Knickers Save The Day

PantsA great story this week about the heroic potential of large undies:

"Jenny Marsey's size 18-20 cotton pants were a lifesaver when they were grabbed to cover a frying pan fire at her home in Meryl Gardens, Hartlepool, Teesside.

Her son and nephew were trying to fry some bread when the blaze broke out.

But the quick-thinking pair used the Marks & Spencer underwear from a pile of washing, doused them in water, and threw them over the fire."

It tickled me that the BBC reporter seemed awed by the scale of Jenny's drawers. You could have put out a burning truck with a pair of my old size 26's. But what I loved was how Jenny wasn't one bit ashamed or apologetic about the size of her gonks, she was just amused by the whole thing. I snaffled this bit from the radio:

It's been all about the knickers lately. The DG book was serialised in You, the Mail on Sunday's glossy mag, with the headline: The Sight of My Monster Pants Made Me Realise I Had To Lose Weight. Which is fair play since the book opens with mentions of my mega-kegs, but I hadn't cringed so much since the NET LOSS incident of 2005!

In other news:

Thanks to all you legends who kindly wrote, commented, blogged or reviewed on Amazon. I've been gobsmacked all week. It's quite difficult to capture people's attention when the shelves are heaving with Famous People's Miracle Diet Books so I'm slobberingly grateful for your word o' mouth goodness. It really does help spread the news. CHEERS!

Thanks also to those who told me the book is currently out of stock on Amazon's UK and Canada. There are lots of other places you can buy online in the UK, including Play and Waterstones who both have hefty discounts and free postage. I'm not sure about Canada but it will be back soon, comrades! And Aussies, Liz commented that you can pre-order with free postage from this site. Rawk!

(i hereby assure you that i've not disappeared up my own backside and the next post will not be so book-ish!)

37 thoughts on “Knickers Save The Day

  1. Knickers saves the day! Lucky they weren’t g strings or the whole house would have been up in smoke! hehehe. I ordered your book last week Shauna, it was finally available from the Dutch online book store… I cant wait until it drops through the letterbox! I am so excited for you… I can only imagine how you must be feeling! Enjoy it! πŸ™‚

  2. On the flipside, someone thought it would be a clever idea to throw their bra and knickers onto the hot stones in the sauna at my gym – it caused a fire alarm and an evacuation. Good lord!

    I’m too excited about the book – every day I get more and more fidgety about it πŸ˜€

  3. OMG that is amazing #1 diet book on Marie Claire!!! You are a legend but then, we’ve always known that! Congratulations.

  4. Well done, DG. You’re absolutely wonderful and totally deserve every bit of this!!!!

    I finished your book in less than 24 hours and it made me cry, it made me laugh, and all things in between.

    That Mail headline, while certainly cringesome, is quite brilliant in the attention grabbing stakes!!! Really, how many people get a tabloid headline in their lives??? If I was their sub, I would’ve upped the sensation and written “I HANG-GLIDED TO SCOTLAND FROM OZ ON MY ONCE-WERE MONSTER PANTS”.

    So count your lucky stars for that one … πŸ˜‰


  5. The Marie Claire thing is awesome! Thanks for the Australian ordering tip, I have pre-ordered. Woo!

  6. The fire-fighting knickers story even made it into the Oz papers last week. Well, the Odd Spot in The Age, anyway.

    #1 in Marie-Claire? Woot! Watch those sales take off now…

  7. I’m over here in the U.S., and I got fed up with the various Amazons so I just placed an order online with Waterstones (Play evidently doesn’t deliver to the U.S.). I’m crossing my fingers that they ship it to me sometime this month! The snippet printed in You has only made me more impatient. Congratulations on the success you’re experiencing, DG!

  8. You can also pre-order from with free postage for orders over $50.

    I was so proud when I saw it in last month’s issue of Women’s Health, you would have thought I’d written it myself *haha* This is just the best experience for you, and words cannot express how happy I am for you!

  9. Shauna, YOU WROTE A FREAKIN’ BOOK and IT GOT PUBLISHED and YOU ARE AWESOME. I think this officially entitles you do disappear up your own ass forever, like Ann Rice. ::covers in love::

    Oh, and we saw that story! Not only did it make the news here in the States, but it made the rotation of headlines on those little screens in our elevators at work! Hooray for knickers!

