Comeback #457

Back in the saddle today! It’s been three weeks of sickness and sloth and sloppy eating, with no exercise except the blowing of the nose. I hit the wall in York yesterday as I stared down into the remains of a tasty pub lunch of steak pie with mash and veg. My belly burbled, Why are you feeding me all this pastry? And all these animals? Why haven’t you been taking me for walks?

I have long accepted that there will always be times when I lose it for awhile – circumstances conspiring to disrupt the routine… or me just eating too bloody much. But it is weird, even in the actual moment of overdoing, I don’t seem to feel the old shame and panic anymore, nor the urge to carry on scoffing into oblivion. It’s more like, Righto. I’ll enjoy this here pie now and get on with the porridge and kickboxing as soon as.

But lordy it sucks getting back into the routine. How many million times have I been here? I had a nice healthy salad sandwich for lunch and stocked the desktop pantry with oatcakes and apples and bananas and oranges and peanut butter but I just wanted to bellow, BORRRRRRRING! like Homer Simpson. Then I arrived at the gym for kickboxing after a shitty day to discover I’d left my trainers at home. Nothing like that spluttering rage that comes from doing something stupid that can be blamed on noone but you. I stomped back downstairs and said to the receptionist, "I left my shoes at home! Can’t do the class! What a shame eh?" Then my friend Vicky arrived and pointed out I still had time to trot home and get my shoes and only miss ten minutes. "OH ALRIGHT THEN," I said. Foiled!

But I’m glad I fetched them, even if I arrived back in time for a fitness test. Apparently they do this every six months. This annoyed me because we had a CHART to fill in and lack of exercise has left me weak and totally not PRIMED for the event… so my chart wouldn’t be as good as it could be! I got all competitive and pathetic and even stole glances at other peoples charts in order to become even more competitive and pathetic. It was all, how many quivering push ups can you do in a minute (bugger all), how many axe kicks (57 left leg, 60 right), how many backhanded fist punch thingoes before you swear your arm is going to fall out of it’s socket (170-something), how many lunges (barely 20! stupid knee!), how many straight punches… I can’t remember but surely it was HEAPS!?

I take the mouth-frothing desire to improve these statistics as a sign that I am on the comeback trail, despite still not being able to hear properly. Woohoo!

. . .

First law of blogging: Never blog after midnight. Second law of blogging: Never blog while upset. I did both at 1AM today in spectacular fashion. SCORE!

Then after much tossing and turning I woke at 5AM feeling like a twit. So I deleted the entry, forgetting that all the people subscribed to the site via the RSS feed had already seen it. Derr! Sorry you guys had to witness such raw panic in motion.

The gist of the entry was: I received an email from someone who was extremely angry that I hadn’t responded to their email of three weeks ago. My tiny mind made the short leap from one angry person to the possibility of whole armies of angry persons – due to the current backlog of emails – and all of them thinking I was a heartless evil sell-out. Thus I spewed out the 1AM Entry o’ Turmoil!

Important lessons have been learned here. One, You just cannae please everyone.

Two, there’s only so many hours a day. Day job, family, friends, book stuff, bathing, kicking things – these must also be dealt with and I’ve been trying like a bastard to keep up with it all. I get such really hilarious, heartfelt and/or heartbreaking emails and want to break out the Scotch Finger biscuits and blether with you all, but I need to be realistic about what can physically be done each day.

Three, my contact page needed a tweak. For a long time I’ve had a disclaimer that responses can be slow due to my o’erflowing inbox, but because of the current volume the disclaimer needed to be strengthened.

Cheers m’dears and hope your Monday is/was a goodun.

42 thoughts on “Comeback #457

  1. What were you doing in York? Did you have a nice time?

    I’ve been ill too! It is so hard sometimes to get (as you say) back in the saddle when you’re still tired and weedy from being unwell. Sounds as though you’re well on your way, though. I hope the ear doesn’t give you trouble much longer… surely you need to be able to balance and so on for kickboxing!

