Rise and Shine

How did it get to be Annual Office Christmas Party Freak Out Day again so soon? [see 2005, 2006]

This is my fifth Scottish Christmas, and the first one I've not been working at the same place. I miss my old colleagues rather pathetically, but I think I'll have a good time with the new mob. They're all girls, so I might need to curb my swearing.

And behold – a Christmas miracle – for the first time ever, I've not spent this Night Before Party running up and down Princes Street in a frenzy, trying to find something to wear! This year I had actual options! Already there! In my wardrobe! With accessories!

So I've got some nice dark jeans from Topshop, that I laugh maniacally when I put on because I just can't believe I fit into them. And a nice slinky green top that my sister found for me and I immediately dismissed. "Can't wear that! It's satiny! It's shiny! That neckline will make me look boxy!" but I tried it on and was proved wrong.

I still… STILL… after all this time, have all these notions of what I am allowed to wear, where I am permitted to shop; forbidden fabrics. I was always told if you lost a shitload of weight you would try on clothes in a frenzy, bursting into tears at your newfound svelteness. But I still break into a sweat at the sight of a coathanger.

. . .

I did an aerobics class at 6AM today. I should have noticed immediately that all was not right when I saw the pink dumbells. Then the instructor looked at me funny when I told her I couldn't start until I squooshed on some deoderant, because I'd just got out of bed and was worried I was whiffy. Then as we began some lunges, I realised I was wearing my pyjamas. Then there was a very elderly man in front of me, wearing a straw boater hat and using his cane as a support as he cranked out some surprisingly deep squats.

And then the alarm started shrieking, and I realised that I'd been attending the aerobics class OF DREAMLAND, and once again I'd hit snooze instead of vaulting out bed for morning exercise. Arrgh!

I did manage it on Monday though! An hour of yoga. I was going to do weights but my stomach was just not up to it. I don't mind morning cardio but weights is just something I prefer when the sun goes down. The yoga was bloody awful! My body creaked and whined through the whole program, but that may have more to do with lack of recent yoga than the morning thing. Mary told me to give a proper go for a month, so I will, because it was nice to feel smug all day long.

. . .

You people are a hoot! I'm loving these Scavenger Hunt entries… I bow down to your hilariousness and creativity. There have been some brilliant interpretations of Elvis – canine and supine. And an edible bald man. And plain yogurt + toga = Greek Yogurt! See, you don't need to scavenge the real thing… imagination rules! You don't even need a camera, as illustrated by Donna. I'm not the bossy type, I promise πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. Hey Dietgirl, isn’t it time you updated your progress pics? You must look different now.

  2. howdy katiehope! my weights been stable for over a year now so there’s not really anything to report! there’s pictures scattered through my entries and on flickr if anyone gets curious πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for your comment luvy, made me all warm and fuzzy and feel like maybe it IS possible to lose 1 more size in the next 13 days after all πŸ˜‰ here’s to dreaming big right lol except when it’s about aerobics! holy weird dream! i bet you look fantastic in the shiny fun green top

  4. “It was nice to feel smug all day long” . . . bwahahahah, you totally cracked me up. Thanks for that! Seriously. I would totally feel the same way. Hee.

  5. Love the idea of the scavenger hunt – don’t think I’m going to find the time to get my act together and do it but am loving everyone elses plus I have already pre ordered my copy of the book. Just under 3 weeks till I arrive back in BS (Bonnie Scotland). Will be in touch.

  6. Hey DG, I have done it! I’m not sure if my entry counts ‘officially’ because I used two pics that I’d taken previously, but they were too fun not to use. I was inspired by the tin that holds my pens and rulers… yes, really.

  7. Hello… one way or another I had managed to ‘stumble’ across your site… I am an USA dwelling Aussie… though what caught my eye was your name… Shauna… my hubby and I are in the middle of adopting from China and our daughter’s name is going to be Shauna… though never seen it spelt the same before… nothing exciting… I see you lost tons of weight. I need to do that bad… been talking about it but that is all… need to pull the finger out… take care

  8. You will look stunning in a green top, please please post a photo of that!!

    I have been with you along the way and I have seen how much you struggle with the coathanger. You just can’t accept that you DESERVE to be in a normal sized shop. You need to allow yourself to view yourself as others do. On the flipside, I know what it is like to get those disapproving stares as you enter a shop and one never really gets over that. It will happen one day when you least expect it.

  9. Bwahaha…yep, gotta give anything a go for a month right! We didn’t lose our weight in anything under πŸ™‚

    Yoga is a bit tricky first thing in the morning because your body is still stiff. Don’t forget to start with some cow/cat poses and stretch out first. I also lay back in Supta Baddha Konasana for about 5-10 mins before getting into Sun Salutations which helps open up my hips.

    LOL and know that smug feeling πŸ™‚

    For some reason, I only like doing weights in the evening too. I wonder why??

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