Orange belt, baby! I went back to kickboxing on Monday and finally got my orange belt!

I think we're supposed to wear them in class but I don't fancy it. It's thick and bulky and  I'm already toting enough stuff around my middle, quite naturally. I'll just put it on a shelf and admire it. It will come in dandy if I ever need to tie a damsel to a train track.

. . .

It has been a freaky week. I was going to write about my small tale of woe earlier, but I always feel like a right old goose when I express discontent en blog because someone always emails to say that my tale of woe is nuthin, because their cat only has one leg and their house is on fire, as they speak. Normally I can smile and say, I bow down to your superior misery, but last week I decided to be pathetic and hide offline.

Anyway! Here is the middle class pickle that Dr G and I have found ourselves in.

  • After years of dithering and wallpapering, we were finally putting our flat on the market last week.
  • And we were also juuust about to put in an offer on a nice little house.
  • But alas, that very same day… the bank which held our deposit decided to bloody COLLAPSE.

Dr G and I are dawdling, overly-cautious individuals who put in a lot of time, consultation and head-scratching before choosing a loaf of bread, let alone choosing somewhere to save our pennies. But alas, we did not see this coming in time. Holy shit people, a collapsing bank.

Last Tuesday was rather scary; a day of barely breathing and wondering if you would ever see your little pile of moula again. It is not a big pile of moula but it's our pile of moula and we have put years of effort and tightwaddery into it. So it makes your guts churn to see the balance on the screen but knowing it's frozen and untouchable.

Now everything is limbo. Without our deposit of course means we can't buy or sell nuthin'. We are way under the government savings protection limit so we should be covered, but don't know when/how that will happen. Some reports say six months, others say a year. The governments are still nutting it out so all we can do is wait for news.

It's amusing on one level, because Dr G and I were so shitscared about taking the plunge into proper home ownership (we currently have a quarter of a flat). When we finally summon the nerve to do it — estate agents, solicitors; actually looking at houses in person instead of just going "meh" at pictures on the internet — it all goes tits up. We'd even gone so far to buy a new rubbish bin, since the old one was mouldy and revolting, to add a touch of class to the flat.

It is truly out my hands right now so I'm trying to put the issue into a box labelled "Money Shit" and stick it on a shelf up the back of my brain. I have lots of other boxes to deal with so I don't think it would be good use of energy and effort to wallow.

In the meantime Dr G and I will stay tuned to see if we get our savings back or a truckload of Icelandic cod and Bjork's back catalogue. And I will try not to think about that wee house that I stupidly allowed myself to slightly fall for. Maybe there's another one out there for us. Maybe it will even have a LAUNDRY!

. . .

Back to the kickboxing – remind me not to take four weeks off ever again. My butt and hamstrings are so sore from Monday's class, I'm waddling like a cowboy. I really need to get some sort of Butt and Hamstring Toughening Program sorted.

34 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Oh No! I feel your pain!

    I once fell in love with a little cottage overlooking a cricket pitch. I still dream about it occasionally.

    CP x

  2. I too have a “money shit” box on the shelf in the back of my brain, and only occasionally (at least once a week) do I let it come into the forefront! The rest of the time, i’m too busy with the “work shit” “eat well” and “exercise manically” boxes…

    they keep me occupied most of the time.

    Hope your well


  3. Oh honey, that is SHIT (putting it in capitals makes it seem more dramatic) I didn’t even have a deposit when I bought my flat so I can’t actually imagine… let’s not dwell on it. I am sticking it up the back of my brain in a box called “Other people’s shit to worry about when I am lying in bed trying to get to sleep” .

    On a positive note, would it not be great if you got it back in live cod? I hear it is quite overfished nowadays, perhaps you could start your own… fisherying place thing?

  4. *sigh* same here. i also fell for the quaint house (probably a different quaint house πŸ™‚ ) Now, what will happen?? I feel your pain dude. power to ya — i heard the dutch gov’t bought abnamro… maybe we’re saved? months will tell but will quaint house wait? *sigh*

  5. I’m really sorry to hear this. Think you’re quite entitled to feel a tad woeful. I only hope that when the dosh is sorted out, that you find a BETTER house – my grandmother firmly believed that things work out for the best and I have to say she’s often been proven right so maybe there’s something better and more right waiting for you in the not too distant future..

  6. Oh! That’s awful. I am completely sympathetic – several times in my life some horrible ironic timing like that occurred, and the completed total f*ckedness of the situation was astounding. Yes yes of course someone else has it worse; but that point of view is no help at all in dealing with one’s own problems. I hope it all works out!

    p.s. orange belt is gorgeous.

  7. That royally sucks! I hope these foolish money people can figure out the mess they made before we have to return to bartering or using furs for trade (Canadian history class just jumped into my head there for sec).

    Things do have a way of working out-you will find a house you love better when the time is right. Sucks to have to wait though. Sending electronic hugs to you and Dr. G!

  8. Oh, that is tough. I feel guilty as an American that the collapse of our financial system is having such huge (and personal) repercussions across the world. Not that we Americans are in a better situation…

    By the way, I’m on my third read-through of your book right now and am still finding both inspiration and ideas! I made homemade muesli for the first time last night!

  9. THIRD read-through? Margaret, you sure know how to make a gal’s day πŸ™‚ Hope your muesli was tasty!

    It’s nice to have the comments back – thanks everyone for piping up.

    And DutchCat, I’m sorry to hear you’re in the same boat! Honestly, it’s just so frustrating not being able to do ANYTHING. We had such a flurry of activity getting ready to buy/sell and now it’s just… meh. Hug hug hug, comrade.

