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Shaundogg Whilst shoving my worldly possessions into boxes I found my 2006 food diary, in which I'd faithfully documented Wot I Ate. I wish I'd kept up that habit – even a one-line description gets the memories flooding back. Hot chocolate in Amsterdam, paella in Valencia; burnt porridge in the office microwave.

But then I remembered that in addition to the paper diary I was also tracking my calories online. And in addition to that, for the first six months there was a running tally on a spreadsheet, so in May I could tell you I'd eaten precisely 96 apples, 9 chocolate digestive biscuits, 205 cups of tea and 1 serve of vegetarian haggis. How bloody sad is all that!?

These days I'm not so loony, but I'm still trying to find the balance between paying attention to what I chomp but not being obsessive about it. I can go months without writing anything down and do fine on instinct alone. Then other times the portions creep up and the jeans start squeezing, so I start journaling again to reel myself back in. Hmm.

. . .

So the move starts tomorrow, woohoo! Everything is a shambles. This is my sixth move since starting this blog. Blog technology has come a long way since 2001 but there have no ground-breaking innovations in the science of moving house. It still blows!

Back in 2000 before the lard-busting began, I helped The Mothership move. She left me unsupervised temporarily while she went to a very important quilting workshop. I was tasked with moving three trillion sets of crumbly encyclopedias from one house to the other – just half a block apart.

This is one moment from my Larger Days that I can still recall with painful accuracy. I brushed it off with jokes when I wrote about it at the time, but as I lugged pile after pile of heavy books to the car, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was September so it can't have been that hot yet, and the distance between the house to the car was all of ten metres. But I can still feel my burning skin and hear my jagged breath and rattling heart. Every step was painful. I flopped down on the front veranda, desperately gulping for breath and worrying how/if I'd get back up. Should I call Mum? Or an ambulance? Would I fit in an ambulance? Panic, shame, humiliation; so much hatred and anger.

After twenty minutes I crawled to my feet and came up with a crafty plan. I brought the big wheelie recycling bin into the house then unceremoniously tossed the encyclopedias inside, one by one. Then I slowly walked them round to the new house and poured them out onto the floor. Just three trips and I was all done! I felt so clever and resourceful and went back to telling myself that everything was just fine.

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  1. Portion control is the bit I find most difficult. Even I can tell that a big blueberry muffin from Starbucks is a bad idea (not that I’ve eaten one of those, oh no) but adding an extra handful of pasta to the pot is insidious. Only brutally honest measuring and journalling works. Sadly.

  2. It may have been obsessive tracking back then, but it’s what you needed to do at the time for success. Nothing looney about that.

    Such excellent news on the move! I hope you will post pics of the new house when you’re all settled.

    And isn’t it memories like the encylopedia moving that make you so thankful and proud of your now-healthy bod? I know every time I pick up my 35 pound 3 year old and carry him around (he likes to pretend he’s a baby), I’m glad I’m strong and healthy.

    Good luck with packing.

  3. Yeah, unfornately, it is easy to let those calories slip back into the daily diet.

    It is one of the things that I took away from my
    “business life,” data is the key.

    I don’t think you need to be obsessive about it, insofar as you write down every single caloris, but if you at least go with rough estimates (even rounded to the nearest hundred), you will have enough information to know whether or not you are over eating.

    And moving, ughhh, now there is something that brings on the dread; it doesn’t matter if it is “fat” me or “fit” me, I hate moving! πŸ˜‰

  4. Maybe realizing you’re starting to realize you’re out of control and coming back from the brink IS balance. I don’t know that anyone has it down perfectly. The balance is that you recognize when to come back. It sounds like you have a healthy sense of balance already. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

  5. good luck with the move.
    I cant believe it took me so long to finally get my hands on your book and now? I feel inappropriately close to you and also feel sad that its over.

    I know.
    Im odd that way.


  6. I love all my old food diaries. Well except the early ones, back in the days when I could eat a shitload of food and still lose weight (cos you can do that when you’re over 100 kgs).

    I reckon the wheelie bin plan was brilliant! Being strong is good but don’t deny the smarts!

  7. Even in pre-DG days you show your talents for ingenious ways of shifting weight:)

    Now that you’re officially DG I can imagine you’ll be running up and down the stairs with those boxes, have them all sorted in your new mansion, and having a pot of tea already before we can say ‘DG has left the building’:)

    Seriously, all the best for your move and I hope that you and Dr. G enjoy your first night in your new place.


  8. HAPPY MOVING!!! I know it sucks but it just represents so much fabulous stuff to come. Hopeless optimist πŸ˜‰ Will there be enough garden space for your own wee veg patch??

  9. Six times is eight years? Ye gods. You ARE a superhero.

    I sympathize with the mess. Moving books does seem to be especially rotten, too. I pointedly got rid of over half of mine b/c I couldn’t bear the thought of moving and unpacking them YET AGAIN.

    Good luck!

  10. At least if you move books it shifts the dust and you don’t have to dust them again till you move again.

    Best wishes for your new home and for the househunting.

  11. “Panic, shame, humiliation; so much hatred and anger.” Eyeyey…kinda sums it all up, doesn’t it?

    Here’s to your move and not being exhausted and self-loathing! Enjoy the new place πŸ™‚

    Oh, and after what Miz said about your book, I’m even MORE excited to get my copy! LOL

  12. I thought the most sad part of your tally was the woeful lack of alcohol. 5 and 1/2 glasses of wine in 4 months, I can drink that much in an evening. Hmmm, I wonder if that’s where that extra 10lbs snuck in. πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi miss Shauna!

    I find so interesting to hear about how ‘maintainers’ keep themselves on track. Sounds like you’ve got your system well and truly down pat!

    Best of luck with the moving, too. I don’t envy you! At least it’s a good way to purge all your junk that you haven’t used since last move πŸ™‚


  14. Bwahaha – I found my trackers the other day too and wow, disciplined. No wonder muffin top is back LOL. Good luck with the moving hon and make sure you book in a massage or something equally as special just for you as a reward.

  15. Here’s wishes for as little moving stress as possible. We still have boxes in the spare bedrooms-& hubby’s been here 12 yrs to my 11. We’ve got oodles of books & far too many magazines (current subscriptions-about 11 between the 2 of us).

    Your encyclopedia story reminded me of the alcoholic who ran out of booze, struggled to tied his shoes & got to the liquor store just 5 minutes before it closed. On the way home, he told himself-“Man, this is crazy. I got to get some loafers”.

    So-maybe instead of buying more bookshelves, we need to toss a bunch of magazines & donate some books.

  16. Good luck with the move! It really never gets any easier.

    I’m exactly the same with the food journalling. I couldn’t do it all the time or it would send me batsh*t, but it IS a great way to shift a few pounds post-holiday scoffing.

    How IS that veggie haggis? I always see it in the health food shop but never dared buy it!

    TA x

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