Must be the season of the bitch

I overheard two ladies having a chinwag outside the post office. One tall and thin with blue mascara and St Tropez tan, the other short and festively plump.

TALL:  And how are you getting on with your wee diet?

SHORT:  [beaming] I lost a pound this week!

TALL:  I only lost a pound this week, too.

SHORT:  …  *

TALL:   Then again, I’m already six pounds under my goal weight.


(* where equals the sound of a soul being destroyed right before your very eyes. Honestly, I’d take six pounds over an OompaLoompa complexion any day.)

33 thoughts on “Must be the season of the bitch

  1. Weren’t you tempted to offer to hold the Oompa-Loompa down so the wee lady could get some cardio in by kicking her backside?

  2. Oh my, there are so many evil but appropriate things to say about that little exchange I don’t know where to start. Maybe the Oompa-loompa loses a pound of soul with every pound of fat?


  3. Nothing like a bit of encouragement is there. Crikey.

    “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Madeleine Albright

  4. Grrrrrr…while I have irritatingly tall, slim friends who pretend that they need to lose weight, none of them has been that bad….maybe they’re scared of what I might do to them….I’m a very strong girl!!?

  5. Omg…I HATE people like that. Why can’t they just see the possitive stuff and be happy about in and praise it instead of seeing everything as a failure?

    And I know I’m not a good person thinkg bad things about the tall bitchi one…but yeah…I can’t be a good person every day >_<

  6. I have some skinny friends who are always saying they need to lose weight but that woman…jeez. That really takes the biscuit..or not in her case!

  7. Sometimes some people are really caught up in their own world and don’t think of how their comments affect others.

    I wonder what the short one was actually thinking…

  8. That’s harsh. I also heard a really bitchy comment the other day related to body issues & weight.

    Me: I’m such an extreme hourglass, I find it really hard to buy clothes for my shape.

    Other girl *dirty look*: Eh, but you know, the body shape changes when you lose or gain weight..

    Meaning, I presume, that I’m only an hourglass because I’m overweight?? As if I was bragging about my perfect body and she really had to bring me down to earth. Interesting how even girls within the thin-normal range have to act bitchy and ungenerous.

    And for her information, I’m getting more hourglass-shaped the more weight I lose. 😛

  9. Mmm, insensitive much?

    I doubt there are evil intentions underlying the comment, she’s probably just a bit self-absorbed (like most people). I’d also guess she has some issues with self-confidence, body image…who knows? Maybe her husband keeps telling her she has a fat arse.

    It’s still gob-smackingly rude, but then people are odd…

  10. I think you got it there Kek – it was just a real “now, let’s get back to the wonder of ME” kind of tone 🙂

  11. Buh?

    Nastiness like that shouldn’t be allowed.

    I hope something very nice happened to the short lady later in the day.

  12. That’s awful. Why would she be so mean???? I recently lost a lot of weight, and I’m very proud of myself, but I’d never act this way about it. Ugh.

  13. Something similar happened to me a while ago.

    ME: I lost 2 pounds this week. I did really well on my eating plan.

    SO-CALLED FRIEND: I only lost 2 pounds this week, but I did only do 8 hours at the gym. Are we getting a pizza tonight?


  14. Hi… she was a bitch- I wish pain on bitches..

    Iam a bit drunk

    pleasen dont publish this..’


    check out my drunk blog post

    I guarantee i will delete it bef0orw tomorrow~!!!

    How embarrasment

  15. I had a similar experience last week with a friend:

    HER: How much weight did you lose on the first week of trying?

    ME: 7 lbs., but most of it was water weight.

    HER: 7 lbs?! Well, if you lost that much every week I’d finally think you were serious!

    ME: …

    Where “…” is my brain trying to ascertain whether my Sharpie marker could do more than cosmetic damage to her jugular.

  16. Oh Erin… what a cow!

    BITCHES! Bitches everywhere!

    Ash – Drunk commenting! Haven’t seen that round here for awhile 🙂

  17. I woulda opened a serious can of whoop ass on someone if that comment was aimed at me!! there’s just no need for people like that…. RUDE!! and anyway…. “i can lose weight….. she’ll always be ugly!!” na na na!!!! *reverts to the playground and 9 years old!!*


  18. Grrr some people are just so mean and insensitive!!!

    I’ve had similar – my OH means well but when I say “Oh I’ve lost 2lbs” he will be completely unsupportive and say “Well you weighed in the morning after having a wee and its probably all water”

    Another of my pet peeves is me: “Oh I’ve lost 3lbs” he says “Have you checked your jeans pocket?”

    Grrrr – I get him back though. I destroy his muscle bound ego after hours on the weights at the gym by calling him “Pigeon Chest” HA!

  19. I think we give to much importance for what people say. For example, I started my strength training this week and I’m doing 3 exercise, that’s right just 3, if I listen most people they will say that I should do more and just 3 it’s not enough and etc.
    But the fact is that at my stage I just can do those 3 and after I get used to I will add more.
    So I think that people stop paying attention about those things and start to pay attention in their action.

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