Dip Dip

I have a burning ambition to do a tricep push up. Also known as a close-grip push up and probably seventy five other names, but it’s the one that looks like this.

I cannot do ’em for the life of me – I barely manage a standard push up! For years I’ve jealously watched people churn them out at Body Pump classes while I slumped on my mat. There is a strange beauty in that neat up and down action… it’s like the human equivalent of a collapsing ironing board!


I figure this time last year I couldn’t do tricep dips and now I finally can, so maybe in another years time I can do the pushup. At this rate I reckon could work up to a pullup in approximately 75 years!

28 thoughts on “Dip Dip

  1. Tricep pushups? I HATE those! They are serious torture. Nasty, nasty things.

    MY burning ambition is to do a one-arm pushup, like Demi Moore in GI Jane. Just one would satisfy me.


  2. hey, I’ve been out book spotting too, you’ve definitely hit Australia, you’re everywhere you’re everywhere! Cant get more excited than that can you now… Diet girl takes over the world!
    I did make sure i told everyone in the vacinity that they should buy it too! :O)

    as for the tricep push up have you tried starting with the really girly ones and slowly getting closer and closer to doing them proper, they are buggers, but after all the things you’ve done i cant see and evil tricep push up getting past ya!

    you’re awesome!

  3. “Hey Sharna great burk.” Well that’s how it sounded to me anyway.

    Great interview. You’ve morphed into a celebrity my friend. πŸ™‚ NJ xx

  4. Kek – I know! But i think i want to do one BECAUSE theyre so awful! Hehe.

    Ali – I can’t even do the girly ones! I just have so much trouble getting my arms to bend like that. it was the same with tricep dips for a long time.

    And bless you and your book spottin, too…

    Kelli – thank you for de-lurking! KMART! I forgot about KMart. Do they still do those boxes of really yummy chocolate chip bikkies? And 20% Off All Socks And Undies now and then? πŸ™‚

  5. I got Who magazine delivered today and there you were!!! I was so excited, it was a huge article.

  6. Ouch!
    At circuits today, at the point where I normally do some press ups, I thought, “hey, I’ll try those Shauna thingummies!”
    Jeeezus. I nearly collapsed and broke my nose! How can it make so much difference, just moving your hands in? The body is a strange thing. Well, mine is!
    My arms are all wobbly now.
    And now Kek’s put this mad one armed idea into my head…. help!

  7. Nice interview. You have a lovely voice!

    Still loving your book. You and Gareth just got married in Vegas….What a fun story. It’s a fabulous read. I’ll review it on Amazon and on my blog once I’m done. Not like you need the promotion though! You’re doing so great.

  8. I bought AADG after work yesterday and read it at one sitting. I have read every word you’ve written on both your sites and the book was another revelation and inspiration. Thank you for your wit and wisdom and authenticity. It’s thanks to you I’ll be avoiding the Easter Egg aisle when I go shopping today (curse those Red Tulip eggs which tempt me despite the 38 degree heat). DG, you’re my hero.

  9. you don’t have double jointed elbows do you?

    bizarre… maybe i’ll have to make that my mission once i get back to the uk next week, to get a tricep push up out of you… it could become my life ambition by the sounds of it…

    plus you have to sign my book you know before you get too busy and famous!

  10. Does it make a difference having double-jointed elbows, then? I spy a perfect excuse for why I can’t do pushups either…

    As for pullups – have you tried an assisted pullup machine? I used to use one at the gym, and while I never got near doing one unweighted, I did manage to lift more and more of my bodyweight as time went on. So it might not take quite as long as you suggest!

  11. Hey there Shauna,
    Loving all the book publicity and your growing fame. We are all so proud of you. I hope the book sales are going well. Did you mean to get rid of the link to What’s New Pussycat?

  12. Hey there Shauna,
    Loving all the book publicity and your growing fame. We are all so proud of you. I hope the book sales are going well. Did you mean to get rid of the link to What’s New Pussycat?

  13. Guess what DG????

    I just bought your book!!! ARGH! Saw it in K-mart whilst shopping with my boy and I just grabbed it off the shelf and jumped up and down! I’m so excited for you, I feel almost as if I helped in it’s creation or something by reading your blog! LOL

    No, seriously – the credit is all yours! Congratulations!

  14. Yes, well, they’re all so right and I have nothing more to add except a lot of exclamation marks (you’re getting so famous!!! well done!!!) and I love that simile about ironing boards.

  15. I’ve been lurking your blog for the longest time and oddly found tricep dips to be the topic that causes me to comment. These are lethal! I can’t even imagine how difficult a tricep pushup is if it’s worse than a tricep dip. Good luck!

  16. you motivate and inspired me to blog publicly (Ive been at it for years and locked everyone out :)).

    todays my first day—here’s hoping I have YOUR staying power.


  17. Finishing the book calls for me to delurk for the second time ever, and I just wanted to say congrats on a job very well done, Shauna! I loved it and can even see re-reading it. For those of us who have read your blog through-and-through, it was still a great read.

    Also, I enjoyed listening to your interview. It was a kick putting an actual voice to a written voice. But somehow I was still surprised by the Australian accent! Being American, I somehow intuitively think that everyone who is a native English speaker has an American accent! So glad that’s not true, since guys with British/Aussie/Scottish accents are so cute!

    Way to go!


  18. Shauna – I just read about your Elle adventure!! (I’m behind the times, I realize)

    What a beautiful article.. gorgeous photos… gave me a tear or two!

  19. Hey Shaunie! you’re in my Who mag. All sprawled over 3 pages. I was shocked and stunned and very excited to find you there. Right in the middle of Aussie Biggest Loser weigh ins too! I was multitasking.

    I must say your OH is very tasty even stuck inside one leg of the giant pants.

    Great story, dg.

  20. Hi
    If you are having problems with push ups the best weight to build up to proper ones are to do push ups with your knees on the ground.Keep doing these and adding to them,once you can manage 20 or so then a normal push up will be no problem.Follow the same method on normal push ups and then that will lead to the tricep push up.
    Good Luck

  21. hey there,

    I do a monday facetime video post and the triceps are coming up if you have a moment to swing by.

    tomorrow? basic YOU GOTTA WEIGHT TRAIN nudging.

    last week? abs.

    next week TRIs.


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