Goals Goals Goals 2008

Righto. 2008 Goals! It’s been a little weird this year because losing weight is no longer the mission. So where do we go from here?


  1. I am done bloody done with obsessing about weight, eating and exercise.
  2. My flesh really needs to stay within the confines of my clothes, due to the financial/social implications of bursting out of them.
  3. Given my long and colourful relationship with food, a certain watchfulness is required!

Because it never ends. There’s never a moment when you lunge across the finish line and get a medal and a marching band plays a jaunty tune. But hopefully staying in my jeans won’t have to be a dull and dirty task. I struggled in the latter half of 2007 when life got ultra-stressful, but I’m slowly getting it together again. For the first time in living memory I got through Christmas without gaining weight. It was odd but pleasant to start the new year without the usual bloated panic.

So my goals this year revolve around exercise. When I do the exercise, I feel happy in my skin. If I feel happy in my skin, I don’t feel the desperate need to get lost in the biscuit tin. The goals incorporate a few things that really float my boat:

  1. Cardio with Pals – cardio basically bores the shit out of me so involving friends makes it a social appointment instead of a chore
  2. Physical and Mental Challenge – I feel wracked with Calvinist guilt if I rest on my laurels. I have to push on to new frontiers, especially frontiers that fill me with fear and dread… otherwise a piano will fall on my head for being idle and complacent!
  3. Structure and Purpose – I’ve never felt so healthy and positive as during my 5K training back in 2005. I liked the schedule, the challenge, the inching towards a goal. I ate healthily because it made me run better, not because I was freaking over the scales. I want that feeling back again!

So my exercise goals are:

  1. Keep on kickboxing – social and violent, how can you go wrong? I am determined to nail the spin kick without feeling the need to vomit.
  2. Lift weights twice a week – CONSISTENCY, dammit! I was so stop-start last year that my overall strength didn’t increase much. This year shall be different!
  3. Stretchy stuff once a week – in previous years I always vowed to do it twice or more but it never happened. Time to be realistic. So one yoga or pilates DVD or a class if feeling adventurous.

And the big ones… fun fun fun…

  1. Train for and complete the Edinburgh Moonwalk – a marathon-distance charity walk in June. Basically you start at midnight and pace 26.2 miles through the streets of Edinburgh in your bra (and shorts or trousers, naturally). Over ten thousand lassies doing it all for cancer research! We’ve got a wee team happening at work and I am dead excited – time for a new challenge. It will be long and tough but I will geek out with the training schedule!
  2. Do the Sea to Sea cycle route – this is a popular 140 mile jaunt right across the north of England — from Whitehaven on the Cumbrian coast to Tynemouth on the North Sea coast. Dr G did it last year and had a grand ol time, despite the big bad hill in the middle. I stupidly agreed to give it a crack in 2008. To be honest, I’m not sure about it at all. It’s a truly laughable idea right now. I’ll have some really bloody serious work to do, given my current Absolute Beginner status; the fear of going down hills and inability to pedal up them. Let alone cycling for a few days in a row. Hmmm. We’re planning our trip for early September. Hmm hmm hmm. But it’s ON THE LIST and out there baby, so I’ll give it a red hot go!

32 thoughts on “Goals Goals Goals 2008

  1. Good luck with your goals, DG! The Moonwalk event sounds particularly awesome. It kicks ass that you are focusing on the exercise aspect of fitness so as to reinforce positive feelings and avoid becoming a bread-weigher.

  2. Too exciting! Thanks for giving some motivation and fun to setting goals! I got lost in the biscuit tin, or um, cookie jar yesterday. I was so mad at myself! So, I will use your rhyme, “When I do the exercise, I feel happy in my skin. If I feel happy in my skin, I don’t feel the desperate need to get lost in the biscuit tin!” Ha ha ha ha.

  3. ‘Work in progress’. Never a truer word was spoken, dg.

    Good luck for 2008! I too want to increase my resistance workouts too and I intend to work on increasing the weight I use in Pump. Slowly onwards.

  4. Those goals sound great! I might look into doing a cycling jaunt myself… I got a snazzy new bike for Christmas and have been riding to and from work, but now might be the time to venture out to unfamiliar territory!

    I’m on the Borders bookstore mailing list, and every week they send out a e-newsletter and coupons, and YOUR BOOK was listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section last week!!!! Woo hoo!!!

  5. PS I’m tempted to try kickboxing now!!! There is a kind of scary looking little gym right near my house, and they have kickboxing classes there for women… I think a lot of ‘real fighters’ train there – ones that go out and do matches and stuff!!! So I’m a bit scared, but we’ll see…

  6. Ooooo WOOOT! Those goals sound like The Best Fun Ever! Enthusiasm, Fear and Tinniness (cos you’ve paid) are excellent motivators, much better than the lying bastard scales

  7. “But it’s ON THE LIST and out there baby, so I’ll give it a red hot go!”

    The Aussie in you shines out my dear! 🙂

    Is there an opportunity for sponsorship for the Moonwalk for those of us who are on the wrong side of the planet?

