I Make Yourself Thin: Dietgirl in Germany

Dgdecover_2 The German translation of Dietgirl is available for pre-order on Amazon.de!

I don't speak German so I first turned to Babelfish, and the result was rather wacky. The title Ich mach mich dünn literally translates as I Make Yourself Thin. Which makes me sound like a magician or something!

So I consulted my pal Caro from Freiburg who was much more helpful – "'Ich mach mich dünn' also means 'I'm taking off', as in starting up or leaving, which is pretty funny with the cover pic, i reckon."

The book will be published on 1 January 2009 by Droemur Knaur.

» Find out more about  Ich mach mich dünn at the Droemur Knaur website

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