Nervous in New York

Hello dear comrades, it’s your trusty foreign correspondent again. I am slightly malnourished after a weekend upstate at a music festival where there was nowt to eat but gyros and candy bars, I shit ye not. Woman cannot live on rock and roll alone unfortunately.

The thing is, my stomach KNEW there was danger ahead. It said into me on Friday morning, "shauna, there is danger ahead. Go to the wee deli round the corner and get some fruuit and veg and sarnies or similar, otherwise I will be growling with pain and turmoil for the next three days."

"Aye right," I said. "we’ll be fine!"

But lo, the stomach knows all and the food was really bad and I paid the price. But the music was fab!

Now we’re back in NYC for one more day, lots to say but must go to sleep as I am meeting the lovely folks at Harper Collins tomorrow morning to talk about the us dg book which is out in December and if I wasn’t typing this on a telephone with one finger I’d tell you about my bundle o nerves and wondering if I should have spent the last six months getting totally svelte and glam and whiter toothed so i’ll be more impressive rather than saying "umm…I got an A- for my orange belt, will that help with our marketing at all?"

Hope you’re having a great week, luvvies.

Best wishes from my right index finger,

36 thoughts on “Nervous in New York

  1. Hey Miss NYC..get you, having a meeting with HarperCollins!! Dazzle em with your continental wit…you’re a star xx

  2. No worries. You are not just a girl but Dietgirl-one with amazing powers. Anything you set out to do you are able to do. BTW I’d be impressed if I was an HC person and you showed me your belts. I’d also want to keep you very much on side just in case you decided to give a demo:)

  3. Hey Dietgirl! I’m an American and I love you! There are tons of people out there who have lost a load of weight, many who’ve lost more than you. That’s so not the most important part of you’re book. We have more twiggy women with sparkling white teeth than we know what to do with. And I’d hate to actually have to read about them. But I, for one, am definitely going to buy your book as soon as it comes out. I’ll probably give copies out to all my friends too, so that’s a guaranteed sale of at least two:) It’s gonna sell like hot cakes.

  4. Good luck good luck! I’m terrified about going into HC in London on Friday (but there will be cake), but I imagine that your nerves are even worse! Try and have fun x

  5. You know my offer to act as your PA still stands, right? Just say the word and I’ll come over and hand you orange juice on demand and whatever else high-powered PAs do.

  6. Happy and maybe a little jealous of you for the HC meeting. Incredibly impressed with your one-fingered typing.

    If you figure out the svelte, glam, and whiter-toothed thing, please do toss a hint or two to the rest of us!

  7. I received your book last weekend from the canadian site you recommended and I’ve already finished it. I loved it!!! After reading your blog for the past year and spending way more work time than I can admit going thru your entire archives, I wasn’t sure if the book was necessary for me. It was! You put in way more information than what was on your blog and I loved it from cover to cover. Congratulations, you’re US sales are sure to be amazing. Anyone else in the US that cannot bare to wait till December should check out the where to buy section of this site. Chapters got the book to me (in Indiana) in only a few days.

  8. YAY for Harper Collins. I hope it’s very exciting -and I believe the belt is probably more impressive than abnormally white teeth.

  9. Oooo. Harper Collins! La di da! Good thing you’re a serious author who kicks ass, and can actually kick some ass, if that’s required. Fear of a beatdown is an excellent bargaining tool to have in your arsenal:-)

  10. Crunchy, unavoidably healthy, organic, fibrous, and vegetarian… try Caravan of Dreams. Extreme degree of hippie-osity, kinda expensive, but you’ll undoubtedly ingest an ungodly amount of fiber and veggie matter. If you bring a sail and some wheels, you might be able to sail back uptown on the power of your farts, depending on your tolerance to veg. matter. The Santa Maria stirfry was good the last time I was there… as was the pesto pizza. My nutritionist friend used to bring me here.

    Far less expensive? Mamoun’s falafel.
    I lived on this for a couple years of college. $2 a felafel and pita, but I hear it’s gone up $0.50 or so. But then, it’s been $2 since my dad came to the states ~40 years ago, so it’s not much considering inflation.

