I don’t have it yetand I can hardly wait. It must be so cool to see your book – YOUR BOOK!! – in a real shop!

  19. My copy, so I’m told by my computer, is on it’s way to the sunny, rural, Mid North Coast of NSW. I can’t wait.

    How exciting for you Shauna! Your life just keeps getting better and better and all because you lost a few pesky kg’s πŸ™‚ Wonder what’s around the corner for you in 2008?

  20. Oooh and look what I found in the archives

    “Then I look in the mirror. I hate what I see. I feel the discontent crawl up and gnaw at my insides. Then I wonder if I can pull off some sort of beautiful transformation of my life. Then I stop and wonder if I am expecting too much of myself, if this is all I deserve, if this is all I am capable of. That endless little war inside your brain, Reach For The Stars Shauny versus Reach For The Remote Shauny, is an exhausting battle.just now.”

    Well you showed her what you were made of didn’t you. A beautiful transformation has happened and look at the rewards you are getting for all your hard work.

  21. Think about how much better a person you are now for having gone out there in your pajamas like that and done it though. Other embarrassing moments are going to seem to much smaller for you now.

  22. Woohoo! The book is in real shops!

    As for the MIL, surely she can only agree with your excellent taste in picking her boy? As I recall, you’ve only ever described him in the most glowing terms…

    Do those Advanced Kickboxing people really wear satin trousers, or was that poetic licence? (I’ve never actually taken my PJs to the gym by mistake, but it’s the sort of thing I would do.)

  23. Hey Shauna, I picked up your book in Borders at Edinburgh airport yesterday! im half way through and have found it really inspiring!

    with circa 3 stone to lose in time to be a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding in April (and feel glamerous and happy to pose for all those photos *cringe*)!! I find it such a relief not to be alone in the lard busting feat!

    congratulations and you look great!

    I also live in Dunfermline! i laughed out loud at your pic on Flikr entitled ‘Wildlife Fife’!

    Feel free to email me!

    Cheers, Yvonne

  24. Hello lovely DG

    Guess what? Have just seen you in you Magazine!!! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Of course, I shed a tear at the end of the article!

    Sadly, no sign of the book in my local store but my trip to London should sort me out!

    I’m now going to pimp your prose some more on the blog and forum!!!

    Big kiss and thank you for continuing to inspire. Massively!

    Mrs L xxxxxxxxxx

  25. SHAUNA! I have to admit, I’ve been out of the blog scene for a long time, so this is the first I’ve heard of your book. Congratulations – you deserve it! I’ve always loved your writing, and plan to follow along faithfully (especially since I see you were just in NYC and we didn’t meet)) xox (the artist formerly known as skinnykat)

  26. Yay! Good old Royal Mail delivered my copy of your book on Saturday – was the only thing worth getting out of bed for during my ‘sod-it, it’s Christmas’ week. Can’t wait to get stuck in πŸ™‚

  27. I got the copy a couple of days ago. I CANNOT put it down. (or I don’t WANT to put it down.) My motherly duties have forced me to sneak read as much as possible, between diapers and scoldings (ha ha). Currently on page 140. I am SO relating, and learning more about myself, too. THANK YOU THANK YOU. Especially love the fact that it’s signed. I felt so special… What a wonderful Christmas present! Love to you!

  28. page 259. I CANNOT take it! I really should sleep tonight, dg. But I cannae. (Is that the correct way to say that?)

  29. I’m another hunt winner from Canada – haven’t received my copy yet, but our rural post seems to be a bit slower than the city. Anji got hers on the 28th? Yay – mine must be just around the corner! πŸ™‚

  30. Congrats on the book out in all the shops!

    Not too surprising that your mum’s book arrived in in 5 days isn’t that unusual – my dad ordered a bagpipe chanter or something from Edinburgh, and it arrived in Perth (the Australian one…) in 3 days! …which begs the question as to why it takes WEEKS for Australia Post to get things to Perth from Sydney! The Royal Mail rocks!

    Thanks for all your inspirational writing – I’m looking forward to reading your book, too! πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

  31. I loved the book and was compelled to read it pretty much in one sitting – high praise indeed. A great read. Congratulations. I think it has to be onwards and upwards from now on!

  32. Hi DG
    I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the book at London Heathrow, at the T3 WH Smith, where they had it neatly displayed under in the “biography” section. The Borders shop in the same terminal had over a dozen copies prominently displayed as a “New & Notable” title πŸ™‚ I was so happy to see it in the shop and go for the instant gratification as opposed to waiting to find the book here in Canada. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring read… not to mention the added bonus of making my long trans-Atlantic flight seemingly fly by ! (a bad pun, yes, but still true!)

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