Total Eclipse of the Lungs

Bonnie_tyler Over the past month I’ve watched friends and colleagues be slain by various colds and bugs. I sailed along untouched, thinking the power of citrus and green vegetables made me invincible. But the wee tickle in my throat has turned into a bark and I’ve got a fever and more gravel in my voice than Bonnie Tyler. D’oh!

You know those adverts for flu tablets, where a red-nosed woman juggles three toddlers in one hand and a multinational corporation in the other while the voiceover sighs, In Today’s Modern World, I Just Don’t Have Time For A Cold! I would always snort, "Shut up, you overpaid martyr! Nobody’s that busy!" But this year, despite not having kids nor a briefcase, I’ve discovered such insane levels of activity. Which is fair enough because I’ve been coasting along for 30 years in a truly half-arsed manner. I only blog about the ACTION, which might create some sort of illusion of a wildly exciting life, but really it’s mostly been me faffing around and shouting at televisions.

Anyway, I feel like shite today. It’s a good excuse to put on my tracky dacks (that’s Australian for sweatpants) and my baffies (that’s Scots for slippers) and curl up on the couch with a book. I’m supposed to do an eight-mile training walk tomorrow but I might need to postpone until Sunday. I feel twitchy at the thought of NOT ticking off that box on the training schedule but I spose one should listen to ones body. Right now the body says: LET THERE BE TOAST.

. . .

In other news, apparently the Dietgirl book has flapped its way down to South Africa (thanks Moira!). I think it might also have made it to India, as there was a little mention in The Hindu that charmed my pants off:

"The concerns about obesity and how to beat it finds expression through the β€˜Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl.’ … The interested may also Google their way to her blog for more information."

Bon weekend, groovers!

31 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of the Lungs

  1. Geez, I’ve been feeling the same way….surrounded by people who’ve been taken down by the flu, and I also think that I’m “invincible” because I’m eating clean!

    On the same note, something that has helped me when I’ve been sick before (especially with a cold) is to take approx. 500 mg of Vitamin C every couple hours. That keeps it in your system and helps you get back to an alkaline state (actually, lemons are the quickest way to achieve that – return your body back to an alkaline state).

    Disease thrives in acid, so stay away from the processed foods, sugar, flour, all of that stuff.

    I hope that helps….I’m not a doctor but that’s what has worked for me. πŸ™‚ And congrats on your book!!

  2. My office just finished with a month of passing a virus around. I myself got sick two separate times, thank goodness that’s over.

  3. Learn from my mistakes, DG – don’t train while you’re sick! Listen To Your Body!
    Baffies..what a lovely word πŸ™‚

  4. You actually make having a cold sound positively enviable – though I’m sure it’s not really! I would give quite a lot to spend some time with the baffies and toast. I’m wearing the trackies already (but only because I cycled home).

    Look after yourself. I hope the book was good!

  5. You actually make having a cold sound positively enviable – though I’m sure it’s not really! I would give quite a lot to spend some time with the baffies and toast. I’m wearing the trackies already (but only because I cycled home).

    Look after yourself. I hope the book was good!

  6. Oh no! Listen to the body and get well soon. If it takes toast it takes toast. Washed down with as much hot tea as one can stand.

    Enjoy the Bonnie Tyler voice. When I get a cold the voice goes neither Tyler nor Bacall but rather Kermit the Frog…:-)

    That picture is a bit of nostalgia: I used to own the (cough) cassette tape…

  7. Hey Shauna – got the DG book for Valentines’s Day! Am laughing my arse off and nodding emphatically as I read it. Good stuff!

  8. Hi Dietgirl! Sorry you’re feeling ill. I just wanted to post to say I have recently embarked on my own 12st to lose journey (20lb in 5 weeks – yay me!) and your blog is bloody inspirational. I cried when I read about your first time on the scales. Literally, big fat hot tears of empathy. I’ve just got your book too, so I can get my Dietgirl fix while snuggled under the duvet now – does it get any better than that!

    I am blogging my own efforts but not on a dedicated blog site as yet. I will move it soon maybe and then aim to be as wonderful to read as you πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you for the tip! The .ca order was likely to happen in APRIL, according the the website, but I’ve got one on the way to me right now thanks to you! πŸ™‚

    I hop eyou feel better soon. Be nice to yourself and let your body heal. Baffies and toast it is!

  10. Bummer – hope you’re feeling much better and getting lots of pampering from Dr G.

    I haven’t overlooked your question about heart rate monitors….it’s just that the answer needs a bit more than a couple of lines in comments. I WAS going to email you, but then I thought I’d write a post about it and everyone can benefit from my brilliant insights. Um. Yeah.

    I’ll get to it soon, promise!