  10. Sorry to hear about your frozen funds, but I really do believe that this is a blessing in disguise. These things have a way of working out for the best. With the uncertainty of the market at the moment, I firmly believe that in 6 months when you get your “stash of moula” back you will find the house of your dreams and that stash will then go considerably further than it will today. I don’t think you are anywhere near the bottom of the market yet! 6 months from now should be just about perfect timing.

  11. Yeah, I know, I’m a Dietgirl Addict. My BF said the same thing as you when he saw I was reading it again. Except his “THIRD read-through??” was said in a much more skeptical and worried tone of voice. He then asked if he could lend me a book because I clearly didn’t have enough of my own if I was reading yours again.

  12. Duuuuuude! That sucks! Maybe the wee house will still be on the market, lots of other buyers are in similar frozen situations…

    We are $100k in the red on our flat. EEEK! Other people in our building have bought actual houses elsewhere, then just walked out on the flat, mortgage and all. Craziness.

  13. PS – my three-legged cat is on fire AS I TYPE.

    I was not intending to one-up the financial woes, more saying I’m in a similar boat, up the same shit creek, and not entirely sure where I left my paddle.

  14. I’m so sorry about your house affair. I can relate; I fell in love with several houses and they didn’t work out. But I think in the end, I got the loveliest house in the nicest neighborhood for the price — so maybe you’ll find an even more enchanting place to live.

    Congrats on the orange belt. Cool!!!

  15. Oh Shauna, I’m so sorry to hear about this. It’s one thing to watch CNBC all day and hear about these awful things, and it’s another to know someone who’s got money in a bank that fails. And still another to BE someone with money in a bank that fails. Hopefully they’ll get things fixed quicker than 6 months. HUGS.

    Your U.S. book is so cute! And you can buy it on Amazon with PQ’s, book. How fun. Is a U.S. book tour going to happen???

  16. *hugs* Things’ll get righted quickly, I have faith in that! Just keep the flat all spic and span and in shape, so when things are ready to roll, you won’t be caught off guard!

    (and keep that trash can clean! hehe….)

  17. Dude, that sucks. Even if my 3 legged cat was on fire, you are still totally entitled to feel hard done by – and even yell ‘why me’ to your hearts content! That said, as a wise person said to me once, this too will pass. The absolute worst case scenario is having less money. No one died, it is not irrepairable and you and Dr G have each other to lean on while it’s still all so uncertain. Hang in there missus, this too will pass.

  18. hi just read your wicked book.

    sorry bout your money.

    you should wear your orange belt it is another way to show how far you have come. the belts change colour with the amount of blood sweat and tears you have put in. tho these days you just buy a new belt.
    so wear it with pride.

  19. It really brings this economic crisis close to home when someone I “know” has their savings frozen. That happened to us back in 1985 when the U.S. Savings and Loan crisis happened. We had just bought our first house which was unliveable at the time and had a crew all lined up to work on it. And then we couldn’t pay for the supplies.

    But it all worked out for us and we got our money. So hopefully that will happen soon for you.

  20. πŸ™‚ cheers a bazillion, everyone!

    i agree that it’ll all work out eventually. none of the Major Events in life have ever followed the path i’d planned so will just see how it all unfolds!

    RG – Oh no! That stinks dude! I hope you find your paddle soon…

    Amanda – Nice to meet ya πŸ™‚

    Margaret – It’s nice to have a bf so concerned for your health/reading material πŸ™‚

    Laura – You don’t really get to do book tours these days unless you’re megaselling and megafamous; they’re not very cost-effective now you can reach more people with online stuff. So no excuse for me to come meet you, boooooo!

  21. Aww babe – the world money crisis is hitting so many people so hard. I do hope that the whole thing is resolved for you quickly and who knows there might be the perfect place about to come on the market you would have missed otherwise. xoxoxox

  22. Oh that really does suck! Hang in there, I have my fingers crossed that things work out quickly and well for you.


  23. I’m sorry to hear about that. House buying is shit at the best of times but things like this make it unbearable. I kind of never want to move again except that we are mid-ladder (2 bed flat- up from a 1 bed flat – not yet into a proper house). The kiwi in me wants a piece of land around the roof over my head…

    I know what you mean about things being shit. We all have our problems but it won’t make yours feel any less real to you.

    Personally, I like the security of premium bonds – no interest but the chance to win some money and it’s government guaranteed. I haven’t got any at the mo as I had to cash mine in when things were tough last year and I’m still not in a savings mode but when I have got cash to put away, I’ll be buying those.

  24. Oh bumcheeks! You poor things, how terrible for you. I agree with someone else said that when you get your money back there will be better places you can buy with your moula.

    House buying is notoriously stressful/depressing. However all these things happen and you will most probably end up better off. We were gazumped, had the house taken off the market and more but in the end we got a better place than the original two places we were so upset about losing.

    PS those belts slacken up a bit after you’ve worn them and got them sweaty πŸ˜‰

  25. Dude, that blows. Haven’t had the same money worries (touch wood) as we bank with Nationwide, no JOHNNY FOREIGNERS for us, what what! Um. BUT, we have just put our wee flatlet on the market and have had a paltry three viewings in four weeks, so I feel your house pain. We haven’t dared look at new places yet, because it’s sod’s law that we’d find the perfect place and would be forced to drop the price on our flat to sell it quickly. All of which rambling is to say that I feel your pain and offer cyber-squishes of comfort. Money in general just scares me, actually – in fact I’d be much happier stuffing all my cash under the mattress than trusting my pennies to those pesky banks.

    Anyway, chin up, my sweet! Bjork grows on one, and cod is totes valuable and shizzle. Mebbes clear the freezer first though.

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