Recipe: Vegetarian Curry

I've been making a list of questions that keep coming up in comments and emails. Not only for the love of a good list, but so I can finally do that FAQ and be a wee bit more helpful to the folks out there.

One question that has popped up a lot is: Could I get the recipe for the veggie curry you cooked for Gareth in the book?

SpicedahlsoupOh yes. Forget flowers and chocs, there is no better gift to give your new vegetarian love interest than the Gift of Fragrance.

The recipe mentioned in the book is this Spiced Dahl Soup from BBC Good Homes magazine, February 2004 (click on the pic to enlarge). In February 2004 I was living in a sharehouse with six other chicks so I figure the purchase was desperate escapism.

It's an easy recipe and the ingredients are dead cheap. I didn't have a food processor at the time to make the paste so I just chopped and chopped til I couldn't chop no more. I also used yogurt instead of crème fraîche for the garnish thingy.

I've got a few more easy curry recipes/links to share but I'm about to nick off to Glasgow to see Mogwai et al at the Triptych Festival, WOOHOO! But the recipe says "One to cook on lazy Sundays" and tomorrow is Sunday so I scanned it in case anyone is looking to lazify their Sunday!

13 thoughts on “Recipe: Vegetarian Curry

  1. 🙂

    We are growing our own chillies this year, so this will definitely be one to try – I think I’ve got everything else in the cupboard!

  2. Thank you for this recipe! I am a vegetarian married to a meateater, and I am always looking for new recipes to entice him to eat more legumes. This is especially timely since groceries in the US are crazy expensive and I am becoming much more budget conscious. Thanks, you rule!

  3. Thanks for the recipe!!!

    I’m so jealous you’re going to Glasgow – B&S land!!! If you see Stevie, please swoon on my behalf 🙂

  4. I can have everything but the lentils on Cohen’s – I might try it though with a fish substitute coz i can definitely smell the taste through the recipe page!

  5. A red lentil curry is our absolute favourite stand-by dish for when there’s nothing much to eat in the kitchen but you want something yummy and filling. I’ll have to give this variation a try too!

  6. Thanks DG I want to try it out – just one question – are yellow split lentils the same as split peas? I notice that in the ingredients it lists yellow split lentils but in the method it says “Add lentils, peas, ….” – so where are the peas in the ingredients? Thanks! Tracey.

  7. Tracey, “are yellow split lentils the same as split peas? I notice that in the ingredients it lists yellow split lentils but in the method it says “Add lentils, peas, ….” – so where are the peas in the ingredients?”

    Nope, split peas are the green things you use in pea and ham soup. Yellow split lentils refer to channa. Channa are split chickpeas (garbanzo beans for USA readers). So that’s probably where they get the word peas from in the recipe.

  8. Oooh bugger, sorry Tracey! I never noticed that, probably coz I read the recipe the first time I made it but only glanced at the ingredients list every time after that.

    I can’t be sure what type of lentil the recipe is referring to, but I use plain ol yellow split peas (they look like this and illustrated in this this recipe). I think you’re meant to soak ’em but I don’t often get round to it… but it’s always turned out fine.

  9. I read through some of your archives and discovered you and I have something in common! My “birthmark” is on the side of my left pinkie as opposed to your right and hurts like heck when I bang it on something or it’s bitterly cold out and I don’t have gloves. Your entry could have been torn out of my diary. I wasn’t cast out of society for it though, sorry to hear about that. Mutants unite!

  10. If you find the Channa too big, then try moong dal,(mung dahl) split mung beans that are yellow thanks to also being de-husked.

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