  11. An old wives remedy which I hated as a kid but which I swear works now is gargling morning and evening with TCP (a liquid antiseptic that you can buy in Boots) at the first sign of a tingle of a sore throat. I think it’s the smell that scares the germs away!!! Anyway, whenever I’ve done this, it’s never progressed into a full blown cold. I also supplement with 1000mg of Vitamin C every day and I don’t get ill when I’m following this.

    Hope you feel better soon. I’ve read your book – it’s heartwarming, funny, inspirational – and I’m now progressing through the archives of DG. I love your story and what you have achieved. You are an amazing person.

  12. I don’t know if you’ve seen Down with Love anyone, but Shauna you are Such a Down with Love Girl! I Love it! (Even if you’re a Up with Love girl too, sounds like you have a very nice husband and all lol). Reason down with love girl: Super Makeover + International Bestseller = Fame
    Rent it please 0:)
    ps. Feel better!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sounds like you need a hot toddy or two. A cold/flu is just the body’s way of saying “Feed me whisky”! Snuggle down in your trackies and baffies (what a great word!) and you’ll feel better soon x

  14. I’m sorry you’re feeling ill, I’m sure you’ll be better soon tho, so enjoy your quiet time in the meantime. Not advisable to exercise when you’re ill tho, so leave the training till you feel better. Toast, baffies and a hot toddie, just what the doctor ordered!! Hope you enjoy your read, dont know what to recommend to you, I’m busy recommending your book to everyone at the moment!! haha

    Take care

    Tracy XXXX

  15. I’ve tried this remedy for a cold on my daughter and I am amazed. It worked on her a treat.

    Rub a heap of Vicks Vaporub onto the soles of your feet just before you go to bed. Put some warm socks on your feet.

    In the morning you’ll feel tons better!

  16. Ohhhh to dream, to dream to dream about writing a book! I can’t even think about my weight loss attempts next week, let alone being able to write everythind down in the pages of a book. Oh the story I could tell- but, in the meantie, I do plan to go to Chapters to do a search for your book. Is it available in Canada?

    Cheers to you on your success!

  17. Aw, that sounds nasty! I got really sick recently and learned something from my doctor about staying well. Do what doctors do to avoid catching everything they come into contact with… be obsessive about handwashing. Most germs aren’t caught through the air, but by direct contact.. door handles, car keys, picking up children, telephones. All those things are swarming with bugs (ew!) Since then I’ve been almost OCD with the handwashing etc. and stayed well when everyone else was down for the count with a nasty. Usually I’m very succeptible, so I think this works.

    BTW,I have two more reviews collected for you. But, one of them is written by an idiot whom I’m sure didn’t even open your book. You still want that one? Or shall I send it back to them with a nasty letter and voodoo pins in the smiling picture of the bitter and twisted reviewer – whom clearly lives every day consumed by the realisation that their book is gathering dust in some reject pile while yours is out there taking on the world.

  18. Oh god, I hate being sick! I hate how you know you really cannot in good conscience force your body to work out, but you still feel bad for not doing so. Curse you, inefficient immune system!

  19. Hello I just returned from a trip to Scotland. One of the first things I did when we got off the plane in London was buy your book to read on the train to Glasgow. Loved every page of it. It was a totally charming weightloss/love story. Even though I knew how it turned out I was totally engrossed. I am so glad I didn’t wait for it to come out in the U.S.

  20. Hi! Just wanted to say that I’m in southern california and recently bought your book thru It arrived just 5 days later & I’ve already devoured it. I absolutely loved it! I’m so glad I didn’t wait for it to come out over here in the states. I’m sure I’ll be writing about it in my new blog (if you don’t mind) in a week or two, just as soon as I get the blog set up the way I want it. I really love your writing style!! Thanks for a great book and for all the inspiration your site gives me every time I visit.

  21. Cheers comrades! Sorry I’ve not replied, I’ve been moping around for the past four days feeling like utter rubbish. But thank you for all your comments! And thank you so much to the book reading folks, woohoo! πŸ™‚

  22. Just a wee note to tell you that your book has been previewed/reviewed in the Feb 25th Edition of Australian Hello Magazine – page 85. You got 4 stars (same as Christina Aguilera’s new DVD) and it has the pic of the cover. To quote the whole thing:

    “The Biggest Loser is great viewing, but seriously, who has the time to spend all day exercising until they vomit? Lardbusting is tough, as aussie trooper Shauna tells us in her hilarous blog ( book. Even the skinny minnies will be inspired and in absolute awe as Shauna conquers all.”

    Good one.

  23. Hope you feel better soon! The ‘rule’ for running is that you can run if the cold symptoms are above the neck, but not if they’re below, so stay off the training if you’re still coughing πŸ™‚

    One..small…victory for dietkind this weekend: I ordered a takeaway then boxed up half of it immediately to use for lunch the next day. Portion control in action! If only it hadn’t taken me 35 years to work this stuff out…

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