Hello luvvies! I come to you from neither here nor there!

We're about 87% done with the moving of objects; now we're down to the annoying dregs. Back in the 90s the comedian Jimeoin had a song called The Third Drawer Down Is Full Of Shit, and that is certainly true in our kitchen. Broken candles, batteries, guitar tuning thingos; seventy-five varieties of cold and flu tablets.

The new house is brilliant. The landlord left us a bottle of wine, flowers, soap and two rolls of loo paper! Renting is cool – all the novelty of a new abode without the buttock-clenching drama of a mortgage.

We've got no mobile phone reception and the broadband's not connected yet, so well behind with all online thingies. Apologies for the even crappier than usual email response times!

Meanwhile, the grass is lovely. On Sunday arvo I emerged briefly from the Jungle o' Boxes to appreciate the view out the lounge room window. Birdwatching report:

  • a robin
  • some tiny black thing with white splodges on its face
  • flock of geese in tidy V formation
  • flock of seagulls returning home after hard day at the rubbish tip.

There is also a wee shop three minutes walk down the road which sells fresh bread, Yeo Valley yogurt and dangerously, my favourite bacon that was previously only obtainable at the monthly farmer's market. If not for the strange lack of Green & Blacks chocolate it would be total foodie ponce heaven. Our old corner shop only sold Regal King Size cigarettes, tabloid newspapers and Whiskas.

21 thoughts on “Transition

  1. I think it took us months to remove our assorted kipple from our parents’ houses. At least you HAVE to do it all in a one-er. It is pretty annoying, though.

    I think it might be traditional in Scotland to give Green and Black’s chocolate as a housewarming present?

  2. I love the description of what your old corner shop used to sell, especially the Whiskas. Best of luck getting settled into the new digs! πŸ˜‰

  3. LOL – I have moved so many times that everything you have written brings back wonderful memories. “The Third Drawer Full of Shit” seems to have evolved into “The Mystery Room Where No One Dares Enter” LOL.. Me thinks I have to move again just to get the motivation to get in there πŸ™‚ Enjoy the new place

  4. Hello my names Ellen. Long time reader, first time commenter!

    Woot! new houses win prizes for awesomeness.

    Also, I paid my 30NZD library fine off (doesn’t sound like a lot but im a poor student) so I could get your book out of the library (it’s been very popular..) and yes, i couldve bought a new copy and helped pay your mortgage/rent but now i can get many books out again! thanks to you πŸ™‚

  5. @cranky – renting IS cool compared to the crappy mortgage deals now available to us since they’ve pulled all the good ones. BAH.

    @ellen – howdy there! hope you enjoy the book πŸ™‚ i understand about the library thing, we’re in difficult financial times! libraries rule!

    that’s not to say i’m not endlessly grateful to those folk who’ve bought copies… every copy is sold means a 50p donation to the Dietgirl Fund, helping keep stray gingers off the streets!

  6. up in herre the drawer hath morphed into a walk in closet full of crap…and I may need to padlock it so that the sh*t doesnt walk out into the spare room.

    you know πŸ˜‰ where youll stay when you come to TX!

  7. Hmmph.

    I think I have all of you beat.

    I can only describe it as living in the third drawer down. Live in one house long enough, and you just accumulate a pile of crap. But I guess that’s what helps make it a home…

    Sending positive new HOME love from North Carolina…

  8. Hey, there’s another Margaret commenting on here too – Hi Margaret!

    It’s so funny hearing about your move and a bit of a real-life shock to be reminded that the person I read about in the Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl (who moved into Gareth’s pad a few years ago) is actually real and not fiction! It’s an ongoing story!

    Margaret (the one in the D.C. who discovered last night that her local supermarket has started carrying the infamous Green and Black’s chocolate I’ve read so much about here – I resisted yesterday, but I can’t make any promises about next time I’m at the store!)

  9. hurrah for robins! they are one of the great things about scotland

    thanks for stopping by my blog with your nice comment – don’t envy you moving house – nothing like it to raise the stress levels but the settling in can be nice as everything is clean and hopeful- hope it is going well for you

  10. I so hate moving, I hope it is over quickly for you.

    Thanks for the little mention of Green&Blacks chocolate (not) because now I dont think I will be able to avoid it when I hit the grocery store in half an hour, I can already hear it calling!

  11. Aw, soz DG. Didn’t mean to sound like a bitch. πŸ™
    But if you could see the piece of shit I’m living in in Sydney for $550 a week, you’d understand. I’m too pov to even think of a mortgage (sigh)

    Still love me? πŸ˜›

  12. OH SHIT! Crank, i didn’t think you were being a bitch… my “BAH” was directed at the general shitty state of the economy – the mortgage we’d be pre-approved for no longer exists, you see… so v likely we will need to save even more for a deposit.

    rent sounds like a freakin nightmare in sydney πŸ™

    @Margaret – hellooooooo again πŸ™‚ hope you enjoyed that choc if you got it!

  13. Moving is a real pain in the backside…I still have boxes living in the garage from my move last su. Still at least they’re confined to the garage and not in the house now. Progress, not perfection, I say!

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