Steamy Windows

Last night I…

  • … sneaked off to Anstruther with Gareth for fish and chips by the sea. It was a clear, sunny evening and we were stressed oot our skulls so decided that LARD WAS THE ANSWER. By the time we queued for the goods it was freezing outside, so we ate in the car (fish and chips me, chip butties for him) and the windows got all steamed up. This is the kind of steamy window action enjoyed by the dull and married.
  • … finished listening to The Time Traveler’s Wife! Argh! I was supposed to save it for walks only, but I got hooked and gorged on the whole thing. Do you see a pattern here!?
    I’ll have to get to the library because audiobooks aren’t cheap. Did you know the movie version comes out later this year, starring Australia’s Eric Bana as the time travellin’ fella? Mrrrowr.
  • … cleaned the oven. The oven had not been cleaned for seven years. Imagine the carnage.
  • … did a rocking interview with an Irish radio station called i102104. I was on the iTalk show with Chris Greene and Mary McGill. I didn’t think you could listen online because the website link on Mary’s email didn’t work, and it didn’t occur to me to ask or bloody Google it myself until after the fact. Tis a pity because it was lots of fun, as it always seems to be with the lovely, lovely Irish folk. I think I was a bit wacky from the fish and chips because when they asked me how and when my weight issues started, I blurted that when I was a child I, "turned to chocolate because I was too young for crack". OH dear.

Tonight Dr G and I are cleaning the kitchen in readiness for painting, so this is the shoddy entry you get instead of the Proper One I’ve been trying to finish for two weeks. But summer is coming and we are desperate to finish fixing up the flat. We are so bloody bored of fixing up the flat. It’s been chaos since last September when we kicked off with the wallpaper stripping. You cannot move for tripping over paint pots and tile cutters and mountain bikes. The kitchen is the biggest pain in the arse – right now the fridge is in the hallway, the microwave is in the bathroom and the spaghetti jar is on top of the telly. An organised kitchen is the most sacred, fundamental element of my health and well-being routine so I’m feeling rather edgy at the moment.

42 thoughts on “Steamy Windows

  1. Hey DG-Hope your renos are over soon!! I’ve lived through the hell of the half done kitchen. If my husband had his way we would constantly be re-doing some room, but my sanity can’t hack it.

    BTW-I’m ROFL at the “too young for crack” comment!!! I may quote you on that sometime!

  2. Your random posts have to be some of my favorite ones…lol…

    Speaking of Fish & Chips, there’s a lovely place in Brooklyn, NY called the Chip Shop and they Deep Fry everything…including candy bars, and already cherry pies (you know the already fried ones with the filling?…well they batter and fry those on top of it all) We’ll have to give it a go next time your in NYC πŸ™‚

  3. Well, if that’s a shoddy entry…

    It just made me laugh out loud. You are so funny and you cheered me up just when I needed it. Glad the walking is coming on; get that hamstring thing looked at now – just to be on the safe side.

    Big kiss.

    Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I will take my steamed windows any way I can get them …

    : )

    Renovation is a deep, dark, time-sucking, energy-draining pit. I learned my lesson, a bit too late — and my bedroom floor is still bare concrete after the joys of reflooring the rest of the house. It looks fine.


  5. Hey there everybody πŸ™‚

    Rebecca, I’m THERE baby! Maybe they could deep fry a Grimaldi’s pizza for Dr G coz a deep-fried pizza is the ultimate for a scotsman πŸ˜‰

    Dr Bob – you have inspired me. we ripped up all our carpets a few months ago and it’s been bare, paint-splattered chipboard ever since… maybe we should just work the au naturel look!

  6. Hi DG
    If you enjoyed the time travel aspect, I can wholeheartedly recommend Diana Gabaldon’s Scottish novels. There are 6 or 7 (I forget) of them & they are addictive reading, although the first – Cross-stitch – is by far the best.
    They feature Scottish scenery and hunky highlanders in kilts, so should be right up your street!

  7. Love it DG! Renovations are certainly a pig!! We had builders in our house for almost a year converting the loft and building a wee conservatory aka utility room! Now we have bare boards in the bathroom, and mess just EVERYWHERE! OH, and I want a new kitchen by the summer too!!

    As for the “crack” comment, I can so relate. I work in a school; its science week and we have a mock crime scene for the children to study. One piece of “evidence” is granulated sugar that links all 5 “suspects”. During a chat over the kids investigations, in the staff room today, it was said the kids had all just assumed it was sugar without scientific testing. I said “Well, how do they now it isnt crystal meth??” Oh, you could have cut the air with a knife. I dont even have experience of such things, let alone what it looks like!!!

    Good to know I am not alone!!

    Great post,keep ’em coming!

