I got a Weight Loss WooHoo! Today there's a wee interview with me on Sahar's Fat Fighter TV site – she's included me into her Weight Loss Wall of Fame! Check out that cheesy author photo.

Answering Sahar's questions made me think about my awkwardness with the Weight Loss Success Story tag. I guess because the word story implies a narrative with a neat resolution but the reality is a sprawling, never-ending Choose Your Own Adventure tale.

Weight loss is also a strange thing to congratulate somebody for. I'm more inclined to cheer about my Moonwalking or my kickboxing or writing a book. Especially because the feat of losing 175lb means you had to have 175lb extra pounds in the first place. Now that's an achievement in itself.

If you like a good Before and After be sure to check out the other Weight Loss WooHoo's on the site. Thanks for inviting me over, Sahar!

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