Moonwalk Training – 12 Miles

7 weeks to go

Less shoddy! I woke up in Glasgow totally parched after the previous night of rock. But I ate a huge hotel breakfast, got the bus home then guzzled water for a few hours. When I finally set out at 4PM I felt good and ready.

The new route avoided boring housing estates and instead stomped past pretty villages and beautiful but stinky canola crops. I printed out a map with mile markers and road names and promptly left it next to the computer. But at least I brought water this time! Maybe too much water. Thankfully the route contained a nice bit of wilderness for an emergency pit stop.


  • Led Zeppelin I
  • New Goldfrapp album
  • Various podcasts
  • Mewing of a mangy cat that followed me for ten minutes
  • Rhiannon. I felt a bit lonely at 01:25 so called to say hello and we ended up yapping til 02.15! Well she talked the most; I didn’t want to an obnoxious al fresco phone yapper, destroying the Sunday arvo serenity for any passers-by. I was busy with my huffing and puffing anyway.

Deep Topics Pondered
Vitamins. How come we have vitamin A, multiple vitamin B’s, vitamin C, D and E then there’s that huge leap down to vitamin K? What happened to vitamin J? And vitamin G has a nice ring to it too. When I get home, must look up history of vitamins.

Shoes The Mysterious Case of the Abandoned Shoe. I paused to snap a photo of a pair of black high heels that were tangled into some bushes near the train station.

I’ve been pondering new writing projects, and Gareth suggested I pen a series called The Time Travelling Fat Detective. His logic: everyone loves time travel (witness the success of Dr Who). And everyone loves chick detectives (witness the success of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency). And they say to write about what you know, and I have been known to write about fat. Thus he reckons I could rake in the dough with The Time Travelling Fat Detective. So I pondered the shoes for a couple of miles. Murdered lady of the night? Kidnapped heiress? Most likely, lass with sore feet paused to have a spew on her way home from the pub. But where’s the suspense in that!?

Pain Report
My knee and hamstring were so much better this time round. Everything felt better overall. By the end my legs were tired but I wasn’t staggering and on the verge of howling like last time. Who’d have thought being properly hydrated and fueled would make such a difference? Ho ho ho.

Pretty good by my standards! I walked the 12 miles in 03:04:45, which is a 15:22 pace.

Moonwalk Mood-o-Meter
Much more optimistic now that I’ve got a decent long walk under my belt.

37 thoughts on “Moonwalk Training – 12 Miles

  1. That pace is more than pretty good, Shauna – it’s blimmin’ excellent.

    The food and fuel thing certainly makes a huge difference – says the girl who is in the 3 week countdown to the London event with the prospect of a 20 miler (with 8am start) looming this Saturday.

    (Howling and Staggering here I come…)

  2. Big WOW on the long walk you completed… I’d have probably died after the first hour πŸ™‚ plus would’ve been bored to death too! I’m loving the new Goldfrapp album, what do you think of it?
    Keeping hydrated helps so much, that’s true! Whenever i’m at spinning classes and i don’t drink enough after it i feel really sore the day after (more than usual anyway :)) Keep it up, Girl!

  3. Great job on the 12 miles. That’s a really quick walking pace to keep up for that many miles. You are doing an excellent job!

  4. Keep going Shauna – you are doing great – and thanks for keeping up updated with lots of stats! LOL

    I envy you going around Edinburgh – my parents are from there. Hope to make it up there in June for a weekend away.

  5. My goodness, where do you find the energy to walk 3 hours? I can’t hardly bring myself to run for 20 minutes…I hope I can build up my endurance and write about walking for 3 hours on my blog someday! You are amazing!

  6. Describing Dr Who to foreigners and keeping your credibility is bloody difficult (I’ve been trying with my Polish girlfriend). “A time-travelling alien who travels in a phone box that’s bigger on the inside than the outside”. Hmmmm. Bloody good though.

    Reading about your knee made me think of an article about shoes (or lack of them) I read a few days ago:

    I’m vaguely tempted to try the Vivos but I quite like clomping along in my “loud” shoes πŸ™‚

    Keep at it!

    Scott F πŸ™‚

  7. Does the time travelling fat detective have to have a special time travelling machine and hates it because the plus sized travelling machine only comes in ugly styles?

    Well done on the walk. What’s 12 miles in real measurements? Is that around 20 km?

  8. cheers for your comments groovers!

    Sarah, GOOD LUCK COMRADE! I will be tuning in for your race report! have you got your bra decorated!?

    Nathalie – i think the album is ace!

    Nice one Scott πŸ™‚

    Kathryn, hell yea! The time travelling machine has appliqued kittens on it!

    12 miles is 19.312128 km according to google!

    Andrew – i dabbled in running in 2005 but my knees prefer the walking!

