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I realised tonight that instead of frantically answering emails about book availability, the intelligent and efficient thing to do would be to stop being vague and just plonk the information down properly. I can hear the voice of the Mothership, Use your brain!

Sooo… Amazon UK shoppers – we’re back in stock. Woohoo!

Personally I like booksellers with funny names, such as:

I’ve also been asked if the book is coming out in America. The publishing industry is a complicated beast that makes my head throb with confusion, so I hope this makes sense. My deal with Transworld was for the UK. Copies have been exported to other interested lands, but America is a separate beast. You have to persuade an American publisher to buy the rights to bring it out there. DG rights are with HarperCollins, who will publish in Spring 2009.

(A German translation is also due to come out next year – I can’t wait to see what they do with all the arse and wee and lard busting!)

For now, the UK version seems to be flapping it’s flabby arms and flying all over the place. I’ve heard from Americans who’ve successfully ordered from Waterstones or Amazon UK or Canada. Folks from other far-flung lands say they’ve found it in native online stores, so I went on a Google hunt myself:

(Dr G interrupts: "HEY! You should call this post… BIG in Japan! Ha haaaa!")

My high school Japanese is so shite that all I can tell you from that link is that the book is published in pee-paa-bakku  Paperback format. But good ol Rebekah C (formerly of my hometown and now of Tokyo) managed to order it. Arigatoo, Rebekah-san!

If I’ve missed anyone’s question please leave a comment and I’ll get it sorted!

Photo du jour: Lucinda and her sexy glasses and that pesky book.

9 thoughts on “Dietgirl in America

  1. I am in the US and did order it from Amazon Canada. However, they say it won’t ship until March 25th! Don’t know if I can wait that long!

  2. Stupid American publishers! Dammit! I want to be able to go to a bookstore and say loud things like oh what a great book and how I know the author. WAAANT.

    ::waves at Dr. G::

  3. Hi DG

    Finally managed to get my paws on a copy or two of your book in the Home Counties. Ha! Did you know that Waterstone’s are putting you in the BIOGRAPHY section? I know your photo and post of last month had you next to Gordon Ramsay. So…just in case anyone else was looking for you in the shhhh diet section, they may not find you.

    Anyway, I am just so thrilled to have a copy in my hands!

    Mrs Lard xxx

  4. Shauna, I’ve never commented on your blog before but have read every single entry (some more than once) and have been entertained by all of them.

    I’m an editor in the U.S. (who is not pimping my publication, I promise – I read your caveat) and I love that you write so well about a topic that is such a difficult issue for me. I just wanted to say that after eons (ok, days) balking at paying international shipping costs, I just ordered your book, and I can’t wait for Amazon Canada to get it back in stock.

    Congrats on your first book, your amazing weight loss, your blog, your marriage, and whatever else you’ve accomplished that I haven’t congratulated you on.


  5. I’m in the good ole USA, and ordered the book from Amazon UK…crazy exchange rate and shipping…but SO TOTALLY WORTH IT! It arrived yesterday, and I spent all evening curled up with it. I love that it’s not just a reprint of the DG website, but has backstory to posts that I remember reading, all put into such a comfortable conversational style. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there, Shauna!

  6. Found it in Billings Montana…USA….would you believe Barnes and Noble. Loved the book. I can relate to much written. Go Girl…I admire you.

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