Friday Link Feast #2

Watermelon I've been stockpiling links for weeks so let's get 'em oot!

  • The Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon
    Now how's this for a hardcore day out in the Scottish countryside?

    – Swim 1.5 kilometres across the murky depths of Loch Tay

    – Run 15 miles over seven Munros [a Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3000 ft]

    – Kayak 7 miles back down Loch Tay

    – Cycle 34 miles around Loch Tay

    – Slice a watermelon in half with a sword then eat it to stop the clock

    The Quadrathlon was featured on BBC Scotland's Adventure Show recently and my jaw gaped the whole time. I did two of those Munros and it took me all bloody day, but 200 mad bastards ran over seven plus all that swimming, kayaking and cycling and they were done before sunset.

    It's not entirely serious though – there's stops along the way for cakes, hot chocolate and even fish and chips!

  • Finding a Bra that Fits – Corinna talks about the importance of good scaffolding.
  • The Arm Bra. Lord help us.
  • What Would Buffy Do? – "In the grand scheme of things, those few days where you're unable to exercise MEAN NOTHING. Rest. Feel better. Stay positive. You don't have to put yourself at a big success/failure crossroads every time something comes up." I love Skwigg.
  • The Cherry Slice Experiment – Cherry Ripes are an Australian sweet that I never ate during 24 years of Australian residency but developed a pathetic longing-for once I moved away. Fab food blog Where's The Beef tries a homemade version, four ways!
  • Bros_2 Drop the Boy – This has nothing at all to do with health & fitness but Keris brought it to my attention that Matt and Luke Goss of Bros fame turned 40 this week. FORTY! How could they be forty already? I can't answer that.

    Many happy returns, fellas. You're a man. Yes you am.

18 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #2

  1. Thanks! Wow, that quadrathlon is amazing! I’m going to suggest we do a lazy man’s version on Elastic Waist to spice things up after the triathlon we just did. heehee

  2. Holy cow, a quadrathalon?? Well, here’s a new goal for you, chickie. We’ll see you in that race next year. Also, Skwigg rules.

  3. Thanks Shauna. Am now completely traumatised by the fact that Bros are actually that old. They went to the same school as me – although LOTS of years before – and now I feel particularly ancient.

  4. You gotta love an ultra-endurance event that ends with “cut a watermelon in half with s SWORD and eat it”.

    Plus the tucker on offer at the refuelling stations is AWESOME.

    Beats bloody living on rice cakes with honey & jelly snakes all day – think I should swap sports….

  5. Jeez-o, I’m aiming for one Munro at first I think – at the moment I can’t even bike up a fairly gradual incline in Glasgow without feeling like I’m gonna puke at the other end! Though perhaps I shouldn’t cycle straight after a grande hazelnut macchiato :-s

  6. sorry, I’ve written about Munros so many times on here I forgot to link it again. A Munro is a hill over 3000 feet, so these guys ran up and down 7 of them plus all that other stuff.

  7. I say WWBD at least once every single day when faced with even the most simple things like feline upchuck. Everyone needs a WWBD mouse pad *nods* LOVE BUFFY

    mmmmm watermelon

  8. Shauna. I was so sad that we missed in each during your recent trip to New York but hopefully we will meet in Europe within a few months. And what a cross-post that will be!

    @Wendy: My dear, surgery you do not need. Personally I like to jiggle when I wiggle but for those of us with a little extra jiggle under the arms (joggle perhaps?) an arm bra actually exists!

    Check out www dot Slimpressions dot com. Just to smooth the line a bit. Even if the dress fits my boobies, sometimes the arms are too narrow. Slimpressions, or something similar, is the perfect thing.

    Love your perfect body. I reject the notion that there is no such thing as perfection. Perfection is not the exclusion of something that you don’t like, but rather the inclusion of everything. All bodies are perfect and beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. I understand wanting to lose weight and I encourage you to do whatever feels good but please darling, call me before you call a surgeon! We’ll have a couple of Cosmos at some fabulous New York City restaurant and everything will be better in the morning.

  9. HA!

    Just catching up with you…
    Your list below gave me a chuckle – re: Bon Jovi.
    I think I felt similarly when I got my first Sarah McLachlan album in the mid-nineties. Haha, MINDBLOWING. =)

  10. So, I finally tried a Cherry Ripe on my third trip to Australia and I have to say, it was okay, but I still prefer Cadbury’s Fruit n’ Nut or a delish Tim Tam over a Cherry Ripe any day. But then, I am not really a big cherry fan unless they are fresh off a tree. 🙂

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