  10. Enjoy the success Shauna because you have worked hard for it. πŸ™‚

    Loved the snippet of news about the undies.

  11. Congratulations on getting #1 in the Marie Claire list! I’ll be getting my hands on it the moment it comes out in Sydders, can’t wait to read it. Reading your blog has been an absolute pleasure!

  12. Hi Shauna.I’m Johana from Malaysia.I’ve just bought your book on Friday night and finished reading it on Sunday night!I could not put it down.It was hillarious and one of those “real” book.Congratulations! You should be very proud of urself, coz I am very proud of you !

  13. I want to get your book but I’m living in Japan (stoopid Japan!) so not only would it cost a fortune to ship, I’d have to find someway of fitting it into my luggage limit when I went back. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of it coming out in other formats? I read a lot of ebooks and would love to get you’re book!

  14. I am SO LUCKY to have an advance copy! It didn’t occur to me to review it on amazon, I will rush right over there. And then I’m off to discover what other miraculous things one can do with Monster Drawers, the possibilities are endless.

  15. I bet every time you Google your name there are more and more things to look at! Pretty soon there will be an “Official Shauna Reid Fan Club” site with News, Sitings, Pics, and “When I met Shauna” stories! Has Oprah called you to be on her show yet?

    Seriously though, you are killer and we all love you out here!

  16. Wow-congrats on all the great book progress Shauna-that’s so fab! I got my scavenger hunt copy on Friday – my bf LOVED the flipbook corners :-). I’ll be diving in as soon as my latest book is finished (probably this week). Thanks again!

  17. The best thing about being thin(ner)is being able to wear v.small.pants. πŸ™‚ Ordering from play right now!

  18. *loving* the book – its made me laugh and cry and read bits out to my chap in a “See! I’m not the only one!” kind of way. Thank you!

  19. WOWEE…Congrats on the great PR on the book…way awesome.

    I finished the book and sooooo loved it! Actually a bit sad it’s over, when can we expect the next installment? I’m starting to pass it around to all my NYC pals…hurry up and get it over here, so we can see you on the NY Times Bestsellers list!

  20. When can we hope to see your book available here in the US?! I’m dying with anticipation!!!!

  21. Hi groovers, thanks for your comments and reaaalllyyyyy glad to hear you’re enjoying the ol’ book!

    US rights have been sold to HarperCollins and it will be out in the States in early 2009.

  22. Wow #1 on Marie Claire list – very impressive. We all should take pictures of ourselves reading your book at various places around the world – that way we can do some advertising for you as well as showing you the far reaches of the world your book is going!!! When mine comes at the end of the month a picture from the sunny Gold Coast will come your way !!!!

  23. Congratulations Shauna – getting into the Mail on Sunday should do phenomenal things for the sales of your books (I work for them in some plebian role) and they’ve got the second largest readership in the UK (not sure about the Scottish part of the UK though). Maybe your publishers will up the print run?

    Scott F πŸ™‚

  24. The NZ Womans Weekly also started their review with your giant undies! I guess it has a little bit of shock factor and a little bit of the fun factor and some of that ‘I wonder what happened next?’-ness.
    I love Kek! Snot bubbles! Heh. Funny Australian.
    So funny also about Marshmallows gym evac. I had the same thing happen in England. All those posh ladies milling about in the carpark wearing only a towel…

  25. Hey Shauna,

    I read the mail article and was so excited for you. I love both of your blogs, you have an excellent turn of phrase. Well done, you deserve it.

    As you crazy folk down under say ‘Good on ya’


  26. this is wonderful news about your book! I’ve read you on and off for a couple of years but not really commented. You’re fabulous!

  27. It arrived…at 3pm. It just after 10.30pm now, and I have read it from cover to cover.

    Well Done mate, from one Central Tablelands girl to another!

  28. Just a quick update relevant to your readers in the U.S. who can’t wait until 2009 for their copy of the book: I ordered online from Waterstones (in the UK) and my book was shipped out the very next day :). I selected standard international delivery for shipping, so it’ll probably be 2 weeks before the book arrives, but I’m still excited that it’s on its way, finally!

  29. I’m in the US and ordered a copy from Waterstones as well. Just couldn’t wait for US distribution! Cannot wait for it to get here!

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