Full of Lassies

Today was a bit of a bastard day at work, I have to say. I got in at 8AM with the hope of getting a large mother of a task done by the time everyone else arrived, but it ended up taking me until FIVE PEE EM. Magically that was when Gareth called to say he was off to the shops for a beer and a bag o’ crisps, and did I require any Friday night supplies of a brown and cocoa-ish nature? I gratefully ordered the usual small bar of G&B’s.

"The chocolate aisle was full of lassies," he reported when I got home. "All these lassies in business suits, staring up at the chocolates and looking completely knackered."


. . .

My heart is thundering in anticipation of tomorrow’s eight miler – hopefully it will be the first outing of the heart rate monitor! If I can figure out which buttons to press.

I’d initially ordered a men’s HRM because I thought the lady one would look too lost and dainty on my wrist. Plus the bloke colours were better. Maybe I’ve got a bit of Forearm Dysmorphia, you know that well-known condition. It arrived last week and it looked huge and bloody ridiculous. I knew it would bug the crap out of me so I sent it back and ordered the poncy pastel lady model instead.

So far I’ve managed set the date and time and enter my weight and height! The next step is to read the manual. I haven’t tried on the chest strap thingy yet. There was an automatic nervous flutter when I took it out of the box, wondering if it would fit around me. Will that feeling ever go away!?

Thanks a bazillion for all your comments on the last entry; I really liked your suggestions to spice up the long walks with audio books. Heard any good ones lately? What’s appropriate for a couple hours of exercise? Crime and Punishment?

Hope you have a good weekend comrades. I’ll be tuning into the London Marathon on Sunday to have a vicarious blub at all that sweat and personal triumph! Good luck YP and anyone else out there!

35 thoughts on “Full of Lassies

  1. That is some serious chocolate you’ve linked. I do have to say the “Tasting Guide” is a bit disturbing.

    I would have hoped the pretentiousness of wine tasting would be contained to it’s own niche.

  2. Hi this is my first time posting a comment…i found your site about a week ago and have been addicted to reading it since…so great to see someone who wasnt perfect make it to goal…I lost 34 kilos on then gained 10 back…but your journal has helped click with me…that I can do this – so thanks a million

    kazz =]

  3. Green & Black’s have butterscotch and ginger bars? All I’ve found in Oz is the plain, dark and Maya Gold… just another reason to move to the UK.

  4. Good luck with your eight miler, Shauna!! Rather you than me!! My WW leader is doing the London Marathon tomorrow, so I’ll join you in wishing everyone there lots of luck too…

    Isnt it funny how people use chocolate as a stress-buster after a hard week at work? That’s usually followed at some point by the gut-buster to work it all off again!! I’m VERY proud to announce that this week, my PMT week, I’ve managed (just) to avoid chocolate, it’s just a pity about the clumps of hair lying all around my desk and all my new bald patches, and the trail of devestation I’ve left in my wake!! Oh the joys of womanhood…. haha

    Have a great weekend XXXX

  5. I don’t know what kind of books you like but I can recommend wo very good books by an Afghanistana writer living in USA. Khaleid Hosseint.
    The Kite Runner is the first one – read by himself – fantastic. The second one is called A Thousand Splendid Suns and did atleast give me a lesson about a womans lifa in Afhganistan – very, very good and not a little frightening. Both lasts more than ten hours.

  6. Don’t know how I write. Khaleid Hosseini is his name. I buy audiobooks via Audible.com

  7. I realize they aren’t hours long but on itunes- a free podcast is This American Life. “First person-stories and short fiction pieces that are touching, funny and surprising.” Each show has a theme that will really pull you in.

  8. When I used to drive to work (back in NZ) I used to listen to the odd classical book on the *cassette player* (how times have changed).

    The advantage is that when you read some of the classics, the language isn’t the easiest to read (unlike your book!) but when you have a classically trained actor reading them to you they really work. I listened to some Charles Dickens books that way.

    That said, you can get Terry Pratchett, Carl Hiaasen, and Philip Pullman on iTunes Audiobooks too and a number of very cool and/or informative podcasts too.

    Mentioning chocolate is not helping my tummy! I like Green & Blacks White Chocolate…mmmmmmmmm.

    Scott F šŸ™‚

  9. My big brother is doing the London Marathon šŸ™‚

    And I just entered the Race for Life….eeep! I blame you Dietgirl – I didn’t think I could do anything till you went and bloody inspired me! I I die, will you raise my daughter? thanks!

  10. Tsk, Red,
    THAT isn’t ‘the pretentiousness of wine tasting’ applied to chocolate, THIS is:
    (said in OTT Aussie accent whilst holding knife and wearing a hat.)
    Zotter are as mad as a sack full of cats AND it is fairtrade and organic, it has the MOST mental combinations you will ever see, ‘Bacon Bits’ or ‘Banana Curry’ anyone… Huzzah!

  11. Librivox.org has free downloadable audiobooks, read by amateurs and semi-professionals – mostly classics. Love your blog, enjoy your walk!

