The Last Supper

Hello to anyone who wandered in after seeing my gurning mug in the Daily Express today!

The article turned out fab; the journalist was wonderful to talk to. It’s not online, which is quite a relief as I look bloody awful in the photo. Awful, and totally lardy. I had so much fun at the shoot yet something went horribly wrong in that frame. I reserve the right not to scan it for you all!

Meanwhile, Gareth is guffawing at the wee breakout box called WHAT SHAUNA USED TO EAT. In the book I talk about The Last Supper – the day before I braved the scale in 2001, I ate all the things I thought I’d never see again. It was going to be all carrots and lettuce from then on! But taken out of context, it gives the impression that I ate like this every day. Holy fat girl cliche, Batman. Please understand, Express readers… it was the Last Supper!


28 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. Oh no! Context is everything, dammit! ::hugs Shauna::

    I have totally done that last supper, by the way. Not THAT one, but the oh-god-must-get-everything-in-before-midnight kind. Hasn’t everyone?

  2. How about you scan it but then put a huge “CENSORED!” sticker over the picture of you that you don’t like? Pretty please w/ trifle on top? (I totally understand the Last Supper thing, by the way.)

  3. Pants, would’ve bought the Express if I’d known! (Also in a non-stalker-type way). Papers love those cliches…. πŸ™

  4. ROFL! Oh dear, the way the media morphs things; probably wanted to say THIS IS HOW ALL FATTIES EAT KILL THEM ALL LOLOLOLOLOL – but we readers know you MUCH better than that πŸ˜€

    And MmMmmmm… that menu had me totally salivating.

  5. Hahaha! Oh, poor Shauna — that did make me giggle πŸ™‚ Whenever I read those articles in slimming magazines about people who’ve had brilliant weight loss successes, I always did wonder how accurate their before (and after!) menus are… I guess now we know!

  6. Please scan the article!! Just take out the photo! And I just read the last supper part of the book last night πŸ™‚ I’m procrastinating work again, reading your book I can’t put down!! (except long enough to read your blog…)

  7. Aww Shauna I can sympathise with you… Yeeeeeeears ago I had a sleeping disorder and I was featured in all the newspapers, but The Sun was a classic…

    During the interview they asked if I had ever fallen alseep on say ‘A Bus’, so I said yes, as I think everyone had fallen asleep on the bus at somepoint. A few questions later “Have you ever woke yourself up snoring?”, to which I again answered yes as I think this can also be the norm *looks around for reassurance*….

    So they printed… “…Annee was often so tired she fell asleep on the bus and woke up by the noise of her snoring, which she found embarrassing” (or something to that effect)…

    LOL x

  8. There I was this evening, sitting in Murrayfield Hospital waiting for my mum to comd back from seeing her specialist, and I picked up “The Express” -not a paper I would ever buy, but I’m prepared to read it for free – and there you were! And then my mum came back before I’d read you, so … I stole you! (Just you, not the whole paper.) And that was the beginning – and probably the end – of my criminal career…

  9. oh – how could your last supper not have involved salt and vinegar chips, tim tams and a cadbury’s block hey???

    oh and popcorn and donuts…

    and fairy floss, and caramel banana tarts, cream puffs, pie floaters..

    damn! i could’ve eaten twice that ; P

  10. I’ve seen first hand how the media love to print SOME of the facts….you know: never let the facts get in the way of a good story and all that.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’d have eaten more for MY last supper…er…actually I probably DID.

    Funny thing – I just got a copy of Tales From the Scales today. Slow, aren’t I? πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Shauna. I was in The Express a couple of years ago and not only did the pic make me look a good two stone heavier (than I was at the time – I actually *am* two stone heavier now), it also made me look like I had a colostomy bag…

    I think it’s a conspiracy!

  12. Hi Shauna, your blog is a real inspiration!

    I had my last supper, but I forget which last time was the last time πŸ˜› err….

    Ok back to inspiration, so your blog inspired me so much that I set up my own, mainly as an accountability for myself to keep on track.

    So this is one Scot living on the other side of the world saying to another Scot living on the other side of the world, thanks! πŸ™‚ ::big grin::

    Andrew <><

  13. I guess every article needs to have something that makes you go.. ‘wow’ (wow, she really ate ALL THAT, every day!). Last year our government was clamping down on party pills (BZP etc.) and I got a call from a journalist about it (we have a factory that makes vitamins). The big deal was that it had become illegal to make the pills in an NZFSA registered premises like ours, but you could still, for example, make them in your garage (yes, very logical). She asked me why I thought the government had decided to take that approach, and I said ‘they are probably worried that BZP could contaminate other products’ then I explained how that could never happen in a properly run facility, air filtering, ingredient separation, HACCP program, yada, yada.
    In the paper, headline news, ‘manufacturer admits high risk of BZP contamination in food products!’. They named me and everything and all our customers got freaked out big time even though we don’t make those party pills. Since then I’ve been really careful about what I say to journalists – they are always looking for a sensational angle.

