Happy Hogmanay

Happy new year, comrades!

This is my sixth Hogmanay in Scotland, which is what the locals call the last day of the year. For the first time I'm actually going out on the town, to a fancy black tie dinner and ceilidh! Usually we just vegetate with friends and play Guitar Hero and eat crisps so it'll be nice to do something different. And Gareth has to wear a kilt! I had to bully him into wearing one for his own wedding so this is very sweet… he's gotta wear a bow tie too. Mwahaha.

Wishing you all a happy new year and thank you for reading. Thanks for your support and comments and emails and may you have a ripsnorter of a new year. Just remember – 2009 rhymes with wine, fine, dine and having a good time. How can we go wrong?!

Okay it also rhymes with whine, but let's just gloss over that. See you next year!

34 thoughts on “Happy Hogmanay

  1. Happy Hogmanay to you too! Thanks for all you do. I look forward reading in the new year. Enjoy your kilted man- I’m quite jealous πŸ™‚

  2. Hmmm… I wonder if I can get my non-Scottish hubby to try on a kilt? That could only be good for a relationship…

    HAPPY NEW YEAR & HOGMANAY to you! I shall be scrubbing 2008 out of my life to make way for 2009, fine wine and dining (on celery sprigs) galore!

    Your card is (nearly) in the mail…

  3. A guid New Year to you and Dr G, dear Dietgirl. Your blogs give me so much pleasure with their wonderful use of language, general niceness and funniness and sparkle. If only I could lose the odd stone, inspired by you. Maybe this year…?

    Enjoy your dinner, ceilidh and fine good time.

  4. Happy and sober (Ha!) Hogmanay to you two too! We’ll be watching the fireworks with the boys at a safe distance, up on the Braid Hills, as I am too old for that socialising malarkey!

  5. Happy Hogmanay to you too! I had 6 of those myself and have just had another Sydney one – this time a lot sober as I’m sure wee Fergus didn’t want a drunk mummy! I went out to see the 9pm ‘kiddies’ fireworks and then came home and let the other’s out for the grown up ones… I watched them from my front door and realised what a huge year 2008 was and what a fantastic year 2009 would be!

    Hope you are celebrating in style as we speak!

  6. Shauna–I work in a bookstore in the Midwest USA. I bought your book yesterday as soon as it came in the door and just finished it. I loved it! It’s a wonderful story of inspiration for all of us on the weight loss journey. I can’t wait to put it in my customers’ hands.Congratulations and a very happy new year!–Annie http://alltheingredients.typepad.com/weblog/

  7. Wishing you a very happy new year. Many thanks for yet another wonderful year of inspiration, motivation and plenty of laughs along the way. A huge congratulations on your world dominating publishing success! May your 2009 be sublime πŸ˜‰

  8. Ooooh, Shauna.

    I have ceilidh envy! I hope it was fantastic and wishing you an amazing 2009.

    Big kiss.

    Mrs Lard xxx

  9. Hi Shauna

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

    This is the first time I have left you a comment, despite reading your blog daily and having read your book.

    Happy New Year again


  10. My pre-ordered book arrived from Amazon yesterday, just in time for inspiration in the New Year. I’ve been reading forever, but it’s good to have it all in a book I can tote with me, and it’s good to get the “extra bits” that weren’t on your blog. The family drama stuff especially; we’re more alike than I knew, despite age diffs and living a half a world apart. Have a blast this year, Shauna!

  11. I finished your book in under 36 hours. Would have taken me less time if NYE hadnt intervened.
    You are incredible! You have learnt/realised something I am still struggling to understand. Maybe now I can – who knows – miracles have happened before.
    Happy New Years to you both.

  12. It also rhymes with “Shine” and that’s what I am planning to do this year!!

    Hope Gareth didn’t get his Kilt all in a twist and that you had a smashing great time.

    Me – I played Guitar Hero and ate crisps – LOL….

  13. Oh my GOD I can’t believe it I am finally caught up! I just read your entire blog, back to front and you book is on my amazon wish list, and I am so incredibly inspired by you. Just a normal girl, trudging along and being awesome at it!

  14. I’m one of your lurkers… but also one of your stealth team. Yesterday we rang in the new years hanging out at Barnes & Noble at a chicago suburb. We had tea, we chatted, we browsed. And when I found a stack of your books in the diet section.. (Front facing out!).. I took three of them and also put them on the “health & fitness” display which was the first table you see when entering the store. Hope that was okay! Happy New Year.

  15. Your blog is such an inspiration and for 2009 I so need that. The best I ever did at losing weight was in 2001 for my wedding, and in the absence of such a deadline, I need all the inspiration and self-discipline I can get. As I have just read all the other comments on this thread, where people are clearly enjoying the book, I am about to go on Amazon and buy it. I read the comment that there is content in the book that is not on the blog so another good reason to buy it. I am relatively new to blogging, so will enjoy the traditional read. Plus, I commute, so will enjoy reading it on way to and from work – back on 5th January. Also, I eat my biggest amount of naughty things AT WORK, so to have some words of wisdom on the way in certainly won’t do any harm.
    Best of luck to us all for 2009 x

  16. SHINE! I can’t believe I forgot SHINE!

    Happy new year groovy groovers and thanks for the comments. It’s bloody freezing here and I’ve been on the phone to America doing interviews and rambling far too much.

    Thank you also to you guys reading the book πŸ™‚

  17. Happy New Year, we had a hail storm and bizzard today,here in North Canterbury, NZ so thinking of you in Scotland.Mind you it was 30 degrees in Dunedin ( the Scottish part of NZ) New Years Eve.I meant to take a photo of your book down there in front of the Scottish Shop, but forgot, but still you can be sure your book has been everywhere with me.

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