  12. Pretentious, moi chocolat!? Hehehe.

    I see they only put a tasting guide on the US version of the site. Here in the UK you can get G&B’s at petrol stations šŸ˜›

    Kazz – Nice to meet you and good luck comrade šŸ™‚

    Kate – Oh aye! I like the milk choc with the almonds or the dark with mint filling. And also second Scott on the charms of the white one! Nice flecks of vanilla innit. I’ve yet to try the dark choc with cherries but my sister says it rocks.

    Queentracy – great stuff! you sound well determined šŸ™‚

    Wendy – that’s bloody brilliant, i hope you enjoy it

    Emma and MizFit and Kat and Scott – cheers for those suggestions! I better get to the itunes store quick. I’ve been pissfarting around all morning and have yet to get out for my walk, eeek…

  13. Sometimes the actors on audio books are so bad that they can ruin a book forever. The best thing is to get one read by the author himself. David Sedaris is great!

  14. The Harry Potter books narrated by Stephen Fry are addictive (if you like that kind of thing)…

  15. I have to second the Carl Hiassen suggestion if you like your entertainment on the funny and absurd side. Haven’t tried the audiobook versions, but I’m a hard copy addict.

  16. G’day, thought I’d finally leave a comment and say good luck on the eight miler. Almost feel as though I should start freestyling, Ć  la Eminem.

    G&Bs chocolate looks amazing.

  17. hi Shauna, loved your book fab like a big bar of choc….only thing that miffed me was looking at photos mid story – I see wedding pics with your lovely Gareth,,,yet mid point didnt know this is where it would go (though I knew it would) but other than that love it hope the next one is out soon good luck tomoro hen! x

  18. For your walks, i recommend podcasts! Assuming you have an ipod or other mp3 player (and if you don’t, you should get one, they’re great for walks and runs and being bored on the subway – ie the tube in toronto-ese), podcasts are a great way to get in some distracting intellectual stimulation while you walk. Plus, it’s easy to switch to motivating music if you need or want it.

    My favourite podcasts are from a california radio station called KCRW Santa Monica, as well as many from the bbc.

  19. I have your book!! fantastic – yet to read it but I know how it ends šŸ™‚ I’m in New Zealand so it here now so I will be spreading the good word about it.

  20. Hi Shauna, first time i have posted! Just read your book! Completely loved it (like many) and now totally hooked on your blog! I’ve lost 4 stone so far, and after reading your book i have joined the gym (thank you) and i am loving it! Can’t believe i am a Gym Bunny! Just wanted to say well done on the walks you are doing great!!

    Keep up the good work hun x

  21. Hi! This is the 1st time posting on your blog. I came across your site from a blog roll on another site. I ordered your book over a week ago (I’m in the US), and I cannot wait to read it. You are such an inspiration! Thank you! PS: Will also have to try G&B chocolate. Supposedly (according to the site) it is sold in the market near my house, so I will have to check it out.

  22. hi Shauna,

    It has been tooooo long since I read your blog
    (9 months eek) but since moving to nz have had about 3 mins to myself. We spoke briefly when we were both trying to get visas aaaaaggges ago.

    Anyhoo just wanted to check in, and thankfully have found you are still the best! yay!

    Keep your chin up out of that slow period. I think I might make it to the gym tonight – I knew your blog was great for inspiration woo!


  23. I just looked at that G&B site. I didn’t quite realise how absorbed I’d become until Jase came wandering in and said ‘what are you looking at?’, and I showed him, and he said ‘ok, now I understand what was making you say ooooo.. baby.. oooo.. baby, yeah’.
    It must have been a subconscious reaction.

  24. Hi Shaunna
    Just dropping by to say how much I loved your book, and now your blog. I’ve been a serial dieter for well, most of my adult life, and am still a couple of stones overweight. Last week, inspired by you, I started running (gulp) and although I’m now in severe pain (!) I know it will pass and can’t wait to get out there and try to keep going for longer than a minute… I’m in a bit of a chocolate freefall at the moment (maltesers are my problem), but reading your book has helped me understand that I’m allowed to give in once in a while – it’s the long picture that counts. Best wishes and good luck with all your goals, Susie x

  25. hey dietgirl.
    Found your blog by total accident…Elle article…and i LOVE your blog. Inspiring and hilarious. THANK YOU. I really need a pickmeup/kickupthebutt and reading your journey has helped loads!

  26. Hi Shauna,

    I have slowly been working my way through your archives, I’m at the end of 2005.

    I have to say, it has been so inspiring, I spend all my time saying “Yeah, I agree with that”, “Ooooh, that happened to me”, I feel like you’ve climbed in my head, lol.

    So thank you for helping me through my tough times and making me laugh and lighten up about this bloody diet, lol.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. Oh my… I got the mens one too and it was too big and chunky for my wrist when I got it… but I decided to keep it anyway šŸ™‚

  28. Sometimes a bit of chocolate is the only thing that helps after a hell day at work.

    I don’t know if there is an audio version but just read a great book – The Book Thief by Mark Zusak. Sad but a great read.

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