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Laura from Leeds! Are you out there? Thank you for Amazoning me the bloody brilliant Last Shadow Puppets CD. I combed through my emails and there’s a freakishly high amount of Laura’s but the Leeds is throwing me. If you’re out there I’d love to say thank you properly 🙂

In other news, I am guest blogging at Limes & Lycopene today as part of Kathryn’s most excellent 31 Days to a Better Diet series. The post is called Tricks & Treats, all about how I overhauled my approach to treat foods, for want of a better term. Honest guv, I’m not always a Zombie!

A sample:

"I sat down and made a list of my favourite foods – all the things that filled my senses and left me truly satisfied. Instead of just writing “chocolate”, I specified particular brands or recipes. It sounds like a dorky thing to do, but it’s helped me to make more mindful choices. I remind myself that there’s a big difference between my grandmother’s homemade caramel slice and the cheap supermarket one that tastes like sand."

Read the rest over at Limes & Lycopene.

11 thoughts on “Tell Laura I Love Her

  1. A half-full plane of sleepy travellers aren’t too keen on you. No, actually, it was me who pissed them off. I actaully SNORTED, I was laughing so hard. This was when I was trying to read Craig the bit about you writing the word ‘Blue’ on your foot in Las Vegas.
    The book was wonderful. Honest, straightforward, heartfelt. Review coming up on my blog soon – are you happy for me to link?

  2. I was interested to read your post about mindless eating/comfort eating (Sundae bloody Sundae) as I have decided to seek help from a psychologist rather than go on yet another bloody diet. My first session brought home how much pain is associated with over eating. People will use eating as a way to anaesthetise themselves from pain. No different from drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. Horses for courses.
    You have made huge inroads into understanding how your mind ticks and why you over ate and I believe that is the key to your success. It’s not all about counting calories, as you learnt very early on.

    BTW – Have just returned from a week in Canberra. Had forgotten how beautiful that city is. And how bloody cold!! 🙂


  3. Alaskaboy and I found Green and Blacks at a shop the other week.

    We enjoyed the Mint bar but weren’t so keen on the Currant & Hazelnut. what we did find verey interesting is how we had a lingering taste of the cacao bean roast long after we’d eaten the chocolate. Like drinking coffee almost.

  4. Kada – Ooh I’ve not tried the Currant & Hazlenut, sounds kinda odd! I like your description of the lingering taste 🙂

    NJ – nice to see you as always 🙂 hope it goes well with the psychologist. it is a long road and i still frequently screw up but it is a lot better. and yes, canberra! lovely but chilly as.

    Smaller Sue – thank you very very much and of course happy for you to link! I can add you to the Reviews page too.

  5. Brilliant post, Shauna. I am rather fond of the 35g Green & Blacks bars myself!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, too. 🙂

  6. I just realized why The Last Shadow Puppets sounded so familiar! One of the guys is the singer from the Arctic Monkeys. Love them! I caught them at Coachella two years ago and I’m hooked. Can’t believe they’re so young! Are Shadow Puppets worth checking out?

  7. Is it good? I keep meaning to get that CD but Dan has bought me something from HMV for my birthday this weekend so maybe it’d that?

  8. Angel – don’t panic! I just read your entry – calling for backup sounds like a great plan. Talking about what’s going on in your head is a great start towards unravelling your relationship with food. Hang in there comrade!

    Kami and Sandra – It’s a great CD, very lush and retro and I like the lyrics 🙂

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