Trout begone! It could have been the fresh air or the scented candles or the baking soda, or maybe the troutstink was cancelled out by the bacon I cooked on Saturday morning. Pig covers fish in the animal version of animal paper-rock-scissors.

In other news, we have quite possibly sold our now pleasantly-scented flat. We might also have rented a wee house! Maybe! I'm permanently scarred by the recent financial shenanigans so despite positive signs like important, legally-binding papers and the buyer coming round last night to Measure Things Up, I won't believe it is actually going to happen until the closing date, two weeks from tomorrow.

We'd put the flat-selling on hold when the bank collapsed, but then we were approached by an interested person so we decided to go for gold. Buyers are hard to come by in these credit crunchy times. And with mortgage deals, interest rates and house prices are so wacky right now, we're just going to rent for awhile because we don't have any nerves left to rush into big decisions.

It also looks like our frozen savings might be defrosted by Christmas, but once again I'm not getting excited. I'm just crossing my fingers that we'll get to spend the holidays in this cosy wee rented house that has a gas hob and a garage and back yard! Sure, it has absolutely no storage whatsoever, but… GRASS, people!

It also has high ceilings which are perfect for skipping practice. I discovered at kickboxing last week that I can't skip for shit. I always boycotted skipping in primary school so never developed the skillz – even at seven years old, I thought I was too wobbly and uncoordinated to try. I'd love to go back and gently kick my paranoid ginger butt because it is bloody embarrassing being 31 years old and having to be instructed. Hands higher! Turn the rope faster! Jump! Jump!

But it's a bloody great workout so I want to improve. I bought a skipping rope last year and never used it due to low ceilings and lack of suitable outdoor space. Soon I'll be able to practice in the privacy of my own home. Give me time people. Soon I'll rock up to class and do a spectacular acrobatic skipping display and jaws will drop. Or at least I'll learn to turn the rope three times without whipping myself in the face.

27 thoughts on “Skippy

  1. Skipping and Hula Hoop: not as easy as they look.

    Super congrats on the flat selling/house renting!!!

  2. Hi Dietgirl, I’ve been reading your blog since I heard you on the Ray Darcy show earlier in the year, I love it! I’ve not read the book because, quite frankly I can’t make it look like I’m doing important work related things on my computer while I read a book but I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know I thing you’re mega, in a totally platonic un axe murdering internet wierdo kinda way!

  3. Good luck with the flat sale! We are wanting to sell our house, too, but these markets are nutty. And not in a good way! You are lucky to have an interested party! Yippee Skippy!

  4. Best of luck with the flat sale! I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed as when we sold our flat – but as we also made the move to a place with garage and back garden, I strongly recommend it! What’s really bizarre is how the stuff you have in a flat instantly fills a house even though there’s supposed to be more room 🙂

    Skipping sounds great too. And what a workout!

  5. Well done on getting rid of the pong! I hope the sale goes through without too much stress.

    I too have a skipping rope which hardly gets any use – our back garden is on a slope, which makes it surprisingly difficult to skip. And our ceilings are low.

  6. LMAO at pig covers fish. So funny. Glad the funk is gone.

    You are so sensible not to get your hopes up before it’s done. But we’ll be excited for you, ‘kay?

  7. Hope the flat sale completes in two weeks and that maybe you’ll even have your money back before then so you can buy for few little extras for the rented house. I was caught up in the same bank collapse and should have my money back within the next five days 🙂

  8. I bought a skipping rope 6+ months ago to use for exercise on business trips and I always end up at the local gym instead. Apparently, the trick is to mix up the type of skips you do, so you don’t get bored.

  9. Congrats on the flat sale – I’m sending happy financial vibes your way. House stuff just SUCKS in the stress stakes, so take a nice deep breath…and then go kick some serious arse at the gym! It’s working for me. 🙂

    Maybe in the new place you should put a plant in your money corner – or whatever the bullshitty feng shui principle is… it can’t HURT.

  10. haha ahhh skipping….takes me back to the good ol’ days of primary school! Jump rope for heart baby!! If kids ever skipped their little butts off, that was the event to do it in…rather competitive for a fundraiser I found!
    p.s. exciting about the flat-selling/defrosted funds! Hope it all goes smoothly!

  11. Moving house into something bigger and better with a lawn-how exciting!?

    And here I was thinking your post was going to be about Skippy the kangaroo!

    Actually if you could dedicate a post to Skippy it would be good:)

    All the best with getting the buyers to sign on the dotted line.


  12. Congratulations on the house! Well, early-congratulations, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it goes through just fine!

    Our house has ceilings that are low, but high enough to skip rope…and hubby bought us one rope each, so I have no excuses now :p I’ve found that doing a short skipping set between sets of other stuff is good to keep the heart going plus not get bored!

  13. Wohoo! Fingers crossed for a quick and permanent sale and your move, glad to hear things have perked up since the crappy bank situation

    (things aren’t looking so bleak here anymore either!! although the quaint house didn’t wait, that’s ok — new plans are in the making)

    At the end of the day, things just seem to work out the way they are meant to 🙂 It’s great! You skip on you fine woman you.

  14. did you have someone knock on your door and say ‘move out – we want your flat’???

    HOW LUCKY you are!!!

    The house sounds lovely!

  15. Yes, the crazy girl from Strathyre (now located in the wilds of Latin America) is still following your blog. I can´t skip! For some reason I too was terrified of skipping at primary school and still find it impossible, aged nearly 40. Yes, I´ve tried and failed. I´d really like to hire a personal trainer just to teach me.

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