  8. Well even your so-called shoddy posts are a joy to read. I love coming here and finding new words from you. You made me smile today. Hope your kitchen gets done quicky quick!

  9. Okay, so I was curious about this Scottish wonder, and looked up your fish and chips shop. Then I wondered what in the heck chip butties were. Did Dr. G actually eat a french fry (chip) sandwich? I have to tell you – I have never seen that in my life. Was there ketchup on it? Explain this strange concept to me! Ha.

  10. Wow. Sez. Mock crime scene for science week… that is possibly the most beautiful concept I have heard for a long time.

    Hey, Shauna, when it comes to cleaning kitchens and ovens (shudder) I heartily recommend either buying or mentioning buying a steam cleaner. ‘Mention’ because a steam cleaner comes under the heading of ‘gadget’ and ‘new’ and, surprisingly, this can often be enough for a male to actually go and clean EVERYTHING. Strange but true.

  11. I’ve found lots of good podcasts that I like to listen to while exercising. I especially like the ones from NPR (US National Public Radio), but there are tons of others out there for free…

  12. I am too scared to clean our oven.
    I have a friend who cleans hers every time she uses it!
    Too young for crack comment = TOO FUNNY

  13. I took you book to my WW meeting today and it went down a treat! The leader was off to buy a copy straight away and everyone was most impressed with you.

    Oh and yes, you must read “Cross-Stitch” by Diana Gabaldon (if you haven’t already). Its set in Edinburgh and its the best book ever!!

  14. We had steamy windows in our car yesterday too, but only ‘cos it was raining and our demisting system thingo doesn’t work too well… An example of the type of steamy window action that happens to the dull and (almost) married!

  15. Random question – and i’m not sure if you’ve put this up before but – Vegie Curry, do you have a good recepie, it appears you make this alot so … yours must be good πŸ™‚
    Cheers Shauna
    from Sydney Kate…

  16. Morning comrades! Thanks for your comments and ideas πŸ™‚

    Heather – Dr G’s chip buttie was a fluffy white buttered roll with the chips plonked on top. Pure carb on carb, fat on fat, action. Honestly, I was skeptical but they are DELICIOUS and one of my favourite discoveries since moving to Scotland. I prefer a splodge of HP sauce or tomato ketchup on mine but Dr G is a traditionalist.

    Kate – I tend to make a different curry every time, depending on what’s in the pantry! Lately I’ve been using this one as a basis – – using red or yellow lentils.

    I’m also going to try this one with butternut, looks bloody beautiful and I bet it would be nice for autumn in Sydney –

  17. I loved the Time travellers wife – I gorged on it too. I stayed up until 2am one night sobbing on the couch as I read the last few chapters… ButEric Bana as the timetraveller? All I am going to think about is him as Chopper ergh!!

  18. Growing up on a council estate in North Wales means that chip butties were a diet staple – sometimes Mum would splash out and we’d have fishfinger butties with red sauce (Oh God I am salivating!) I’m sat here dremaing of thick doorstop slices with proper butter, chunky homemade or chipshop chips and slatherings of tomato ketchup washed down with bottles of Corona pop (my fave used to be Dandelion & Burdock) or sweet sugary tea.

    It’s strange cos at this time I was a skinny scrap of a thing, considering the chip thing actually WAS a diet staple I should have been diagnosed with heart problems aged 8 but it’s only now that I watch what I eat and survive on salad that I struggle with weight!

    Maybe they are lying to us and we should live on chip butties!!!!!!!!

  19. I kn ow you were half kidding with this:
    Do you see a pattern here!?


    great point.

  20. Hi DG.

    Have read all of your posts now and must buy book. You make me laugh …. laughter = fat loss + health.

    But I wanted to let you know that all that G&B talk got me into trouble today. I discovered it in the Health Shop when I was hunting for an elusive product to get rid of dermatitis. G&B is much more interesting. smile

    I stayed disciplined?!!! and my DH hid it before I could scoff too much & soil the treat.

    To stay healthy I need to stay away from sugar and high carbs so chocolate is currently off the menu.

    Keep writing and stay as sane as possible during the renovations …. they are worth the mess.

  21. Mate doing kitchens is hell. ours was in a wrecked state for 8 months, EIGHT MONTHS before it was finished.

    Today, 5 years later with 2 more enormous renos accomplished, i STILL have nightmares about the kitchen.


    Except… our kitchen isn’t even fully finished yet.


  22. Kitchen renovation is torture from the devil for all the delicious treats you’ve cunjured up in there in the past. Of this I am absolutely sure.

    We had an interresting situation a few years back when my cat turned on the kitchen tap in the night and flooded the whole ground floor of my house (try explainng that to the insurance people!!!)
    It took 9 months and many people to sort this out, but I’m soooo glad it happened – I did all the liasing with the contractors, so my house is exactly the way I want it!!!