  8. Love ’em! Goals with a purpose, that’s what I like to see! 🙂

    I was a bit horrified by the “in your bra” statement, until I read it again and saw the Moonwalk is in June. Phew, I thought you were going to LITERALLY freeze your tits off in the cold, cold Edinburgh night air. Bwahaha! Hope you’re going to buy a fancy new bra specially for the occasion.

  9. Those are great goals! I love the last one. Cycling that route sounds AMAZING, as does kickboxing. I have always wanted to do kickboxing.

  10. Hi Shauna, Well I’m back in Oz and I’m so sorry but I just ran out of time and unfortunately didn’t get to meet up with either you or Lainey – but there’s always the next trip. I had a lovely wee surprise waiting for me – a copy of your book which I had ordered on UK Amazon a few months ago. I’ve done nothing else but sleep and read it since I got home yesterday. I don’t know how to express properly how much I enjoyed it without sounding like a gushing fountain – but you made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me sad for you and you made me so damn proud of you and I know you’ve now given hope to so many people in this world who struggle with weight, body image and self esteem. Special mentions to Rhi – we’re so lucky to have sisters, Dr G – he’s obviously a ‘a wee smasher’ and as a someone who’s probably around the same age as the Mothership I can ‘feel’ her pride and delight in a very special daughter. Thank you. Love Z xx

  11. Hiya, Greetings from Ireland! I read your book over the weekend, it was amazing and I couldn’t put it down. Congrats on an amazing achievement and thanks for some much needed inspiration….

  12. Oh, how very sensible you are. I, too, start out with big goals of yoga or weight training 3x/week, and if it doesn’t happen EXACTLY right, I feel like a total slacker.

    Thanks for another perspective. Seems to me your strength and stretching goals will go a long way toward preparing you for the bike trip. You’ll definitely rock the walk!

  13. On ya DG… that’s rigorous! Hey i’m on GMTV doing Inch Loss Island if you want to see me ‘doin it’.. That is, if the bl**dy weather ever allows a satellite uplink or whatever it is… and if you can stomach watching early morning telly!

  14. HUZZAH nothing like shifting focus from scale to fun action’y type stuff.. next thing you know you’ll be asked to do a support role with j.c. van damm mmmm YUM! so kick assss

  15. I’m impressed at your list of goals. You make me want to make one of my own! I always preach to my clients to have goals and to write them down, but boy, is it ever easier to give advice than to take it oneself! Is it a cop out to make my goal this week to make my very won Dietgirl-style list of goals for 2008? (And I’ve already written it down! Teehee!)

  16. I need make a list too…yours is great! I am uber impressed with the moonwalk. We have a “dead celebrity” marathon around Halloween where you get to where costumes…maybe I will do that! Are you still doing the Cathe weight lifting DVDs? I have been thinking of what I should do, those looked good…just wondering if you got tired of them? I tend to get very bored with DVDs:(

  17. Wow, I’m glad the cycle trip is on your list – you’ll love it. Bet you’re glad I won’t be about to nag you into training for it, though!
    And walking 26 miles, crumbs – it’s so far!!

  18. Hi Shauna – been lurking for a while (and just took delivery of my copy of the book). Your story really is inspirational.

    Just wanted to add my support for your Moonwalk training. I’m doing the London one this year for the fourth time, alas starting my training from scratch this year after a couple of years of seriously letting myself go… It’s a great goal though – and the night itself is awesome (remember that when you’re out pounding the pavements in the wet and cold!).

  19. You can do the cycle, no prob! I started last year completely sedentary, and in August I completed a 2-day, 150-mile bike ride for charity. Though training was sometimes a struggle, I never felt more strong or more proud when I finished, and I felt like I could turn my bike around and do the entire thing again.

    Go for it! It’ll be a great experience for you!

  20. Hi dietgirl

    I bought your book on a whim, and found it absolutely fantastic. I have recommended it to everyone I have spoken to, its not just a great story, it really is inspiring, and I wish you and Dr G a fantastic life together. Mind you, after 4 weddings youve obviously shown your commitment to each other. Thanks for a fantastic read and I hope that this doesn’t end up being the only book you write, your style and humanity shines through, so you owe it to everyone to get another one to the presses. Best Wishes and enjoy life. Paul.

  21. Great goals for a great 2008!!!!

    I am just really really grateful (though it was super painful to read) to you for the “Because it never ends” link. That was very timely.

    Big kiss.

    Mrs Lxxx

    PS did the Moonwalk if you want any tips; the last few miles are the hardest! Ha ha! But it is SOOOO worth it!

  22. The C2C isn’t a doddle but it’s doable. The last day of mine was the best days riding I’ve had in my life – fantastic. The day before was the worst though- the warnings about the big hills are right – it hurts, it even hurts walking up it.

  23. I’m halfway through your book and want to thank you for writing it! I’m old enough to be your grandmother, but am still battling with a lifetime of being seriously overweight and have never read anything so truthful before. I can identify with so many of the points you make and it’s a comfort to read something so frank. The book provides me with a sense of being in company and it might just help me get below the 100 kg mark at last (another 16 kg to go) and even stay there.
    Thanks again.


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