Dance Everybody Dance

Hello comrades! Lacking in imagination, we’ve come back to New York for our hols this year, combining business with lee-sure. I am tapping this out at snails pace on my phone, no links or cut n paste or edit… fark!

On the plane we got peanuts with five different kinds of sugar… Is that a world record?

We went to the park to watch the nannies and squirrels roam; a pug attempt to mount  labradoodle.

Back to the hotel at 6pm, 11pm back home, to rest our eyes Just For Five Minutes. I said to G, "what do you fancy doing now?" and he mumbled, "Dancing. Studio 54" and suddenly… it’s now 6AM!

Must’ve been tired. Such wild party rockets we are.   

22 thoughts on “Dance Everybody Dance

  1. Hello girlfriend.

    NY for the hols sounds like fun. Is the business there another book per chance?

    Have you brought your belts with you?

    Where do you stay when in the Big Apple-a hotel/an apartment?

    What are your plans/must-do’s?

    Whatever you do I hope you have a nice business holiday.


  2. You are in NYC? I hope you get in touch with me I would love to see you again!

    The hubs and I could come and meet you for din din.

    e-mail me. I am work and therefore sit at a computer all day while I babysit my boss.

  3. Lucky you! And I am laughing at your Twitter update (from your blog sidebar – I don’t understand how to Twitter Direct, as it were) about hemming jeans with safety pins. I am sitting at my office desk (shh!) with my lovely smart grey business trousers on with the hems held up with sellotape. At least I won’t set off any metal detectors!

  4. Woo, there is a possibility I might bump into you in the street!! If I wasn’t cloistered away at work that is.. grr to these people that are allowed holidays!! πŸ™‚

    At least you have missed the sweltering heat of late. I am loving these cooler mornings.. I get to wear a cardi!! (this is my perverted scottish longing for cold sneaking out!!)

    Hope you have a fabulous time here and well done about your gradings!!

  5. I can’t believe you are sooo lucky!! I’d kill to be in NYC right now (never been before), instead of Arbroath!! (I know, I know, the glamour!!).

    Do us all a favour and find a body pump class to try!! see if the body pump poser is a worldwide phenomenon!! haha

    Have a great time!!


  6. I laughed about the safety pins too! I held my trousers up with sticky tape once…but forgot I had done it and put them in the washing machine….what a melted mess that was!! Have fun in NY

  7. Oh oh oh! DG – I have BIG APPLE envy!!! I so wish I were packed in your suitcase. Give NYC a massive kiss.

    How can you tire of the fabulousness that is NYC??

    Do get to the Tenement Museum if you can (or Ellis Island) if you haven’t been.

    Big kiss.

    Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Strange how almost exactly this time last year we were both in NYC and missed meeting up for coffee by a phone call. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Glad you got to go back. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  9. Hi Shauna/DG!
    I’ve been lurking for a REALLY long time – well, not lurking so much as stalking my way through both of your blogs’ archives. However, I felt the need to unlurk today to say two things:
    1) I hope you have a FAB time in NYC – I’m an American ex-pat in Belfast, and I spent most of my summer holidays at home in the city! I am currently wearing the New York hoodie I bought from a street vendor!

    2) I just tried to buy your book on Amazon, and it is SOLD OUT! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Also – boohoo, I shall now have to get off my bum and go looking for it in actual real shops!

  10. Oh man, I’m so jealous!! πŸ™‚

    …Born and bred NYer here. If you are interested in possibly the most delicious and cheap dumplings, check out Dumpling House.

    On menupages:

    Use to figure out how to get there. Any NYU alum worth his/her salt will tell you that this is the place to go when broke and starving. Last I was there, the dumplings were 10 for US$2. And the hot and sour soup is excellent. As are the sandwiches. And the veggie dumplings. And the scallion pancake.

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