    Love the random posts, It’s chippy day in our works canteen today so sod the salad, chip butties here I come!!!

  23. 7 years sounds very tidy – I have never cleaned mine – at old house – gave it away – here – I just don’t look.

  24. 7 years? Pfft! My neighbour and I decided that since our ovens were in desperate need of a clean, we should just chuck them out and get new ones. And new kitchens. So we did.

    The end.

    Oh – chip butties? They’re a very peculiar British thing, aren’t they? I mean, a Twistie roll, I totally get, but hot chips in a sammich? πŸ˜‰

  25. I love chip butties, but I never knew that’s what they were called.

    That book sounds a bit like what Desmond’s going through on Lost πŸ˜€

  26. Hi DG!
    Just finished your book a couple of weeks ago, 24 hours after it arrived from Amazon! I laughed, cried and generally got a bit spooked at how accurately someone else had written about my own feelings! I’ve referred back to it a couple of times now to see your thoughts at my point in the weight-loss “journey”. I’ve lost a stone over the last 8 weeks but have reached a bit of a plateau so keep needing more inspiration! Anyway, the main reason for this post was that I wanted to say how much I LOVE Anstruther fish and chip shop! Four years studying down the road at St. Andrews necessitated several trips to load up on the carbs! We stayed away from the deep-fried mars bars the Scots are so fond of though!
    Laura x

  27. Does your oven still work after you cleaned it? what if all the grease and gunk was holding it all together! :O)
    i remember we lived without walls and had the crusty boards as a floor for many many months.. and it was a solar shower out the back…
    the things we do while renovating
    Watch out for those paint tins though, they seem to jump out at you when you least expect it!

  28. Hey Shauna!

    Thanks for the wohooo. I have some distance left to wobble but tis good to be halfway passed. I recall you mentioning with hard earned insight that it’s all about making little decisionson a daily bases…if you lookafter the penny thoughts the pounds will look after themselves..literally. Keep up the good fight girl.I’ll let you know when I’m going to be on the cover of ‘Mens Health! x

  29. Hi your book a few weeks ago and have been lurking on your blog since…loved the book, bit close to the bone sometimes but all true! Am half way (from 20st 2lbs to 15st 7 lbs) through my weight loss journey with ww but am taking on the exercise like a demon…am doing the RFL at Holyrood on 1st June…maybe the Moonwalk next year eh. Take care x

  30. Meant to say…one of the saddest days of my life was when the seagull nicked the fish from my fish supper at Anstruther!!

  31. Fish and chips in Anstruther?? dude i cannot get past that bit!! I’ll have ta come back and read this anther time – the fish and chips in anstruther are to die for!1


  32. Oh yes, I started doing my kitchen (well to be fair two very nice Czech men did) back in January and I still have piles of boxes and bags in both my living room and bedroom.

    I was without a kitchen for five weeks, living on cup-a-soups, fish’n’chips, Turkish takeaways and the kindness of friends.

  33. “I got hooked and gorged on the whole thing.”

    DG, I can so relate! I just did that with the sequel to “Chocolat”. . . . Oh well, at least there was no sugar hangover the day after. Heh.

  34. Just finished reading your book. Fantastic and such an inspiration.
    Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch series is the best I have ever read. Give it a go.
    Loved Scotland. Back again 2010.


  35. Hi,
    I recently read the book and loved it. I’ve been on and off weight watchers, scottish slimmers, 3 day diets, etc for the last few years. Sometimes I wish I’d never started all the dieting lark, cause I’m even more obsessed with food than ever!

    Talking of which, the fish and chips at Anstruther are to die for, though my ultimate fave is a smoked sausage supper with cheese! Yum, just had one last week at the Links Market in the great Kingdom of Fife πŸ™‚

  36. Delurking a bit here…have you ever read any of the Sweet Potato Queens books? I think they count bacon as a basic food group. πŸ™‚ They’re absolutely hysterical but very U.S. Southern.

    Good luck with the renovations. You’ll do fine and if you’re having a bad day, just pretend Cary Grant’s in your home and it’s a sequel to “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.”

  37. Hello hello hello! Thanks everyone for your comments and hello to the new kids. I have added all these book suggestions to my list, btw… cheers πŸ™‚

    Next time we get chip butties I will be sure to post a photo!

  38. I was listening to the radio here in Galway the night you were on and was so impressed by your story! I’ve been going through your amazing adventures – fantastic work!

    What an inspiration.

  39. OMG they’re making a movie of ‘The Time Travellers Wife’? I loved that book. It made me bawl my little eyes out, several times.

    You’ll be fine with the Moonwalk. Your preparation is astounding and inspiring. If it gets dull you can always start planning the post-moonwalk celebratory munching. πŸ˜‰

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