Like An Apple

My pal Caro posted a photo of an apple to her Flickr yesterday with this great caption:

"this was the most delicious apple i have ever eaten. could be, because i ate it after coming home from a bikram yoga class, which really reduces my needs and thoughts to the simplest things. like an apple."

Ahhhh. That has to be the very best thing about exercise, I reckon.

Did any UK folks happen to catch GMTV today? This morning I got an email from a lovely lass who said she’d just read a post on a Weight Watchers forum saying that GMTV vixen Lorraine Kelly said at about 8.45AM that I’d be on the show in a few minutes to talk about finding love.

At that time I was in my pyjamas here in sunny Scotland, pouring yogurt into a Tupperware container and thinking that getting up at 8.28 isn’t the best idea when work starts at 9. I failed to put the lid on properly so when I arrived at 9.04 the yogurt had leaked all over my bloody lunch and muddy trainers and Enell sports bra and I had to think long and hard, Am I hungry enough to lick yogurt off shoes?

Anyway, as cool as it would be to meet Lorraine Kelly, it wasnae me! I had a gander at the forum tonight and there was another post: Did anyone see diet girl and gareth on gmtv this morning – she looked fab even slimmer than after the books losses.

It’s a wee bit odd. A case of mistaken identity? Or maybe my publisher has some sort of Milli Vanilli thing going on, dispatching a spunkier, svelter Shauna for telly appearances? I bet Dr G will want to know if his stunt guy has hair.

26 thoughts on “Like An Apple

  1. It would be a bit of a relief though, having an alternate me to do media appearances and the like.

    Maybe then I could find time to go to the gym.

  2. Aaaahhh… I’ve done it. Read through your entire archives in 5 days. I feel the same way I did after I read Middlemarch in a week. (Sorry, this comment is not fully related to today’s blog) I popped over here after seeing your interview on the blog of my fellow Indianapolis dweller, PastaQueen (dang she’s a funny lady ain’t she?) And I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I find that in just one week, my vocabulary has expanded and I now hear myself saying things like, “I’m eating like such a pork today” and “och well – look at all these wobbly bits”. You are an excellent writer, quite witty and just plain beautiful. Congrats on your hard work. Shall go out and buy your book directly. Now – on to the challenge of reading your WNP blog…

  3. Hi there DG! Have read your book in a typical greedy fashion, and didnt want it to end. You see, like so many others, your story is also mine in a large part, but I need your help (or a virtual kick up the a..e!). I lost 8 stone last year, and at Xmas I looked hot (well, for me anyhoo). Help me Shauna, its creeping back on and I feel like a bloody failure all over again. I’ve got to to do my first Race-for_Life in June, and I never run anywhere!! (I intend to walk it as our local route is very hilly and cross country mainly!)

    Some kick me …….please please please!


  4. Sez, don’t panic hen. you’re not a failure. sometimes things go a bit pearshaped but that’s ok!

    your email address still doesn’t work! I tried to reply to your message earlier this year but it came back undeliverable.

    Becca, nice to hear from you! all those archives is a quite a feat of endurance so well done πŸ™‚

  5. Helloooooo…I was given your book in lieu of an Easter Egg by a very thoughtful person who did not want to put temptation in my path this holiday weekend! (if only the rest of the family had followed suit!) Loved reading your story, I aspire to be as honest in my shiny new blog as you are in yours – currently even my private stuff is censored – who am I kidding ay?! I also share my life with a Dline boy, so feel some extra kinship with you! Were you wooed by ‘romantic’ walks on Aberdour beach?! :)Or was it just me who fell for that?! I shall be following your blog from now on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. So just who are these Stand Ins from the Bizarro World? Have you found out anything from your PR folks yet? Crazy!

  7. OMG!!!!! What if you have been cloned!!!!!

    Lol, I didnt catch it and was really annoyed and when I found out it wasnt you I just thought HA, thank goodness I wasnt lured into the trap.

    Perhaps you have lookalikes, just like Posh and Becks!!!

  8. Hiya Susan! Welcome to blogland and cheers for readin the book! πŸ™‚ I got wooed with a walk up the high street on a Saturday afternoon… Greggs… the Kingsgate… the local wildlife… you cannae beat it πŸ˜›

    Gracie, still dunno what happened, but it’s almost more fun not knowing… I quite like Shel’s theory. Hehe.

  9. How very strange.

    I am far from coordinated enough in the mornings to work out which plug turns the TV on (or which of our seventeen remotes is required after that) so can’t say who was on GMTV either.

    Maybe the WW girl is also not too clever in the morning and can’t tell who people are?

  10. Perhaps it WAS Posh and Becks standing in for you???

    Also, when will your lovely book be available on Amazon in the US? Does your publisher have something against us? Surely it’s not still that Boston Tea Party thing??? To heck with it, I’m going to Canada to buy it! πŸ™‚

  11. doh i missed it, that could have been quite funny… maybe you’ve just found your double cause they are meant to be on the other side of the world, and that’s kind of where you are!…

    could you ring up GMTV and say hi this is dietgirl (the original one), i heard i was on your show this morning, i was just wondering if i could get a tape of my interview… then you could meet your double.. who knows you may have a lot more in common :OD

    That or you’ll realise that you’ve been sleepwalking into tv studios of a night! :O)

  12. Hello hello hello πŸ™‚

    Ali, the sleepwalking theory is a goodun! I once sleepwalked into the laundry and sat down on the hamper, thinking it was the toilet… luckily the Mothership found me just in time! πŸ˜›

    Howdy Denise! my original book deal was for the UK, you have to try to woo foreign publishers to take it on elsewhere πŸ™‚ The US version comes out next year with Harper Collins but you can get the UK version sent over from these places, one even has free delivery!

  13. Hi Shauna,
    I feel like i’m writing to a celebrity.

    I just finished your book, all in the space of 3 hours as i couldn’t put it down. I was laughing out loud it was so funny….sure my flattys thought i was strange….!

    I think your a brilliant writer and i related to nearly every single page of your book – except Sure Slim has gone up to nearly $900..haha!although i’ve quit that already..who can wait 5 hours to eat ;)(oh..and i’m not married to a gorgeous scottish hunk). I’m moving to canada for my year’s adventure end of year and want to look hot! (i’m a sydney girl)

    So thanks again for such a great book that so many can relate too… loved it!



  14. Hi Diet Girl

    I just wanted to say I have recently come across your blog and it is an enjoyable read, with much I can relate to in my own journey.

    Thanks for the openness and honesty and for sharing your story.

    little miss normal

  15. Yes! That is one of the best things about exercise -how much better does food taste when you’re genuinely hungry from working up an appetite in the gym (or park, or pool, or loungeroom). I find it a very satisfying feeling!

  16. Becca, I just did that too, then I rushed out and bought the book – its BRILLIANT. Dietgirl, when you read through the archives, its like you lost the weight really quickly and easily (as long as you don’t read the dates)!!

  17. How weird! wish I’d seen the GMTV interview – did the interviewees call themselves Shauna and Gareth or what??

    There’s an unexplained events forum somewhere, I think this belongs on there!

  18. Oh lord, you wouldnt want Posh standing in for you – I know everyone wants to look slim but OMG that woman just looks TERRIBLE, sorry if this is not your oppinion but seriously if I saw her on the street I would run up to her and stuff and bigmac in her gob!!!!

  19. Hmmmm. Maybe all the weight you lost still somehow retained an essential DG-ness and has reformed itself into a separate but similar individual. Wouldn’t know how to explain Dr. G. though!

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