    Regarding the panic-entry: I don’t think there can have been more than one angry person (who probably regrets it now…) You’re quite right; you can’t do everything at once.

    And nobody could read you and think you were heartless… not a chance.

  2. You forgot law #3!

    You owe no one any explanations over your posts — or your lack of email answering!

    No one but you knows what kind of stress(es) you are under… and because you are “public”, that does not mean you are under any obligation to be “ruled” by anyone else… YOU are the one who decides what to do and when… otherwise you’ll find yourself over-taxed (if you aren’t already) and burnt out. I’ve been pissed at people leaving comments or getting pissed for one reason or another surrounding my blog. It used to annoy me at first but really? You owe it to YOURSELF and you don’t owe anyone else an explanation.

    Be kind to yourself. (Rule #4)

  3. I’ve been trying to get back in the routine of healthy eating and exercising and it’s been a huge pain. Once you lose momentum it’s so hard to get it back again.

  4. I thinkyou posted that 1am post whilst I was eating MY healthy salad sandwich for lunch. Weird no?

    My heart broke a little for you and then I wanted to go and beat people up for you, but the innernet is nothing if pesky because I can’t see them…! And I don’t know who they are. But I got all big sister like and wanted to crack skulls.

    I am glad you feel a bit better, I shall go work on my anger management now…

  5. I’m with anji on the laws of blogging thing!

    I was upset for you too, since I knew how you felt – and then the thought of that famous bash quote. “i’m going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet”.

    And zomg, fitness test O_O Blast from the past, I haven’t done one of those for YEARS.

  6. At least you didn’t break rule no 3…. never blog whilst under the influence of alcohol. Ugh. Good thing I don’t drink MUCH these days, or things could be a lot uglier.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    Ooh – sorry to add to your email backlog yesterday. Don’t bother replying for a year or two. Or ever. I totally understand. :o)

  7. Yep, another feed person…. my heart went out to you when I read the entry. I fully endorse an additonal “rule:” you don’t owe anyone, except for your self, an answer for anything. The email correspondent was out of line. Period.

  8. I thought you must have changed your mind when I clicked through and it gave me a 404.

    I’m sure you can outrun the angry hordes now. πŸ˜‰

  9. We can’t please EVERYONE all the time. Take care of yourself and know the important people in your life will never get mad over a delayed response. People are strange.

  10. Three cheers to you for deleting that post, and also for getting back on the fitness wagon. We all have our moments of self-doubt, but what’s impressed me most about you is that you manage to shove them out of your way — or perhaps kick them — in fairly short order. Good on ya, mate! (or however you Aussies spell it)

  11. The good thing about having crappy results (not that they sounded too crappy to me) is that you gotta improve next time πŸ˜€

  12. Oh, DG, I don’t know what the post was, but anyone who critises you for not responding to their email should be stabbed in the eyes with a prawn cocktail fork. I told T-bone the other week I felt guilty I hadn’t responded to a few months worth of emails and chose to deal with them by deleting and he said he has 1155 unanswered emails in his inbox and is nonplussed, which made me feel better.

    Really, since when are you or anybody who blogs obliged to respond immediately or ever to personal emails, lovely, demanding, or otherwise.

    Hooray on getting back into a routine and hooray for the occasional pie, too!


  13. Hey I didn’t know that when we started reading and emailing you and such that that entitled us to a piece of you πŸ˜‰

    Ignore ’em, you are perfectly entitled to! Personally I was amazed and delighted to get an email from you, I never expected one and wouldn’t expect one in the future – ’twas a lovely bonus πŸ™‚

    I have to get back to nitcombing now *sigh*

  14. Oh, so very with you on the OMG how booooooring to have to start AGAIN! But it’s easier now I know what I’m doing and that it works – and that other people feel the same πŸ™‚

  15. Shauna, your post reminded me of something that happened to me one day. I found an old ticket from a boot repairers. It was nine years old and I had forgotten to pick them up. Luckily the shop was still open and so I went in and gave the man the nine year old ticket. He held up a pair of familiar looking shoes and said, “Are these them?”
    “Yes.” I squealed happily. “They’ll be ready in two days.” was his reply.