    You mentioned you’re staying uptown, and I’m sorry I don’t know anyplace up there. I spent 4 years traipsing around mainly below 14th street… πŸ™‚

  11. Oooh, best luck for the meeting! I’d keep the orange belt bit to yourself or they’ll have you dressed up in full kung fu uniform for the publicity shots πŸ™‚

  12. Kung Fu outfit for the publicity shots- That’d be awesome! –
    Sleek super hero style.

    Or maybe that’s just me?

    Anyway, so cool to hear about New York adventures, and especially exciting about an American book. I’m curious about how much will be translated for Americans.

    (PS- don’t think I’ve commented on here before but read for ages and emailed you- thanks for lovely lovely reply)

  13. I went to a storytelling festival for 3 days earlier this year and the food was fantastic. there was a vegetarian caterer, then a Caribbean one and then various burgers and sausages made from locally reared meat, plus my favourite the chilli, that was heavenly!

  14. Hi Shauna – It sounds like you’re enjoying the craziness that is New York. I live just down the road in DC and try to make it up to NYC as often as possible.

    I just wanted to comment that after I read your post yesterday I was on my way to the metro when I was stopped by a British couple asking where they could buy Twinkies to take home to a friend – I must have looked at them with an expression of surprise totally out of proportion to their request, because it was like de ja vu after reading your post!

    Sadly, I could not think of a place within a 10-block radius that sold Twinkies. Hope you had more luck!

  15. It was absolutely fabulous to have you at HC. Cant wait to introduce the USA to Diet Girl! We’ll take the american bloggers by storm!

  16. Welcome back DG! Sorry you’re food choices were so limited at the music fest. Hubby & I had the same problem at an INDY auto race this summer-no veggies, nothing but burgers, fries, hotdogs, popcorn, ice cream & italian ices-and they ran out of the ices before I could get one.

    Finally got to try the Fagu yogurt you touted. Wow! It was great. Cost 3 times the regular store brand stuff, but great.

    Other food adventure, my very southern hubby got to try vegemite a few years ago & loved it, much to bemusement of our Aussie friends. He wanted to get some. He found a place on the internet-had to order 6 150g jars. The “best before” date is April 2009. How long do you suppose it’ll take to eat up all 6 jars?

  17. I saw someone in the audience of the daily show last night that I thought might possibly be you. Then I came here, and lo and behold you’re in NY! So was it you? Or am I just crazy?

  18. Lord, I know what you mean. So much about weightloss/maintenance is about planning and making that extra step so that life can be just a little bit easier. I realized that cleaning my kitchen (as opposed to letting dishes pile up) results in both healthier lunches and dinners. No more grilled cheese on the sly for me. Only after I figured out this trick did I start putting in the extra time necessary for my stomach to feel good and my body to feel happy and healthy.

  19. DUDES i have a lot of reading and catching up to do! thanks very much for all your comments. And NYC eating tips! If only there were more meals in the day to fit em all in πŸ™‚

    @Tonia – thank you and really glad you enjoyed the book!

    @Margaret – that is funny about the twinkies! we finally found them at Walgreens, they are really vile looking things aren’t they? hopefully my friend will love em tho πŸ™‚

  20. I wish! πŸ˜‰
    I’ve been to four ATP’s in the UK (I’m from Belgium) and had a blast every time, I love it there. Have you been in the UK before? If you have – how does it compare?
    (I know it’s a little off topic, to say the least)

    Just happened to remember that it was in NY then, I hadn’t ‘pegged’ you as someone who would visit that πŸ™‚ Not that I know, of course… Anyway, I hope you had lots of fun πŸ™‚

  21. Hiya Bianca, I’ve never been to any of the UK ones as I’d never heard of ATP before and just found out by accident. It was bloody amazing, such a wacky venue too in the middle of nowhere πŸ™‚ We couldn’t resist a line-up like My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, Tortoise etc etc so decided to make it a holiday this year. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for the UK ones from now on πŸ™‚

  22. D’oh! Twinkies at Walgreens! Why didn’t I think of that! I bet our local CVS has them…and you’re right, they do look vile. I have to say that while I have many diet vices, Twinkies are not one of them, so I’m sadly uninformed about where you can buy them. Glad you found some, though!

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