Hot Carb on Carb Action!

Not the best timing after a post about healthy food, but I have secured photographic proof of the wonder that is the great British chip butty for those of you who were curious.

I've also added a new page tentatively titled Useful Stuff. Basically I'm attempting to compile all the rockin' health and fitness websites and resources that have helped me over the years, so when people ask me about that sort of thing I can point to this page instead of drooling helplessly!

25 thoughts on “Hot Carb on Carb Action!

  1. ARGH! My hips are swelling just looking at it.

    I just can’t imagine eating something like that. Even when I was a carb addict!


    I have to show Scott this photo. For a while I thought that this was just something my family were common for because everyone I showed said “WTF?”

    I LOVE my chip buttie with a little bit of mayo,.

  3. Hate to say it, but yum!

    I can’t believe they used to serve chip sandwiches like that at school canteens here in Australia. I hope they don’t do it anymore!!!

  4. oooh looks damn fine – just a wee bit greasier and soggier with a dash of ketchup (“red sauce” for the Scots) and then it’d be bloomin perfect.

    Now you’ve got me reminiscing I’m off to hunt for pictures of deep fried battered haggis….yurmmmmm!

    I’m not actually sure I’d enjoy it so much any more. Alhough still a full time sugar addict, grease is something I’ve somehow weaned myself off pretty successfully – ahh the memories

  5. Oh I remember those from my time in scotland yummy. Also when you went into a chippie and you ask for chip buttie they always asked you wanted sauce, but it was such a yummy sauce do they still have that sauce. oh do they also still have there deep fried mushrooms.
    I WANT A CHIP BUTTER. Okay I am slowly backing away

  6. šŸ˜® Scandalous! And delicious! šŸ˜€

    A bit of ketchup, and a fried egg… proper job!

  7. Oh god, I would pay the flights and fly back to Scotland just to have one of those babies right now.

    Totally worth it and the Aussies don’t do a single thing which resembles it.

    Sorry, but they just dont.


  8. As much as I love(d) chip butties, they are “beige food” and beige food is almost inevitably bad food, therefore I never eat beige food anymore! Food in bright colours is the way to go. Green = good. Beige = Bad.

    [/convincing myself]

  9. Ohhh I hear ya Wendy. Beige food definitely falls under the category of once in a blue moon. I think Gareth being Scottish he has some sort of internal chip clock whereby he needs a fix every month or so.

    LBTEPA – The chips at Anstruther are sorta crisp, but not in the Australian way that chips are crisp. But they’re not soggy, so they’re accepetable to Aussie palates. Hehe.

  10. Ahhh. Of course. Looks better than it sounded. Especially that roll… Butter anyone?

  11. I love chip butties!! nothing like the fatty carby combo with loads of tomato sauce. You must miss proper Aussie chips though!!

  12. This is fantastic! My Scottish husband amazes me with his love of “carb on carb” delicacies like this, and he honestly thinks there’s nothing at all odd about them. Since moving to America, he also has developed a fascination w/peanut butter on toast, but he makes sure to put real butter on the toast before the peanut butter, because PB by itself isn’t fatty enough. (BTW, I still haven’t gotten him to warm up to the joys of the PB and Jelly sandwich. Maybe after a few more years!)

  13. OMG, I totally used to LOVE eating those… I say used to ’cause I forgot all about them. Thanks for reminding me… guess what’s for dinner tomorrow? mmmmmm

  14. ANYTHING is good on a sandwich, carb or not. Leftover pasta salad. Leftover chicken risotto. Slightly warmed spaghetti bolognaise. Curried lentils. But then my fiance thinks I’m a little odd for enjoying any food I can find jammed between two slices of bread. Hey, it’s always a good grainy type of bread!

  15. Yum – I do miss chip butties. I remember trying to explain them to american friends when I first moved here and they just didnt believe me. Took a friend visiting from LA down to a chippie in NY on lower East side and I still remember the look of horror on her face when I ordered and ate one. );0)

  16. Holy moly that looks good!!! and especially since the chips are from anstruther, had fish and chips on holiday there when i was wee (30 years ago ) and I can still taste them mmm, then I wonder why I had a weight problem lol

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