    Three weeks is nuthin. ;o)

  16. I didn’t read your 1am post but, as everyone says, you shouldn’t feel bad about not replying to emails. What other bestselling author would be caring and lovely enough to worry about that? None, I’d contend. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds getting back into a healthy routine sucky. Had a nightmare of a week last week but am determined to climb back on the horse today. Yee ha!

  17. get down! get groovy! get funky like a monkey! uh uh uhhhh uh we like it like that uhh uhhhh oh yeaaahhhh. plus some other things. *huuuuuugs*

  18. You got your wrath out of your system – that’s a good thing.

    If the person that had the gall to blast you had even the slightest inclination to get off their lazy arse and write a hugely successful book with a world-wide fanbase then they’d probably have a bit of additional mail to deal with!!!

    Rant over. Deep calming breath.


    p.s. feeling very virtuous today – did a 2 hour Aquafit class last night and can hardly move my shoulders to type this!

  19. Young grasshopper who is unlearned in the ways of crzy people. Wise man say – many trolls inhabit earth. Strong is their power of email-fu and psycho-jitsu. Mighty DietGirl must harness secret ninja power of “Delete” to vanquish her enemies.

  20. Wow, a fitness test. Now, see that’s where I show myself up as WAY more pathetic than you. If I had felt I wasn’t up to scratch, I might perhaps maybe have not tried too hard because then, THEN when I came to do the test next time I would show a really brilliant improvement! Yes, I am sad.

  21. Hey Shauna,

    Just wanted to say:
    a) props to you for getting back into your groove (you’re inspiring me-I’ve been out of my groove for months now, but slowly crawling back into it
    b) ignore the ignorant pinhead who clearly believes the world revolves around him/her-you are not morally bound to reply to any e-mail, and certainly not in a given amount of time. Like others have said, I’ve always been happily surprised to see a response from a world famous blogger/author like you in my inbox.
    c) Glad to hear you’re feeling better!!! Big hugs to you!

  22. Good luck getting those stats up! I know what it’s like to be insanely competitive πŸ˜‰ (have occasionally been known to shock colleagues during “fun, lighthearted” games on team building days…)

    Sorry to hear you got an angry email πŸ™ You don’t OWE anyone a reply. If they choose to write to you, they hopefully read your blog & know how hectic your life is! Don’t let one person’s nastiness ruin your day or your sleep.

    Sending hugs,

    Ali x

  23. I can understand not wanting to get back in the saddle of food and exercise — I’ve been mildly sick and used that as an excuse to be sloppy and a bit lazy.

    As for the blogging, try having your BF’s ex-GF read your blog. I’m really inhibited now to write anything. I’m so sorry that someone berated you for not writing back in 3 weeks — if s/he had been following the blog, they would have seen that you were SICK.

  24. I agree and will confirm, you owe no one nothing! (is that a double negative?) This blog is yours and we’re just the people on the net who come here to share and enjoy your journey and stories. You’re much loved and grats on getting back in the saddle…I’m in the same boat, or seat if you will. Sometimes we’ve gotta follow our need for the feed bag and then get back up on the pony and ride on. It’s how life balances itself! And the great thing is, we just continue to grow and become stronger everytime we continue to persevere with our endeavors. Kudos honey.

  25. Hi Shauna, Dont get stressed about stupid people who think the world revolves around them! I understand that you are busy with things, its called having a life (which is something that nasty person obviously does not have!) I hate it when my friends accost me for net texting them back within 2 seconds (which reminds me, my friend text me last week and I must get round to replying to her!)

  26. LUNATIC! Clearly the complainer is a loon. Some one needs to get a grip. Did she (or he) hire you to be her personal Healthy Lifestyle coach?
    Pahleez! As a permanant almost always lurker- who could not imagine the responsiblity of writing in a blog- I am grateful for your posts. Period. SO thanks.

