Dietgirl out now in Norway

Dg-norwayToday I received copies of the Norwegian edition of Dietgirl which came out this month. It's got Smarties on the cover! You cannae go wrong with that.

Vega, the publishing house, only got in touch in March and they've turned it into a real live book already! Hardcover with full colour photos too. Swanky.

Spare a thought for Carina Westberg, the translator. I can't imagine anything more tedious than having to translate cake and arse and scale and post-Drive-thru-remorse eleventeen billion times.

I don't understand a jot of Norwegian but that hasn't stopped me lovingly stroking the pages this evening and gawking at all the funny squiggles. And… Doktor G!


And Weight Watchers needs no translation, apparently.


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