Moonwalk Training – 8 Miles

9 Weeks to go

I spent so much of Saturday pissfarting around with my bloody heart rate monitor and trying to choose an audiobook that I had to walk on Sunday instead.

Audiobook Report
You people are geniuses! The eight miles really flew by with a book in my ears. I ended up with The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Heart Rate Monitor Report
Perhaps I did my own bit of time travelling as apparently my heart just stopped beating for about ten minutes. And then at one point when I was huffing up a hill, it had allegedly slowed to my resting rate. !!?! But for most of the 02:04:59, the monitor reflected the level of exertion I felt at the time. When I was getting a bit too involved with the book I’d hear that faint BEEEEEEEEP and looked down to see the rate had slackened off so I’d pick up the pace again.

My HRM has a fitness test feature which I’m sure I will become obsessed with. Gareth doesn’t call me "Statso" for nothing. The test is "based on gender, age, height, body weight, level of physical activity, heart rate and heart rate variability at rest". You put on the HRM then lay very quiet and still for five minutes until it spits a number at you that is apparently comparable to VO2 max. Anyway, the numbers are spread across a range – from Very Poor > Poor > Fair > Moderate > Good > Very Good > Elite. I was smack bang in the middle of the Moderate range. Well! Hmmph. I guess it’s about time I aimed higher; it’s easy to just compare yourself to older versions and say, "I’m an athlete! I used to get puffed walking to the fridge!"

Walking Report
The walk itself felt good, I kept up a nice pace. Not sure if this is due to athletic prowess or that I was desperate to get home in time for the MotoGP.

It’s only eight weeks til the Moonwalk now and I’m a little nervous about the increasing mileages. My fitness level seems good but I get this annoying tightness in my right hamstring and glute – the same leg as my old dodgy knee. It’s been three years since the knee injury and while the knee itself only gets a little achy at the end of the walk, the hamstring and glute thing is pretty much constant. My right leg is still so much weaker than the left. Must work on that.

NEW! EXCITING! Dietgirl Reader Gallery
This weekend I finally finished my wee gallery of People Reading Dietgirl from around the world. I’d spotted photos here and there, and the bombshells (plus one cat) allowed me to gather them in one place. I must have gawked at the page fifty times now; there’s something quite thrilling about putting names to faces. Just seeing the blinds on Laura’s window or Nelly’s couch reminds me again that this little world we’ve created is so real… the blogs, the comments; the ideas on what to have for lunch. Exxxxxxxxcellent πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “Moonwalk Training – 8 Miles

  1. The People Reading Dietgirl gallery is brilliant! I want to immediately snap a picture of myself to submit, but feel I should get tarted up a bit first.

  2. I think you are walking about as fast as I run.
    Maybe see your physio and get a foam roller for the hammy/glute tightness, those things are BRILLIANT

  3. Ditto on the physio advice… and at the very least, do some nice gentle stretching after every walk.

    LOL – if you lost your heartbeat and/or got dodgy readings, your transmitter wasn’t making good contact. Make sure the contact thingies are good and wet before you put it on. Sometimes it can slip a bit when you’re moving, so don’t have it too loose.

  4. Excellent! We listened to “The Time Traveler’s Wife” while driving across the country (U.S.) one time. It was really great to share and very well done. Good choice! Oh, and the last commenter is right about the HRM making good contact. Sometimes you just have to shift it around a bit to make sure you’re getting a reading. Best of luck!

  5. I have to say, I love reading this blog! One of the big things I got from reading your book was how important exercise is. I am a person who cannot completely give up treats. I have recently taken up walking (I need to start somewhere). Talk about your baby steps. My hope is to one day look forward to exercising as opposed to dreading/fearing it. I would also like to be in better shape than my dog πŸ˜‰ As for walking weather in Canada … our weather here in Alberta is wild … we had a record breaking blizzard the other day … I couldn’t quite get up the nerve to get out there and slog through it πŸ™‚

  6. Yes – that’s a good book. If you liked that I think you should consider “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen. It is wonderfully read and that book has the best ending I have read in my entire life.

  7. I’d be a liar if I said I made it pass “pissfarting.” That’s good verbage.

    Please tell me there’s a place on this planet where such a word can find common usage.

  8. Nice pics!
    When I was doing walking with an audiobook I used crime fiction. I found the suspense made me want to walk longer to find out what happened next – and anyway, I just like crime fiction.

  9. I loved that book! I must dig it out for another read. I’m wondering now if audiobooks could be a good way for me to pass the time at they gym….mind you Mika does have a way of making me do just 5 more minutes.

    Got to go, I’m about to try to *run* the school run! (It’s mostly downhill – I won’t be running home!)

  10. My only concern about listening to The Time Traveller’s Wife while out walking would be how stupid I looked to passers-by when I started blubbing at the end!

  11. COME JOIN US, Comrade Go-Go! There’s plenty of room for more in the gallery! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the comments guys! I did have the HRM on nice and snug, but must not have wet the contacts enough. So much technology man, it’s a wonder you ever get out the door to do the actual exercise πŸ˜›

    Loth – there’s blubbing at the end? Oh no! I’m just at the point where they get married. I keep listening to it instead of saving it for my next walk! then again i have plenty of suggestions for the next one πŸ˜€

    Jess – That is hella cool, nice to see the book doing some miles!

  12. Man, I am soooo behind. Must get a copy of that book!

    Love the gallery. Oh, and “pissfarting”… I’m STILL laughing!