  27. Hey Shauna,

    I also was extremely annoyed at the nerve of that angry e-mailer…on the plus side, it seems a definite sign that you’ve made it once the crazies start writing in…

    On another note, I had the exact same experience forgetting my shoes for kickboxing last week! Unfortunately, I had driven 15 minutes through rush hour traffic to get there though, so had to miss it! Very annoying and it threw me off for the whole week. Back on track now though. It’s amazing how these little things can throw one off plan…

  28. Cheers for your comments comrades… I think I need to learn some deep breathing techniques or something, or lock up the computer from dusk til dawn πŸ˜›

    K – i went with Dr G for a little treat for our wedding anniversary. 3 years! Hope you are feeling better too!

  29. Those of us in other time zones (Texas) got a chance to read your rant. Not a problem. I’m surprised that you respond to email at all. And I’m sure now that you’re a famous auhtor, the volume must be increasing dramatically.
    I finished the book and it was great. I’m thinking I should buy a few copies to pass on to friends! (I can’t lend them mine since I might not get it back)

  30. Happy anniversary! Loved reading today’s post — it really hit home.

    You have your first crazy fan, which proves you’ve really made it after all.

  31. Happy anniversary, DG and Dr G! Seems like just yesterday I was reading about the whole visa/marriage dabarkle πŸ™‚

    I too wanted to strangle your angry emailer. I’ve always been mega impressed by the thought you put into your email replies, and that was BEFORE the book came out… you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty, matey. You don’t ‘owe’ anyone anything. πŸ™‚

    Take care

  32. ps. Saw you on the front table of Borders in South Yarra last week πŸ˜‰ Yay!

  33. how your comeback is still—–coming back πŸ™‚

    loved this post as for me latenightblogging is entirely the same as drunk-dialing (in my youth of course πŸ™‚ I am way too grown up for that now (*wink*))


  34. Happy Anniversary, lovely DG and Dr G!

    That’s all that matters- that and your breathing.

    And please remember how far you have come; getting back into a routine definitely sucks but you’ll be so proud (of yourself) when you’ve done it. And I think that competitive spirit says that you have. Already!!!!

    Sending you big hugs from down south – everyone LOVES the book!!!!!!!! I think you need some positive strokes right now.

    Big kiss.

    Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Gee, I remember when I won the BFL challenge and the day after the announcement I awoke to over 100 emails from people wanting advice. People that email just don’t realise that you don’t have all day to cater to your public (if only!).

    I lived in York for half a year. Did you notice the sheer pub to person ratio?? It’s AMAZING. I gained 5kg in York almost by accident. You walk down the street and it’s like.. pub, fudge shop, pub, ooo cornish pasty shop!, pub, pub.. mmm, cocktail bar, pizza shop… It’s even worse as a foreigner because you are obligated to try everything you have never seen before.

  36. Awww sweets!! How dare anybody feel that they have the right to demand attention from you? This is the one part to blogging that I don’t understand. Love your stuff and love you to bits, you are my original inspiration and I have been following you for nearly five years now. All I expect of you is for you to blog about what you want, when you want and fuck anyone else!!

  37. Hey Sahuna, I am Marie Louise from Malta and I just finished reading your book. I read it all in less then a week and couldn’t stuck my eyes from that book!! I really should tell you that yuo are an inspiration and I really wish to have at least half the courage you had. I feel horrible and couldn’t find the will power to just keep doing the right things. I will just keep burning the words that impressed me most in the book in my mind everytime I need that chocolate but it is difficult. Hope you;re fealing fine and speaking to an amazing book writer like you it’s something really exciting!!


  38. Hey Sahuna, I am Marie Louise from Malta and I just finished reading your book. I read it all in less then a week and couldn’t stuck my eyes from that book!! I really should tell you that yuo are an inspiration and I really wish to have at least half the courage you had. I feel horrible and couldn’t find the will power to just keep doing the right things. I will just keep burning the words that impressed me most in the book in my mind everytime I need that chocolate but it is difficult. Hope you;re fealing fine and speaking to an amazing book writer like you it’s something really exciting!!

    P.S. Hope I lost does 5 cals posting this:P:P


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