Friday Link Feast #1

Atlas If you're lazing about on a Friday afternoon – perhaps waiting for your long weekend to start if you're a lucky, lucky American – here's some links I've been meaning to share:

  • Charles Atlas Will Make A Man Of You!
    Forget your new-fangled Wii Fit! Todd Levin, the funniest bloke to ever set foot on the internet, went back to Charles Atlas, the original godfather of fitness, and followed his 1922 "Dynamic Tension" course for a month.
  • Beetroot, Squash & Halloumi with Chilli-Herb Dressing
    This recipe from Helen Graves is a cracker for your Help! There's A Vegetarian At My Table file. It's the most blow-your-socks off flavoursome salad I've had in a long time – savoury, sweet, fire and crunch in every brilliant bite. I've made it twice this week and already plotting its next appearance..'"
  • The Sustainable Seafood Dilemma – Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini has an excellent take on this incredibly complex issue with some great links and debate in the comments. I've always loved my sushi and fish n chips but the guilt, the GUILT! It's all become too much.
  • Do you use a washing up bowl?
    There's a rowdy discussion over at my non-fat blog about what I thought was a uniquely Scottish phenomenon, the plastic washing up bowl. Aussies thinks it's weird but the Brits will defend it to the bitter end.
  • Let them eat cake (and ice cream) – Some interesting thoughts on the differences between premium and less expensive ice creams – what are you really paying for?
  • 12 Ways To Secretly Practice Yoga At Work
    Abby Letz of Heartfelt Yoga had some great tips and thorough directions over on Elastic Waist
  • The Chocolate and Peanut Butter Gallery
    One of the things I love most about America is how you bring together peanut butter and chocolate in a myriad of ways. This site is "dedicated to the world's two best ingredients".
  • From Losing to Lifting
    Our pal Marla wrote a corker of an article about the profound effect weight training has had on her life. One choice quote: "I'm less intimidated by the opinions of others—and no small part of that is mentally muttering 'dude, I could kick your ass

12 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #1

  1. That ice cream article reminds of the times I’ve made bread in the breadmaker that didn’t rise all the way. I get really dense bread that has the same amount of calories. I didn’t realize ice cream was the same way.

    And thanks for the link to Marla’s article! I hadn’t seen that.

  2. Whoah – good call on the ice cream link! My allegiance to Haagen-Daz has finally been justified!

  3. Hello! I’m so glad you enjoyed my salad. It’s funny because I was just having a good old read through your blog today and now it seems you have been looking at mine too. Cool.

  4. Marla’s article has reminded me why I liked weightlifting and why I really need to get back to it.

    But… for the record, the best-tasting vanilla ice cream I know is the stuff in the dark blue box from Lidl. Yes, really. (But for non-vanilla, I agree with the article.)

  5. Love Marla’s article – I’ve been useless at upping my weights at Body Pump for months now – this has inspired me to at least try!

    TA x

  6. Well I’m a Brit and with you all the way on the pointlessness of plastic washing up bowls. What’s wrong with just using the sink? That salad sounds delicious, think I know what to have for dinner tonight now…

  7. Just a friendly reminder for you people writing inane comments that exist purely to raise the google juice of your content-free ad-clogged site: that is SPAMMING and your comments have been removed.

    To the normal, real, non-pimping people – thank you as always for your lovely comments, they are always appreciated! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the shout-out, sweetie! It was hard to write that article – not in the way I thought at first, in fact once I got going I could hardly stop! It was hell to edit it down to a reasonable size.

    I don’t use a washing-up bowl, but since we’ve had extreme drought two years in a row, I can tell you I’ve really changed my habits vis-a-vis water consumption!

    I think I linked that same article about ice cream on my blog. So true.

  9. haha I read that ice cream article on my bday (17th june) and promptly bought his book, it convinced me that he must know what he’s talking about because we have the same beliefs. Good stuff there 🙂 MMM HAAGEN DAZS. Also that salad looks deadly delicious, I’m giving it a go the moment that the gourds are back in the shops mmmmm gourds

  10. Marla – Didn’t realise there was drought in your neck of the woods too! I wish you could send you some of our water.

    Cat – The salad really is ace… and yes, soon it will be gourd-o-rama! Thank you for reminding me of joys of autumn 🙂

    I read the article on 17 June too, how bloody sad that it took me 2.5 months to blog about it!

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