Party like it’s 2006

I just re-published an entry from October 2006 by mistake. I haven’t really just returned from a rollicking weekend in Spain and the clocks haven’t really just changed back for winter, plunging Scotland and myself into darkness. If I keep doing this sort of thing my blogging permit will be revoked.

12 thoughts on “Party like it’s 2006

  1. Thank god for that! I was sitting here thinking “Wha…? It’s dark at 5pm in Fife? Wait, it’s 5pm in Fife? Does that mean I can go home now? Or is The Darkness going to come for us in Edinburgh too? Help.” Whew. I can come out from under my desk now.

  2. Well I guess you should get back to Spain to frolick! Where IS the next place of travel for you? Austin & San Antonio Texas are nice…or perhaps China once the Olympic craziness is over…Bejing and Xian are great places to visit.

  3. You are so funny. And just think. You don’t even have *mommy brain* yet. Wait until you and Dr. G have ankle biters (if, indeed, that’s in the cards… you are obviously not required to reproduce to be worthy & valuable human beings ;-). The brain cell malfunctioning really kicks it up a notch after the wee ones enter the picture. I seriously cannot remember ANYTHING–everything has to be written down (often, in multiple places if it’s really important) or else I forget it. What did mom’s do before sticky notes?!

  4. Re-read your book today and want to say again how brilliant it is. Glad I didn’t wait for the U.S. version, which will have to be edited in case we can’t translate “crisps” to “chips” and “chips” to “fries” and all that. How do you Aussies keep three different systems for weight measurements straight in your heads?

  5. I enjoyed reading it despite feeling confused as hell. I did wonder of Scotland was in a different time zone to England and no one told me!

  6. Who cares? I’m so excited – because I’m so far behind on everything, I’ve just realised your book is out!!!!!! I’ve just been down to Borders and bought it. Now I can’t decide if I should chuck a sickie so I can go home and read it, or limit myself to half an hour a day so the treat last longer, or save it to read on the flight to Sydney next week. Oh, what to do, what to do?

  7. I agree with BeckStein, Austin is nice! I live in Austin! Very healthy and fit-orieted city. Loads of lovely hike and bike trails, but of course nothing like Bonny Scotland.

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