Inbox Update

Uma Just a wee update on the email situation after the Mini Meltdown of March, when I was running round like a headless chook trying to fit in flat painting, book pimping, Moonwalking, bathing, etc.

I’m still bumbling along and still behind with emails. But progress has been made and I’m well down to double digits. As for the flat, there’s just one more stinky little room to go. The whole operation would run more efficiently if I could write and paint at the same time. Or if I had a butler. "JEEVES! Take down this note!"

Thanks a bazillion to everyone who has taken the time to write and/or send photos for the Dietgirl Reader Gallery, you rawk! The Gallery is up to date now – in addition to the cat and assorted humans, we have a literate dog in our ranks! I’m crossing my fingers for a budgie or donkey next.

5 thoughts on “Inbox Update

  1. Thanks so much for doing the handbag part of the meme! It was great of you, especially since you’re so busy.

    I have the same burt’s bees lipbalm 🙂

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