  9. You will have no worries completing the Moonwalk!I never got past 16 miles,but if you are active, determined, and have a sense of humour, it will get your arse around! I did way less training for a 30 miler last year, just an hour every other day, and some swimming, and it was fine! You get carried along by the spirit of the event, and strategic snack stops help too! GO girl!

  10. Wow, 12 miles! Good work!

    I think the longest I’ve ever walked as an adult is probably 10 miles. Got a little lost on what should have been a 4-mile hike. I was proud of myself but also very very tired.

  11. re the time travelling fat detective, you could be somewhat like Precious Ramotswe, only white – traditionally built but relentlessly inquisitive.

  12. Well, go you! I’m glad your knees are behaving themselves.

    I rather love Gareth’s idea, although… there are already books about time-travelling detectives. (Connie Willis’s “To Say Nothing of the Dog” is terrific).

  13. Fab as usual, DG!! Utterly inspirational!!

    Oh & BTW am back on my diet (Cambridge Diet) at last, and feeling positive, no small thanks to you!!

    Way to go!!! πŸ™‚

  14. 12 miles is wicked-well done! I love reading your walking reports, they inspire me so much! Smart girl on the hydration front too. Do you have a juicer? If so juice a bottle full of celery and apple juice and you won’t believe the difference it makes to your hydration levels during walking (must be the sodium from the celery), especially if you make them organic, mmmm πŸ™‚

  15. Awesome work Shauna! 19kms is incredible. Enourmous kudos to you!

    As for the shoes, love the theory’s. Your blogs are always highly enetertaining.

  16. Blimey, that’s fast! Four miles an hour is pegging it, in my books anyway. I’m thoroughly impressed and in awe of The Time Travelling Fat Detective x

  17. Hi Shauna,
    I have been reading your blog for some time now but I have never left a comment. I just wanted to say that you have really inspired me on my own weight-loss journey, and I am excited to say that I just ordered your book today! -Julie from Chicago

  18. hi shauna
    i just found your other blog and i love it! i started in the archives and am working my way forward πŸ™‚ i just have a question though: you describe your problems with your father in some entries but in others you describe calling him for car help, asking his opinion as a mechanic, etc. you mentioned that your parents are divorced, so do you refer to your mom’s ex as your dad? im just a bit confused πŸ™‚
    sorry bout the long comment!

  19. Hello hello all… thanks for your always entertaining comments!

    Mave and Wendy – I quite liked the look of the shoes too! unfortunately they were way too teeny for my big feet, hehe.

    Howdy Kate! I have a rather complicated array of parents and step parents but could give you a brief history if you’re really keen, just send me an email πŸ™‚

    Howdy Julie! Thank you for delurking, that always makes my day πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy the ol’ book.

  20. Hi Shaunna
    Wow I’m impressed and in a bit of a panic. Started training today for moonwalk. 6 weeks to go! Did 2 miles tonight and that took me 40 mins!! Lordy what have I let myself in for!!was thinking I’d try 10 miles on Sat for a Laugh!!

  21. Oh yes – you’ve got to write The Time-Travelling Fat Detective, I love it already!
    Well done on the training. I am deeply impressed by you (as always dahling!)

  22. Wow, I can’t believe I only just found you, you’re inspirational.

    I’d never read anyone’s story that reads so closely to my own (I was 159kg, lost 65, just put back on 16 and am desperately trying to find my mojo again to get back to losing…. oh and I’m the opposite – moved from Scotland to Oz). I rushed straight out to buy the book in my lunch hour so I’m about to tuck in….

    Good luck with your training, you’re doing amazingly. I walked a city to surf for the first time last year and collapsed after a one-off 12km… not even two thirds of your training distance, I’m in awe!

  23. Whatever happened to all the other vitmans? That’s an excellent question, so thanks so much for hunting down the answer for us!

  24. You’re doing great! 4 miles/hour! I usually amble around the neighborhood at 2.5 miles per hour. You’re right about food and hydration making a difference. When cycling I always bring water & if the ride is longer than 2 hrs-food. You use up all your body stores in 2 hours-at least on a bike.

    Women detective rock! I also like Sue Grafton’s novels. Time travel always makes my head spin. If you really want your mind effed with, try Robert Heinlein-I gave up on him. But, on the other hand, I did enjoy the few episodes I saw in the 80’s of Doctor Who-oops, I’m dating myself.

  25. Hey Shauna,

    No bra decorations yet – but we’ve been out buying fabric dye, sequins and sari fabric (there’s a bollywood rock n roll theme to the London walk – do you have the same in Edinburgh?). Thursday night is short walk and bra decorating night. The walk will be fine – three people lacking in haberdashery skills trying to create masterpieces with their underwear – will end in tears.

    nb – just spotted that you’re on Twitter – you’re now being followed (all additional sources of Moonwalk inspiration are most welcome!)

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