    PS. sent that mag 3 days ago.

  14. Oh, come on, I could eat that in my sleep! Ha ha.

    Chocolate croissants might be the most heavenly thing on earth, if you don’t count the sat fats and/or trans fats, of course.

  15. Hi there darling Daughter,
    You made the Daily Telegraph today – 12th January! Novel Ideas with Ray Chesterton reviewed your book in the ‘Weekend’ section of the paper. His heading, HALF THE WOMAN SHE WAS. This followed by: “With the issue of obesity in the news in Australia, a new book is a timely release. ‘The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl’ ($30, Corgi) by Shauna Reid details in an intimate and often hilarious style her personal battle of the bulge to cut her weight in half from 159.5 kg to 79.8 kg from 2001-07. There are no recipes: weight was shed via a controlled diet using food from a commercial weight-loss company. A human tale of determination told with humour.”
    Hmmm….do you think he read all the book?
    Will cut out the piece and send to you if you like.
    Love you

  16. Hi! I picked up The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl while browsing through Borders at Terminal 4 of Heathrow airport this past Monday… and finished it on Wednesday. Now that I know it won’t be out in the US until next year, I’m glad I grabbed this book!

    Thank you for your story; I went the other way with my weight and was a borderline anorexic most of my teenage years. My mother has always been either about to go on a diet, in the early throws of dietdom, starting to get bored on her diet, unofficially off her diet, officially off her diet or contemplating going on a diet throughout my entire life. After being told I would end up like her if I wasn’t careful, I did everything in my power to keep my weight below a certain amount. Even now, at 5’9″ with two children, I feel “fat” at 136 pounds and dream of weighing less.

    Your story made me understand her a little better – and I can’t wait to pass the book along to her, hoping she will find some hope in it – and maybe some motivation!

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and feelings; I was especially happy with how you ended the book. I have tried to convince my mother on a few occassions that she doesn’t have to be skinny but that she should be healthy. It seems that you have come to that conclusion and have made peace with your body.

    Here’s wishing you a happy life filled with lots of chocolate! And having eaten chocolate croissants recently in France, I must say I’m surprised you stopped at just one for an afternoon snack!

  17. You mean…that’s not…a normal day’s eating?

    *puts down tub of ice cream*

    Um…guess that’s why I’m a fatty and you are notty. I want that image too! COMORRRRRRN! I read the daily express on line all the time! WAILS!

  18. Hehe, I feel ya…I tend to last supper it the same way…go hog wild and then start fresh. There’s something about completely junking out where you couldn’t look at another chip because you’re just sooo done. Too bad they made it seem like that’s what you ate everyday; people should really read things for themselves. Oh well, doesn’t matter, you look positively fit and fabulous now! All your hard work and perseverance has and IS paying off, you just keep on the healthy track. I adore that you have found peace & joy in exercise. I’m still trying to get to the point where it doesn’t quite seem like a chore and more of a fun adventure. I do have to say I’m really enjoying boxing with my boyfriend (actually I punch and he holds the mitts…I don’t know how I’d feel if he actually hit back…lol).

    As for the spray tan thing, I have gone and done the professional booth treatments before. They’re actually really good, but only last a week and then it starts getting a bit spotty. My friend also loves the Neutrogena Micro Mist stuff…she looks fabu and it seems to last a good bit of time. The trick to the spray tan thing is: Exfoliation. Make sure that you shave the legs, scrub the knees, elbows and all the bendy joints and before you spray, make sure you put lotion on your finger nails & toe nails so that you don’t end up with orange nail beds. Oh and don’t spray bottom of feet and make sure you have a wet rag to wipe your palms clean once the application is done πŸ™‚

  19. Speaking of “what you used to eat”, do you ever watch “You Are What You Eat” on BBC? I Tivo it twice a day from my BBC America, and I think I’m falling in love with Gillian and her poo-examining ways. Though I have to admit that some of it is the giggles I get from hearing about “crisps” and “take-aways” and “having an Indian”.

  20. Shit a Brick, that looks a bit like What I Used To EAt!!!! Only I had two Snickers Bars for Breakfast and Supper, and I shoved the wrappers down the side of my bed so hubby didn’t know! SAD

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