71 June

I walked the Walk! But I’ll have to wait to talk the Walk until later in the week when we get back from our wee jaunt in the Highlands. The Walk took me EIGHT HOURS so as you can imagine I have a lot of Walk to talk about.

But I’ve run out of time; its 1.23 AM and I just finished going over 409 pages of proofs for the US edition of Dietgirl. I read the cover note last week in a zombified state and thought it said, "complete by 71 June". Plenty of time, nae bother! But of course there is no such date. It was actually 17 June, which is today. Now my eyeballs feel like they’re about to explode which nicely parallels the feeling in my calves!

I better scoot to bed. Until next time, here is a picture from the Start line, just before midnight. Already looking tired, but behold the joy and innocence!


(We are all wearing plastic coat thingies because it was SO bloody cold)

And here is the complete opposite of joy at 4.21 AM Moonwalk0421. The orange was very tasty, however.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your kind comments and Moonwalk wishes! And also a big woohoo to those who climbed aboard the 100 PushUps challenge. I did the Initial Test and managed just three trembling reps. The only way is up.

33 thoughts on “71 June

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on finishing the Moonwalk and on your marathon reading, too. Enjoy your break – you deserve it.

    And I’m glad to say I’ve started the push-up testy thing. I did 8, and I managed to make it through the first day of training today. I feel stronger already.

  2. Where do you get all your energy?. I was born with no inner motivation and I look at you and think wow. Congratulations on doing that walk (and all the other people that did it too).

  3. Congratulations Dietgirl!!

    I’m not that fond of driving 26 miles, never mind walking it! I bow down to you in “We’re not worthy” stylee!

  4. Well done to you! I am seriously considering doing this next year now after reading about your experience.

  5. Not that it really matters or anything but…8 hours is a friggin’ fantastic time! Can’t wait to read your report. Have a nice vacation.

  6. That orange is a seriously good look on you.

    I’m doing the initial test tonight before spin – if I do even two good form reps I’ll be jumping for joy!

    TA x

  7. yay for the walk and OMG… The US edition of your book!!!! Can I be in the audience when you are on Oprah??

  8. You roooock so haaaard 8hrs is awesome! Hubster and I start the challenge tonight, I hereby declare my bday the start of “the year of the pushup” ha! should be interesting. I forsee 0.5 of 1 perfect pushup πŸ˜€ Have a fab holidays xox

  9. I am trying to get some of my friends to do the press up challenge! Congrats on moonwalking in Edinburgh last weekend, I would have been out to cheer people on but had my own jaunt to the highlands already booked. ;(

  10. Well done, you! I hope that the next couple of days involves lots of sitting with feet up, while minions bring you cups of tea and choccie bickies. And foot massages – you deserve foot massages.

    I think I’d struggle with 26 bloody miles. I’d probably have had a complete sense of humour bypass by about Mile 15 and major whingeing would set in.

    You’re a champ!

  11. Well done! I have admiration for anyone who completes the distance – and staying on your feet for 8 hours plus is way harder than being in the pub within four believe me. I’m looking forward to reading the full version!

  12. Hey! I just wanted to mention that you inspired me to join the Hundred push up challenge, which I’m trying to keep myself going on by blogging it.

    I can’t believe you walked that far! or for that long! You have every right to be very *very* proud!

  13. Woohoo, well done missus, that’s a fantastic time for your moonwalk!! I have to confess to struggling to complete the 6.5 miles sponsored walk I done a week past Sunday, I’m still suffering with the blisters. How do you do it? I am in awe!!

    Good luck with the US version of the book, and enjoy your wee break. Looking forward to reading your report on your return

    Tracy XXXX

  14. Congrats on the walk!!! Glad to know you made it out alive.

    I forgot that you all are so far up the globe that it gets daylight there really early…I was startled to see it so light outside in your orange-eating picture. But then remembered the summer I spent 2 weeks in Europe that the sun was up way more than it ever is in Indiana.

    Can’t wait for the report!

  15. I can’t wait to hear the details of the Moonwalk. I’m sure it was an experience you will never forget. I love the orange smile!

  16. Congrats on completing the walk. I don’t think I am the only one who wants to hear about the state of your hands – hopefully with pictures!

  17. Bwahahahaha – I LOVE your orange photo!! heheh you look soooo grumpy πŸ˜€
    Can hardly blame you, I have that same look at 4am any day, let alone after walking for hours.
    Congrats, you’re a bloody inspiration!!

  18. There’s going to be a US Edition of the book?? Hmm, maybe I’ll have to get that one, too. Does that mean you are translating all of your fun lingo for us in the States? It’s been fun deciphering your Aussie & UK code words in your blog and your book πŸ™‚

  19. oh yay, the american edition! i will be sure we order it here at the library. πŸ™‚

  20. Hey, thanks to you we’re doing the 100 pushup challange at our house. I feel stronger already! ~j

  21. OK, so the press-up challenge still remains..a challenge. But I am thinking about it, which is all important!!

    And so….lovely DG…you have got a marathon, yes, a M_A_R_A_T_H_O_N under your belt now. How cool is that??? I think your time is absolutely respectable!!!!!

    Well done. Please tell me you are feeling proud of your efforts?!?!?!? Because you must be, US deadlines notwithstanding!!!

    Big kiss

    Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Congratulations on a U.S. edition of your book. I hope it does well. I find it quite funny that we need to have translations done for us from ENGLISH! I’m curious what kind of changes were made?

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