Every Body Needs Somebody

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady in possession of a few unwanted pounds must be in want of a buddy.

Well, it is true in the case of lovely Piabella of The Belly Experience. She wrote recently:

"I need a buddy. Someone to encourage me and keep me going and let me bitch to them about the bad times and celebrate the good times, and I could do the same for them."

How does one find a lard-busting companion?  We have blogs and online forums, but a one-on-one comrade can be invaluable. Someone to check in with over a morning email. Someone to yap to about the nitty gritty of your lunch, your exercise plans, your urge to bury your head in a bag of Doritos. This kind of everyday communication is great for accountability, ideas and a mutal cheer squad!

Yet it can be hard to find such a person in the Offline World – not everyone knows someone who can truly relate to their plight. What we really need is a Match.com for lard-busting. Like romance and dating, we all have a vaguely common goal – instead of Getting Laid, it’s Getting Healthy.

But while we’re all in the same general lardy boat, different people are looking for different things in their companion, depending on where they’re at in the process. For example, this might have been my Personal ad in 2001:


But now it would be more like:


Which brings me back to our Piabelly. Could you be her perfect email buddy?

Piabella is 28 years old and lives in Australia. She would like to lose around 30 kilos (66lb). She is currently trying for a baby. She is moving to New Zealand soon. She is not fussy about where her buddy comes from, the magic of email means we can be flexible. She writes a cracking blog and has recently joined a gym. Here’s a wee bit from our chat:

"I guess what I’m looking for is someone who has just started a weight loss thing, cos then they’ll be in a similar boat to me, someone who wants a bit of encouragement and is willing to give a bit back, willing to rant about food and exercise and listen to rants, and listen to me talk about how proud I am that I’ve managed to drink more than one 600ml bottle of water in a day. They can also brag about their water drinking capabilities if they wish!"

Does this sound like you? Do you need a buddy? Be bold and brave and drop our lady a line – piabelly at gmail.com!

21 thoughts on “Every Body Needs Somebody

  1. I have plenty of buddies but find that you are so correct in saying that they need to be “your” match. I think I need like a sponsor, someone who has been there before, been through the ups and downs, can talk you through the rough patches. Sort of like an AA sponsor.

    Shame PiaBelly, I’m moving frm NZ to Australia!!

  2. I’m finding this diet-buddy match-making effort to be really . . . genuinely sweet :). Maybe this diet-buddy-search-visualized-as-match.com concept really could take off as its own enterprise! Lots of lonely buddyless dieters out there are looking for that special someone . . . Reminds me of when I had eight international pen pals when I was about 11 years old. Only now, one would probably suffice!

  3. It’s great how you’re helping Piabella. There’s this weight loss site called Weight LossBuddy.com, which is like a weight loss buddy dating service. She may be interested that. It’s pretty good, and it’s free. I tried it for a bit, but it wasn’t for me. For one, my buddy liked to give me SPAM. For another, I just couldn’t commit and I felt doubly rotten when I let her down.

  4. That sounds exactly what I need too. I’m just starting out with the diet and fitness thing – not for the first time, it has to be said! The last time I found a buddy through an online slimming forum all she did was burble on about what her kids had been doing in school. For some reason, that didn’t really encourage me to keep off the Kit Kats!!

  5. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

    It’s a great idea and yes, we all need someone close at hand – not necessarily geographically – who just knows what we mean when we’re freaking out or on a high.

    When the pies are shouting, you need someone to say, I hear them, too!

    Hope Piabella finds her perfect accountability partner.

    Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. It’s here! Your book arrived last night. I was so excited. Shauna, it’s just beautiful. I’m only through the Intro part, where you are explaining your family history and what life was like as a little girl and in college, but I’m hooked and want to read more. I’m glad I know how it all turns out. I know you’ve gotten lots of praise already, but hey, one more YOU ROCK can’t hurt.

  7. Just finished your book. Absolutely, completely and utterly brilliant. Always remember what an incredible thing you’ve achieved, and how inspirational you clearly are to so very many people. Dietgirl rocks unto infinity!

  8. The buddy thing can be really difficult. I was doing it for a while with a NZ friend but it was at a time when she was doing really well and I was not. I was happy for her but she kind of got a bit superior about the whole thing – telling me how easy it was to lose weight! Not what I wanted to hear. We stopped talking for a while.

    In hindsight it would have been good if it was someone I didn’t know maybe and I might not have taken offence…

  9. I can understand the motivational thing, but wish it could be a real live person near me. I tried doing it with my sister in a different country. She’s now at goal weight and I’m 2kgs heavier than when we began! I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do Vampire Exercise for the past two weeks, and I’m yet to get any further than the snooze button… Anyone in Wimbledon? 🙂

  10. Yeah – when I had a pal near to home it helped but she didn’t have nearly as much to lose as me so we kind of fizzled out. Piabelly is right to try to find someone near to her in aspirations etc.

    I think me and Mrs L have got a good thing going!

    Lesley x

  11. Have a great time in Ireland, dear. I can’t wait to get over there and look around! Scotland, too. 🙂

    I’ve been a little slack lately… gah. IT’S THE NUTELLA.

  12. I love the paraphrase of Jane Austen at the beginning. Brilliant. Your book was, too — worth the exorbitant postage to get it from Amazon.ca!

  13. Well Shauna I had to comment, I finished reading your book this evening, fantastic, laughable moments and sad moments, an inspirational book for everyone trying to lose weight!

    I laughed at you enjoying the chocolate in Scandinavia, I live for Sweden and there chocolate and some of the weird names it has… and the contrast of the UK Viscount Biscuit over the Australian one. Some years back I bought somewhere in this town I live some TIM TAMS, they where adorable and I shot back for more but they where gone, I’ve never seen them since! (although a search on eBay just now tells me I could buy them again!)…

    The book was a fantastic read even more so since I am a keen traveller myself so it was kind of like reading a diet diary crossed with Bill Bryson!

    I am slogging down the gym now… 49lbs gone a long way to go but I am determined!


  14. I definitely recommend getting a real life lard-busting buddy. I actually met mine through WW meetings and stopped going to meetings so we could just go walking together instead. It worked. Maybe your mate could check out meetings in her local area, not necessarily WW meetings??

  15. A diet buddy is always a good idea, and I think what you’re doing is great.

    BTW, I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed, but for some reason, the link didn’t work………:(

  16. so curious how this all went as Im about to launch a USA fitness BodyBuddy @ MizFit.

    Id adore it to be international…

    Id also adore having someone I never see gently prod me to get my arse moving 🙂


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