  13. I heart the Time Traveller’s Wife. It’s one of those books i’ll read again and again. I hope you enjoy the rest of it (despite the blubbery bits ;0) )

    I also have a Polar and the test they have is a bit iffy if you ask me – it’s all dependent on what you say your activity level is (I did it twice in a row, once on a lowish activity level, and then on the next level up – the first result was Fair and the second was Elite!). Just make sure all your info is up to date for more accurate testing is my advice!

  14. Great job on the 8 miles! Good luck with the rest of the training. Sounds like the books on tape are gonna be a big help. I’ll second Water For Elephants–fabulous read.

    And gee whiz, look at you linking me to your blog. Thanks, matey. =)

  15. Have you ever heard of, or tried a foam roller for your leg muscles? You can google it to get more info, but it really helps with tight leg muscles.

    I’ll warn you, it’s a bit painful at first, but you will be hooked as soon as you get up and walk after doing it.

  16. “pissfarting! – my new fave word!!! Wot a laff!!

    I think someone else suggested he Harry Potter series, read by Steven Fry, as some fab audio books. I can honestly back that up whole heartedly! (Dont choose the Jim Dale ones whatever you do, not a patch on ole Stevie-boy!!)

    I dont have a HRM but I do have a body fat monitor, what a scary device that is!! It lurks in its box atop the wardrobe, and rarely sees daylight! ALso, theres the blood pressure cuff, a little more frequent in its outings, but a stats gadget nonetheless!! My latest is a pedometer; you measure your stride length, imput your weight, and off you go. Voila! Distance travelled, time taken calories burned!! I love it!!!

    Keep posting, you inspired me and am back on the Cambridge Diet as of today!!


  17. Hey Foxy Lady!
    Great choice of book, i loved “the timetravellers’ wife” so beautiful!
    I like audiobooks to keep me distracted during walks/runs too, otherwise i get bored after 5 minutes and just quit LOL… By the way, 8 miles, that’s great keep it up, i’d probably be knackered after 2 miles πŸ™‚ Oh and you forgot to put my picture in your DG reading gallery :(((
    So did you get the HR monitor working in the end or not?
    Greetings from Lux

  18. Thank you for adding me to your gallery Shauna! πŸ™‚ Way to go with the heart rate monitor. I am still fascinated by mine almost a year later, it is an amazing tool to have! πŸ™‚

  19. cheers folks πŸ™‚

    Hey there Nath, I sent everyone emails to ask permission first, so yours might’ve got lost?

    And yep, I got the HRM working , woohoo! Now just trying to get the weblink thingy to work too!

    Dawn – cheers, i might have to check one out! hopefully they’re not pricey as i’ve really overdone it this month with the hrm and the audiobook πŸ™‚

    Wundalucy – good point! i checked my info a dozen times in the hope that i might be fitter than it suggested but alas no.. hehe πŸ™‚

    OH and PISSFARTING is an aussie word folks… makes ya proud!

  20. Well done on ur walk! I know its hard doing training for something like that, but it will all pay off eventually & I’m sure u’ll enjoy it! Just think of how much good u r doing to ur body! πŸ™‚

  21. I love your blog. I’ve been an addicted dieter for years and read every article on nutrition, dieting, trigger eating, etc. You name it. I’ve read it.

    I have found your articles to be helpful and what REALLY appealed to me was when you took it back to basics and said it’s about reduced calories, but more importantly, being patient and letting it happen naturally.

    It’s horrible when you wake up in the morning and berate yourself for picking up 1kg since yesterday. Gone with the scales for now!

    Thank you!

  22. Oh I love The Time Travellers Wife. I read it while travelling around Spain and it made me cry (on a bus in front of quite a few people, actually). Better watch out for that as you are walking along… ;D

  23. “Pissfarting” love it Shauna. Well done on your training, hope you get the ol leg sorted out! I have also lost lots of weight but since reading your fab book I am inspired to up the exercise so thanks for that xx

  24. I have a HRM toooo! And I <3 it! Lowered my resting pulse from 57 to 48 in 4 months (but I'm on the low side genetically - definitely no athlete).

    I love your writings so, so much. Never quit!

  25. Hey! You can solve your books on tape problem by going to the local library and borrowing the CDs from there πŸ™‚

    c’est gratuit!! πŸ˜€

  26. I loved the Time Travelers Wife but got confused alot trying to figure out where the hell he was.

    I can’t wait to get my copy of Diet Girl and will be sure to send a picture for the gallery.

    You still inspire me even if the gadget says you are bang in the middle of average.

  27. I have just this moment got my hands on your book after prying it from my mothers grasp. She saw it in a book shop a couple weeks back and knew that I wanted it so bought it as a present for me – I didn’t know you could read other peoples presents before you actually gave them to said person. All these years I could have been making use of other peoples presents *sighs*
    Anyway I haven’t had a single customer through my shop today so I’m making good headway and loving it πŸ™‚
    P.S my mum informs me she wish she hadn’t got to the end because she wanted to read more!

  28. That’s so cute! I’d take a picture of myself with the book, but I lent it to my mom (she’s thoroughly enjoying it as well x-D).

    Maybe we’ll both pose with it when she’s finished!

  29. I LOVE the Time Traveller’s Wife! They are turning it into a movie as we speak with Natalie Portman as Claire. Great blog… just stumbled in and had to comment about that book!

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